Persevere with what’s right

September 15, 2023 | 27 comments

The greatest oak was once a little nut who held its ground.

~ Author unknown

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  1. “A little leaven leavens the whole lump. A little understanding of Christian Science proves the truth of all that I say of it. … In Science we can use only what we understand. We must prove our faith by demonstration. (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 329:5–7, 12)

    If we hold our ground – i.e. keep uppermost in our consciousness – the smallest leaven of truth and love, it will grow like the mighty oak from the small acorn.and flourish accordingly.

    1. « Soul radiates its beauty to all it touches. Our thoughts of love
      do the same. «  it is that simple !
      Thank you Carol
      And Evan for «  persevere for what is right « 
      Simple but it’s solid rock !

  2. Within the little nut is the radiance of
    the full grown tree.
    The little nut isn’t looking outside itself,
    concerned it couldn’t have the full tree

    Thanks Evan, for showing completeness
    is within our God given spiritual being.
    No reaching out for good, but able to be
    tree-like, sharing our protecting
    branches of Godlike qualities.
    And thanks everyone for branching
    out and sharing wonderful ideas each
    SpiritView day. ❤️

    1. Thank you, M. It is what Jesus taught us to see: true qualities right in the place of what mortal sense says is mortal man. MBE says that “he beheld in Science the perfect man.” And on page 518 she describes all the varied expressions of God as being apparent to spiritual sense–(shining) “like the blossom shines through the bud.” Easy to love this expression, demonstrating the fullness and completeness inherent in the promise. There is no waiting when the full idea is disclosed, revealed, inevitable. Perseverance is easy when you know the outcome. Truth can be witnessed with the full heart when, like the sunrise, it is not a hope. Page 495: “cling steadfastly to God and His idea.”

    2. M, I am deeply grateful for your contribution to SPIRIT VIEW,exceptional, when the ‘drama’ unfolding below on my foot reflects exactly what you contributed on September 15, 2023—-“a little nut is the radiance of the full grown tree. “The little nut” isn’t looking outside itself, concerned it couldn’t have the full tree within. That TRUTH blesses exactly what I have had to face, when a toe nail began FILLING IN a substance underneath the toe nail.. . .it can’t happen because it is like the little nut. . . . the radiance of the full grown foot. “Completeness is within (my toe), just as God given spiritual being. (is of my whole foot).” BEAUTIFUL serendipity.

  3. The lovely sprouting seed (acorn) nurtured with love grows with
    perseverance and a passion, becomes a sheltering tree like
    Soul radiates its beauty to all it touches. Our thoughts of love
    do the same.

    “The day we plant the seeds is not the day we eat the fruit”

    “A creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn”
    – Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade
    they know they shall never sit in – Greek proverb

    “”Keep a green tree in your heart and perhaps a singing bird
    will come” – Chinese proverb

    When we hold our ground and are persistent in God’s compassion for
    us and Love for us, this Love emanates into a tree of beauty that
    helps and heals our world more than we will ever know. Our thoughts
    become a forest of Good, a cathedral of harmony and peace, an oasis
    of Truth and Love.

  4. Thank you, J. for this article – it is very helpful for me at present as I need to
    be persistent in my prayers. And Helen Bauman I always find excellent and

  5. I came across this precious snippet of inspiration:

    According to legend, the acorn is a symbol of how hard work
    pays off over time. Nestled deep within the acorn is the potential
    for a great feat!
    As a tiny seed, it is nourished by the earth and warmed by the sun…
    and in time grows into a majestic oak.
    Like acorns, life’s great successes occur through many small tasks.
    May acorrns be a reminder to you that mighty things can come from
    humble beginnings.

    Of course, with Mrs. Eddy’s teachings and God’s dear Love, we are
    Already expressions of great successes, just being who we Are
    and … just as the acorn has hidden within, the great potential of
    spiritual perfection ~ thought heavenized
    – (just made up that word, but it seems fitting in our Nowness of
    thought)… an ever-present Love that expands into an ever awakened
    completeness Is within us Now and always.
    Heavenized divine Love!! is always present.

  6. Wow dear Carol, thanks a lot for your loving comment! It’s very comforting for me.

    At the end of my little garden there is a huge oak which gives nicely shade in hot
    summerdays. However in autum when the acorns fall, which they already start now, it makes a lot of work for me to rake nearly everyday my lawn. Otherwise there would grow all over the lawn little oaks. One year I had that situation when I did not rake the acorns thorough enough.

    But I like the likeness from the little seed of an acorn, having that power of becoming a huge, strong tree already in itself. And thank you Carol for the loving metaphysical statement comparing our present spiritual understanding, having the potential already in us of growing into full understanding of our spiritual being in divine Mind, where all is well. Thanks dear Carol!
    Am I grateful for SpiritView which helps and teaches us to understand CS much better. Thank you dearly Evan!

