Quickly move past getting ready, and be ready!

July 5, 2019 | 23 comments

How much time do you spend “being ready” for God’s blessings versus “getting ready” for God’s blessings?

While playing men’s doubles in tennis recently, my partner and I were slipping behind in score against some formidable opponents. I was growing frustrated with my playing because I hit several balls into the net that should have easily gone over.

As I examined my playing, I realized that I wasn’t ready with my stance and racket soon enough to hit the fast balls coming our way. My response was sluggish. When the ball got to me, I was still getting ready to hit the ball rather than being ready, and because of my lack of preparation, I kept mishitting.

I corrected my error by getting into the ready position before the on-coming ball crossed the net. Our score improved dramatically, and it became a very close match.

The same lesson applies to life. Are you spending all your time getting ready when you should be ready?

Getting ready is a part of being ready, but if we delay or procrastinate, we may not be ready when the grandest opportunities for success present themselves. It’s best to be ready ahead of time. And we can be ready when we care enough to be our best.

God’s good is here and now. You don’t need to get ready for it. Stay aware of it and you’ll not only be ready for it; you’ll be experiencing it.

As Mary Baker Eddy reminded her readers, “Divinity is always ready” Science and Health, p. 458. As God’s reflection, you can be too!

23 thoughts on “Quickly move past getting ready, and be ready!”

  1. I do appreciate this message sent out specially for me to put into practise. I’ll begin today.
    Thank you Evan.

  2. I’m ready! Wow! That sounds like I can take on anything. It dissolves the insecurities and the guilt that comes from feeling one hasn’t got into that “spiritual position”, when in fact we are always perfectly in place to throw back at mortal mind any discordant belief that it attempts to throw at us, hoping we will claim it as our own thought (catch it).
    I’m ready because God governs my thinking and action at all times. Catch and hold on to that! It’s the only prep we need!
    Thank you so very much Evan. Every day a new aspect to use as a springboard to freshen our thoughts. Bless you
    Thanks to all the Spirit Viewers too for their valuable and often inspiring thoughts.

  3. This helps me understand more deeply Jesus’ Parable of the ten virgins with the final admonition “keep watch” – be ready! Thanks for another great post! My CS teacher repeatedly said, “keep your eye on the ball”. He used tennis metaphors too. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Oh this is such good advice!
    I am reminded of a delightful phrase a revered woman instructed : “stay prayed up!”
    I think of her readiness to face whatever came her way with composure
    As always, thank you, Evan

  5. Lovely! Thanks to Evan and all who commented and further enlightened me… more confident and at the ready!

  6. Thank you for this inspirational thought today, Evan. I am a relative newcomer to your blog, and am enjoying the daily feeds. This one on BEING very much resonated with me today … for the last year we have been planning an extended and detailed trip to Africa. It is now down to the final countdown of our departure in about 6 weeks. I have felt burdened with all the preparation, but when I read today’s blog entry, the lightbulb suddenly went off … I just need to BE ready. All I need to know is that Infinite Mind is in control, and I am reflecting that Mindfulness. Harmony reigns, and all I have to do is know and reflect that. No human outlining or detailed preparation can alter what Divine Mind is orchestrating. I have been dutiful about the necessary human preparation/footsteps. Now I just need to be ready for the goodness to unfold. Yes, I’m on to BEING ready … and not just getting ready!!! Thank you so much for this freeing thought today!!

    1. Your details on seeing the real need to prepare, spiritually, then proceed with the necessary human footsteps lifted my spirit, thank you for the insight about your trip to Africa. God’s rolling out His details, as the thoughts are lifted by Him. Cheers to the great adventure ahead.

    2. Thank you for your response Kim and thank you Evan for the blog…. We have a cross country trip coming up next week, and to the human picture it seems to have some of us second guessing this planned trip. Divine Love is guiding us and with our spiritual armor on and bring prayed up, we are ready!

  7. My Mother often kept us on our toes with “Christian Scientists are Minute-Men … always ready with all the Truth that is available.”

    1. I love what MBE says in Miscellaneous Writings 158:19 “All God’s servants are minute men and women. As of old, I stand with sandals on and staff in hand, waiting for the watchword and the revelation of what, how, whither. Let us be faithful and obedient, and God will do the rest.”

  8. Thank you Evan & Farida and all. “Stand porter at the door of thought” applies to all areas of our experiences here. So grateful for Christian Science and for Evan and his SpiritView.

  9. Thank you Evan! This made me realize I’d been getting ready to sell my home but that my thoughts about leaving my home were not in a state of readiness to actually make the move to a new place as yet.
    Will work on knowing God’s perfect plan for us is in a state of readiness for only good to unfold.

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