Put on your spiritual Teflon

September 22, 2006 | 2 comments

Did you put on your metaphysical Teflon today?

Teflon is a non-stick coating used to protect frying pans from burning food to their metal surface and creating stubborn messes to scour and scrub later. It’s a brand name trademarked by DuPont after a researcher named Dr. Plunkett discovered the stick-resistant material back in 1938.

Millions of cooks are grateful for Teflon in the kitchen, but there’s a metaphysical kind of Teflon you can put on to keep your thinking clean of insults and jabs sent your way by other people. It’s called a consciousness of Love!

In a consciousness of Love, other people’s mean remarks, rude gestures or indifferences will not offend you. Your focus is not on judging or condemning what they do, but on loving them the way God loves them.

You’ve probably heard the old ditty:

“Sticks and stones may injure my bones, but what you say cannot hurt me. “ Or something like that….

When we get mad and angry, we’re usually letting pride and self-righteousness rear their ugly heads in our thinking. The person who thinks they are better than another, smarter, or more intelligent is the one inclined to be offended. Their ego feels threatened. But the thought governed by Love responds with humility, wisdom, understanding, patience and temperance.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote in Science and Health, “Clad in the panoply of Love, human hatred cannot reach you.” A panoply is a full suit of armor for a warrior. It’s impenetrable protection from the spears and arrows of the enemy.

Metaphysically speaking, insults, anger, unfair comments and their kin are the spears and arrows of those who might offend. When you have your armor on, though, they cannot reach you. They bounce off and fall harmlessly to the ground.

Our spiritual Teflon is a consciousness of Love that stays calm, composed, balanced, and stable regardless of what comments come our way. Evil does not stick to it.

Love is not afraid of other people’s ignorance. Love does not take an eye for an eye. Love does not condemn harshly, react unkindly or anger easily. Love is not impressed by arrogance or pride.

Love sees God in control, not humans. Love knows truth prevails. Love sees beyond the short term error to the long term truth. Love responds with love.

So, if any untoward remarks come ripping your direction today, fear not. You’re safe behind your spiritual Teflon. Maintain a pure consciousness of Love’s omnipotence and omnipresence, and any verbal or mental mess thrown at your awareness of Love will hit and simply slip off with no residue left behind.

2 thoughts on “Put on your spiritual Teflon”

  1. Thanks for this about the Teflon protection of spiritual thoughts. This just hit the spot during a week when there are media questions surrounding health care for children (it’s May 28, 2009). Esp. helpful: Love is not afraid of others’ ignorance. Thanks again.

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