    Thanks and Love to all; have you all a nice and joyful weekend! ♡♡♡

    1. Thank you, Uta, for your very kind words. I am so grateful for SpiritView,
      also, where we can share our thoughts and grow and learn spiritually. I
      have learned so much from the original prompts and comments and
      articles. So wonderfully rewarding and loving. Thank you, too, Patrick
      and Maggie, for your kind words about what I had shared.
      That is a lot of work, raking the acorns, Uta. I don’t have any oaks here,
      but neighbors do and squirrels have “planted” some acorns, so there are
      some trees sprouting and growing.

  7. Yesterday above I wrote, “Soul radiates its beauty to all it touches. Our thoughts
    of love do the same”. I just had an experience I wish to share, which sort of goes
    along with this line of thinking. (I apologize for it’s length in my description).
    I have been praying diligently because since the former water pump issue, I have
    been needing the generator guys to come to rehook the new pump to the generator,
    being I had realized after they left, that the plumbers had put another plug on it that
    wasn’t connected to the generator, if the power goes out. On Thurs. the boss came
    and hooked it up. Last night the pump stopped working, so they were just here. I
    heard from the basement, the boss shockingly Yell and the other gentleman (who
    was outside) yelled back asking if he was alright.
    Turns out there was a sizzling wire that he discovered, aside from what they were
    working on, which shot out a flame as he was pulling it from the wall to investigate
    it… a very bad thing that could have happened, had he not discovered it. I thank
    God, literally that he is okay. He was hoping it hadn’t shorted out the new pump,
    which hopefully is still okay. They temporarily fixed it and will come back with
    more supplies they needed, but are in the process of moving their entire
    warehouse as two weeks ago they had a building fire there that destroyed their
    office and a lot more, so he knows what could have happened had he not
    discovered this other wire that was sizzling when they were working on the
    pump issue, where the breaker kept popping. He kept saying, “This made
    my day!!!” It did mine also!! He said I was so “lucky” with that wire being the
    way it was And that he was able to pull it from the wall as it happened, as gone
    undetected, or within the wall, it would not have been good at all.
    Needless to say, I am so very, very grateful for God’s protection, for their
    perseverance in wanting to right whatever was wrong, being that wasn’t really
    their issue. I am so grateful I was able to get ahold of them, being their 5 phone
    lines are not working to their office, that his wife picked up, with today being
    Sat., that he was working today, and that he came and discovered the wire
    when he did. It was a bit frightening realizing all of this, but God IS Good and
    I am extremely grateful it worked out the way it did. I am still praying the new
    pump is still okay. He was very worried about that, but was relieved when the
    pump came on and shut off again, so I am praying that all is well with that, too.

    1. I’m praying too for your water pump, and greateful that
      The Spirit gave inspiration To the workers and discover
      Something important, that avoid a dangerous situation.
      Realizing and praying with One Intelligence that gave them
      How to proceed.
      Blessings to u Carol!

      1. Thank you so much Pp. It is not always easy to
        understand the true meaning of why things happen
        the way they do. Striv ing to see what God wants of us
        in these trials is often so trying, without seeing the
        whole picture of things, makes trust in Him imperative
        where mortal ways can be So challenging sometimes
        in our seeming lack of understanding of what is “really”
        going on. mortal mixed signals are like shorted wires –
        that spark and sputter and try to bring us to depression,
        wondering where did we go wrong, or did we? in trying
        so hard to be a good person, follow the Bible, CS
        teachings and trying to always do what is right, but
        sometimes seeming to have so many challenges even
        though we always try our best. But like Evan’s message,
        we have to persevere in what we understand to be right,
        even if we Seem to be in an acorn shell-of-knowledge stage.
        Love will have to lead the way.

      1. Uta, I could not open it at first either, but if you click on
        where it says “Continue for free< it opened for me and hope
        it does for you, too. It is a great article. Thank you sancy.

        1. thank you Carol for describing your experience fully. Blessings to you, your worker (business owner) and your entire community where rall threats were eliminated completely.

          1. Thank you for your kind comment, chilesands. Another
            blessing …is that the generator company used to be
            very professional, quick, rather curt and mechanical
            about everything. With this experience and another
            I had in the past where they were very helpful, (where
            she had called me at 1 a.m. in a blizzard when the
            generator wasn’t working and tried to walk me through
            trying to figure out why, with such patience)…
            they are now very pleasant and even have called this
            time to see if everything was alright, despite what they
            are seemingly going through themselves right now … And
            one might think that having had the unexpected flame
            shoot out in his face when he was investigating the wire,
            he might be a bit reluctant to continue, but his attitude
            of Gratitude was amazing and kept saying, “This all made
            [his] day!!”- and he and I were just so very, very Grateful
            that he discovered the wire when he did. Yes, God Is

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