Prayer for government

January 25, 2023 | 26 comments

Would you like to see better government at work in your community, your country, and in the world at large? There’s a way you can make a difference.

In this vlog, I share a spiritual approach to supporting good government that anyone can put into practice.

This video was filmed on the Animas Mountain trail in Durango, Colorado, when my wife and I visited in September 2022.

26 thoughts on “Prayer for government”

  1. PERFECT! Tonight my readings for Wednesday night service were on exactly this..praying for our governments, politicians etc..the Bible even says to do this. …as your quote from Timothy says..and was read tonight at church. We all need to KNOW that God, good, IS ALL POWERFUL and evil is NOT power” as MBE states so clearly and logically.
    She explains many times in Science and Health, that if God is good and God is all and fills all space, evil IS IN FACT UNREAL and therefore powerLESS. It’s tempting to pray for people displaced by war but if there was no war these things wouldn’t we really should be neutralising in thought, the SO CALLED power of the evil human senses… Great post Evan.

  2. Thank you so much for a way to pray for our government. It is a big concern for all of us but it also begins with each one of us. What an idea that really needs our prayers.
    Lately I was so frustrated about my internet service which was a big headache, but a thought kept recurring in my mind. Pray for the company the service rather than complaining. Well that took me back and yes that is what I started to do and within days the service was so improved that I was so very grateful for that startling message. A wake up call.
    Praying for our government is also a wake up call for me to pray for the rightness of government and its elected appointees, Thank you so much Evan for the heads up.

  3. Thank you Evan. In the bible Isaiah says, Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end……,.
    Jesus’ pointed out the way for us making each of us capable of maintaining good governance if we understand that our role is to hold unto that which is true for a situation and live it in our own lives .

  4. And if I am praying with the expectation that God’s government guides and controls the human experience, then I have to expect me to have improved thinking, and repentance. I have to commit to that and discipline myself to that.

    And I have to expect others to have their thoughts, better governed, and behavior better governed to better express God‘s government. So I should not be stuck in my mere mistaken mortal opinions labeling myself or others as good, bad, or whatever such-and-such because we are all improving. I have to not be resentful or rigidly stuck. I have to forgive and give grace, and be an inspiration that gives others courage to follow my example to humbly rethink and correct, to apologize and make right.

    I have to expect improvement, progress, healing, regeneration, merciful justice so everyone’s needs are met. I have to work towards that, and be the example of that. I cannot carry around a story that someone did something wrong, and is forever that way wrong.

    I have to let God govern my thinking, and relating and behaving and my body and the body of my work so that we are in right relationship with all of creation and Creator, obeying the law of Love. Manifesting the economy of Principle/Love. Providing housing and employment of and through the structure and system of Truth. I have to demonstrate that trust and generosity and inclusivity under God’s government. I have to be a good neighbor worldwide and for future generations.

    1. Well said, Edie. I have to always ask, who or what is governing my thought. I can pray to know that it is not, as Evan mentioned, the government of sin but the government of Truth and Love —God’s government. And we can pray the same for our elected officials.

    2. Oh, thank you, Edie! I really appreciate the idea that I don’t need to “carry around a story…”
      Earlier today I was told that we can send Love back to those old so-called stories we carry with us & let God-Love clean them up & put them right. This is one way to “expunge our mortal history” as Mary Baker Eddy instructs us to do.
      Today is filled with BLESSINGS

  5. I find this topic so helpful, as there seems to be so much needed in the
    healing of government these days. Coming from a state that Seems to be
    ruled by oppressive forces and where in government in general, there
    Seems to be so much going on that shouldn’t be, with corruption, crime,
    power, money, control, etc.
    I need to change my “state of thought” and have been trying so hard to
    do this lately, so this vlog and helpful, healing thoughts are really
    very much appreciated.
    “The Science of being reveals man as perfect, even as the Father is perfect,
    because the Soul, or Mind, of the spiritual man is God, the Principle of all
    being, and because this real man is governed by Soul instead of sense, by
    the law of Spirit, not by the so-called laws of matter”. (S&H: 302:19-24)

  6. this really helps my thinking and what a relief! especially as debt ceiling is contemplated, or not. It all begins with eliminating the thought of sin, and getting to the issue at it’s source. Thank you Evan!!

