Prayer knows no distance

January 8, 2018 | 14 comments

Can you pray for people thousands of miles away from where you live and help them with your prayer? Absolutely!

Here’s an article I wrote that tells how I prayed for people stricken by hurricanes a few months ago, and with good results.

It was published in my local newspaper, The Tri-City Herald.

“Distance no obstacle for prayer in time of need”

14 thoughts on “Prayer knows no distance”

  1. Thanks Evan, that very helpful.
    I know many people were praying at that time including me! My daughter and her family live in Houston and they were affected by hurricane Harvey. We were in touch constantly and my daughter was lead to use old ‘gro-bags’, (they had tried to grow courgettes in them earlier in the year), as sandbags to stop the water coming into the house. They were truly blessed as this idea enabled their house to stay dry! We never need to feel we can’t offer help through our prayers, whatever and wherever the situation appears to be!

    1. What a nice demonstration Dilys. :). Thank you Evan. Good ideas we can apply to winter storms on the East coast and those living in North Korea too.

  2. Good day Evan and group of seekers of the Truth. First I wanted to comment that the anecdote of the centurion is very impressive: There is a Roman soldier asking nothing less than Jesus (a Jew) to pray for a servant (practically loved as a son !!) and who was also FAR AWAY from the place in that they were. Jesus offered to accompany the centurion to his house where the servant was. There the centurion told him that he was convinced that it was not necessary to go to the place where the sick man was, he believed that if he prayed from there this servant would be healed and the great response of our beloved Master: he told the Centurion “your faith He has saved. ” Spiritually tells us that anecdote that distance does not matter and that someone who would not have expected so much faith, had it. The result, how could it be otherwise was a FAREWELL and HEALTHY servant. Evan, what precise and moving anecdote did you choose to indicate that for the purposes of prayer, distance does not exist …
    Excellent week for everyone.

  3. Thank you, Evan. I’m sharing this today with a Facebook group whose members pray for international peace and well being.
    The measurement of distance is a human concept and cannot interfere with God’s laws in action.

  4. That was a beautiful and inspiring article you shared in your local paper, Evan, giving insight to those who may not realize how powerful prayer really is. That is truly spreading the word of Truth and planting seeds of comfort. Like Jesus calming thought when he was in the boat in the stormy sea, you had proven that comfort also, and that distance is no barrier to God’s guidance and protection.

  5. Distance is a material idea and term. Jesus was instantly across the lake, etc. The word distance means to stand apart or be separate. Spiritually in our oneness with God we are never separated from our creator,Seriously! If we believe that we are separate from God or each other we’re kidding and lying to ourselves. That’s like believing in Santa, the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, etc. God knows no separation, ever! Drop some food coloring in water and see the results, it just flows and blends. That’s us, blending and bending on that same branch of life with our brother, mankind. The dis in distance is just error again. We live in the Truth. Oh, how delightful, thank you sweet Father!

  6. The power of prayer is wonderful.
    It does work. I recently had surgery for what was supposed to be a very aggressive problem. I spoke with a practitioner, and also a dear friend who also shared the Truth with me. My friends from a variety of people also were praying for me. I just had faith that God’s Grace was my sufficiency
    In all things. I never felt a second of pain before, during or after the surgery.
    Even while recuperating I felt nothing but God’s goodness and everpresence. I definitely placed my entire faith in God.
    I was very grateful for this experience .
    Even from a distance God is always right there!

  7. Years ago, my sister in law was in Germany, scheduled for an operation for inflamed varicose veins after childbirth. My brother wrote a practitioner in CA to ask for help. My sister in law knew nothing of Christian Science at the time and my brother was not practicing the religion he grew up with, but he was truly concerned for his wife. In about ten days( the letter for help had arrived), my sister in law awakened one morning to completely smooth legs. She was freaked out to be honest and my brother confessed to having contacted the practitioner many many miles away. The doctor on the case was startled as well. The operation was cancelled. My brother had some explaining to do! 🙂 Needless to say, that was a case of long distance healing. What is even more stunning to me, after all these years, is that neither the asker for help or the one with the problem were practicing Christian Scientists. The work of the practitioner simply healed the issue on the basis of the allness of Spirit, the nothingness of the claims of matter! Distance between practitioner and patient or the spiritual understanding of the patient had nothing to do with healing. My sister in law is a class taught Christian Scientist today. 🙂

  8. Grace, thanks so very much for sharing that truly amazing healing. It’s an inspiration for all of us practicing Christian Science especially.

  9. Oh yes, thank you Grace for that inspiring wonderful healing.
    But I read already about such healings in our church magazines, the Sentinel, Herald and Journal where distance is no obstacle for the healing.

    Thank you Evan, for that utmost wonderful demonstration of God`s willingness, love and care, of his omnipotence and omnipresence having everything under his controll, governing everything, healing everything no matter where the healing is needed. Thank you for your very lovely article with that gorgeous testimony.

  10. Thank you Evan for this dear message.
    As a young married couple my husband and I lived way out in the country.
    When our children were little I often sought spiritual healing for any member of our family when there was a need.
    The Christian Science practitioner responded to my request for help and healing.
    She lived in a distant city but healing resulted after she prayed.
    Our family was richly blessed , and our trust in this method of healing strengthened,

  11. Evan and all, thank you for the inspiring words. I, too, have experienced instant help from a practitioner 2000 miles away when I lived in Hawaii. There is no space—no distance—in Truth and Love, and we can help our friends and family when they seem to be in dire circumstances, no matter how far away, and expect good results. Our family has experienced it many times. Thank you, Father-Mother God for your ever-presence and constant care!

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