Reasons to be grateful

November 25, 2009 | 2 comments

It’s two days to Thanksgiving Day here in the US. It’s a holiday that reminds us to remember the things that we have to be grateful for, small and large, and there are many.

It’s been a tough year for millions of people struggling to make ends meet in a recessionary economy. When faced with mounting debt, unemployment, and looming rental payments, it can be hard to find reasons to be grateful. But there is always something good to notice and acknowledge no matter how dire circumstances appear.

Hidden behind the dashed hopes and crushed dreams of the human mind is God’s hand at work bringing one to a better place than occupied before. It takes humility to discern what God is doing, and faith to accept a new order for our life, but when we listen and follow, trusting the divine plan to unfold, we leave the old behind and walk toward the new and improved.

One of you sent in a link to an article titled, “Recession gave me a new opportunity.” The piece tells about people who have risen from the ashes of despair and loss to regain composure and new direction in life. It’s a nice report, and reminds us to look for the opportunity, see the possibility, not to get hung up on the loss, and move forward to the gain. I thought you might enjoy reading it.

Happy Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts on “Reasons to be grateful”

  1. That’s a nice report, Evan. I notice the temptation toward excess in myself at times but difficult times can trim that back. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you, Evan. I love knowing that God’s plan is going forward regardless of the human ‘seeming’. It reminds me that I have much more to be grateful for than I have acknowledged. Happy Thanksgiving!

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