    1. Hi Deb ,
      I know that many people are very upset with the current debt and the possible raising of the debt ceiling. I encourage us all to hold onto the Truth that God is ALL and cannot be in debt; therefore, man, Gods image, cannot be in debt. We can do this for our government and for ourselves. The more of us who KNOW that debt is actually impossible in spiritual Truth and we reflect that spiritual Truth in all ways, the more it will be manifested in our life experience.

  7. God has already made everyone and everything perfect, so anything that is unlike
    the perfection that God is expressing, is not real. We really need to look at everyone
    and everything from the standpoint of Perfect God, perfect man – and perfect
    creation – all in God’s loving hands and governed by Divine Principle,Truth and Love,
    which is always in operation. As has already been said by others, we need to get our
    own selves sorted out, and keep the laws of God ourselves, and this will bring
    healing to ourselves and the world. This is a continual work in progress until we
    see everything as God sees it. God IS governing His creation, and we need
    to prayerfully know that everyone in authority reflects God’s government. –
    and that begins with us governing our own thoughts and actions.

    Wonderful Lesson this week, which explains how to do that through knowing
    exactly what divine Love requires of us.

    1. Really helpful article J so thank you.
      It seems so fundamental that we should start with self government…thank you Evan for focusing on this timely topic. One Love, one being, one world expressing one Mind.❣️

    2. Wow J, that is a wonderful article. Thank you very much indeed. It contains just the right ideas matching with and broadening Evan’s so clear Vlog on praying for our Goverments. All should read it, as it’s very helpful!♡

  8. A very timely post, thank you so much. Here in England we are just starting to see the implementation of 15 and 20 minute cities, which threaten to remove much of our remaining freedom under the guise of some ‘greater good’. I have just seen the council document for my area and it threatened my peace. I really needed this guidance for my prayer today, knowing who and what really is the Greatest Good. Thank you.

  9. WOW, power, money, control have no power over my mind, by replacing temptation, as “revealing man as perfect, even as the Father is perfect, because the Soul or Mind, of the spiritual man is God, the Principle of all being, and because this real man is governed by Soul instead of sense, by the law of Spirit, not by the so-called laws of matter,” (S&H: 302: 19-24) stops the longing, increases the “knowing” about a long ago friend, whom I had met when I was 8 years old. Just learned he’s passed, but the thoughts of being tempted to miss him now tripped me up, momentarily. Thanks to all who shared scientific references/quotes/passages which led me up and out of feeling he was gone. So much Love, and so much good remains present NOW! Thank you everyone for the lift up.

  10. Wow I have to listen more often to your Vlog, Evan, it is so very good. And if one reads this week’s lesson thoroughly, one can find many thoughts helpful to pray with for our and all goverments. I see that loving one another is most healing seeming problems within us and in the world!
    Thanks very much Evan for your so wonderful and helpful Vlog! i love it and it’s neccessary to think about this theme. i also love to think of God’s government and laws being the only ones, as God is all in all! Relating to sin, Mrs. Eddy says that we must not fear sin, it’s a falsity and therefore not real.

    Thanks dear J for that article and I’m looking forward reading it tomorrow.
    Here in Germany is night and sleeping time.
    I love SpiritView and the comments and am grateful for it!♡

    1. Seems that yesterday it posted much later in the day than usual, I guess the same for today. Hopefully it will come soon. Wishing everyone a great, God-guided day!

  11. I would very much appreciate having a print copy of yesterday’s Vlog—the one about Government, recorded in Durango. It has the tools I want/need in order to do prayerful work about that extremely important subject. thank you in advance!

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