Prayer is more for us than for God

July 31, 2019 | 22 comments


“The value of consistent prayer is not that He will hear us, but that we will hear Him.”

~ William McGill

Jesus Christ said, “Your Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask him” (Matt. 6:8, NLT).

God is an all-knowing, all-wise Mind that has a solution for every problem we face, and He readily imparts that solution before we ask.

Prayer is all about listening for the solution that God is already giving!

22 thoughts on “Prayer is more for us than for God”

  1. Yes prayer is more for us than for God. We don’t have to ask or plead for anything. He being the All Knowing Mind, already knows our every need and supplies it. So…what do we need to do in prayer? It’s listening to the messages from the Christ…For Christ speaks to the human consciousness .. Guides our every step and leads us to Truth, Life and Love.
    The kingdom of God is within us..Why do we look outside for happiness, for satisfaction for peace?
    ” What we most need is the prayer of fervent desire for growth in grace, expressed in patience meekness love and good deed.”
    When we trust in God and do good, happiness will come knocking at our door and our cup will overflow.
    Thanks Evan for enriching us with the precious Truths day by day, every day.

  2. “Knowing” the Blueprint well enough not to be mesmerized by the counterfeit is to live within your Father-Mother-God’s jurisdiction.
    Shepherd, show me how to go
    O’er the hillside steep,
    How to gather, how to sow,—
    How to feed Thy sheep;
    I will listen for Thy voice,
    Lest my footsteps stray;
    I will follow and rejoice
    All the rugged way.
    Hymn: 309

  3. Prayer, the elegant act of listening to the still small voice which comforts and guides ! What a beautiful universe of Spirit we inhabit !

  4. True prayer is living God, knowing you are answered prayer. Not in the asking, in recognition of Him
    There is no separation from God, good. Praying can feel like being separate, in need. Living God is the highest form of prayer.

  5. I totally agree! When my prayer is being still (getting into the closet), talking to God, and listening to Him, my thought is always elevated to spiritual consciousness. Healing occurs! Thank you, Evan, for this wonderful reminder!

  6. Thanks to each and everyone who has commented and, of course, to Evan for opening up this inspiring thought.

  7. Love this! Yes—“Prayer is all about listening for the solution that God is already giving!” I’m “all ears!” 🙂

  8. Thank you Evan, it’s a wonderful SpiritView today again. God knows our needs and meet them before w e know about it. That is lovely and interesting! Then actually we can just thank God in our prayers that God meets and always will meet our every single need – how great is that!!!
    When i look on the bottom of this SV, I read the following: tagged with: expectancy, God etc. I can and should expect very gratefully the Good, God imparts to us every moment . Yes and listening what God tells us is right prayer. Am thankful and happy for today’s SV!

    1. Oh, but I can also talk to God, to guide me and to give me the right ideas I need for the present situation. Yes, then we must thoroughly listen to receive His answer and to be able to know that is His answer. Am grateful for what I learn here on the wonderful SpiritView blog and in general in Christian Science; it is really the valuable Peal!

  9. Thanks, Evan!
    Betty Lou and Uta- too!
    Getting into the quiet. Into the closet.. could be in a beautiful meadow speckled with wildflowers or in a walk, in a chair, or on a busy commute to work… we can find the still small voice and be led when we truly listen. So powerful!! Hugs!

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