Rise in rebellion against any sign of disease

February 28, 2018 | 17 comments

“Instead of blind and calm submission to the incipient or advanced stages of disease, rise in rebellion against them. Banish the belief that you can possibly entertain a single intruding pain which cannot be ruled out by the might of Mind, and in this way you can prevent the development of pain in the body.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 391

Don’t be a pushover for disease. Push back mightily on any suggestion of suffering until it is completely out of consciousness and replaced with a clear understanding of God’s allness and goodness where there is no disease.

17 thoughts on “Rise in rebellion against any sign of disease”

  1. The more we pamper disease the more it sticks to us. We need to be strict with error and throw it out of our thought, our consciousness immediately. Never allow any room for the suggestion of disease in consciousness. If we do not allow entry to a stranger in our house, and shut the door, he will just leave. Isn’t it? So if we do not allow any room for error in our thought, the error or suggestion of disease just leaves.

    Self pity too should be ruled out vehemently. We need to be firm in our understanding that Divine Mind governs every function of our being and material laws do not govern us. Its a fact that all space is filled with God, since God is omnipresent. The plain logic is, if God fills all space and GOD IS ALL, is there any place left for anything unlike God or disease??? No.
    “Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth shall make ye free”.

    Many a times fear obstructs the healing. When God is our loving father and He wants the best for us, its essential we trust in His allness and goodness. “Perfect Love casts out fear.”
    Secondly “Love is the Liberator”. Loving and forgiving from the heart brings quick healing. “Love is the Liberator”. Where love is, God is, and where God is harmony, health and happiness is very evident.

    1. Beautiful Nergish. Thank you for sharing this. I keep re-reading and trying to take in your message. And of course, thank you Evan!

  2. Good day Evan and group. Wonderful. This reminds me of what Mrs. Eddy also said: “When the idea of ​​sin or sickness tempts you, hold fast to God and his idea, and do not allow anything that is not His reflection to dwell on your thinking” and also said that Christian Science brings the sunlight of Truth with the same result. All this is to have it permanently in our consciousness. We reflect the omnipresence of God, that’s why today’s theme is prevention and permanent security. Excelent day for everyone.

  3. Thank you, Evan, this is very good advice. You clearly listen for messages from God and then share them with all of us. I also frequently quieten my thought and listen for what divine Love, rather than mortal mind, is telling me, and it is always uplifting.
    One such message was:
    You are the incorporeal expression of Life: there is no body to be in pain and there is no mortal mind to think so nor a mortal opinion to say so.


  4. I have an old copy of Science and Health in which I have underlined the passages that mean the most to me. Yesterday evening I was struggling with considerable pain in my legs and decided to read the Chapter, “Science of Being” beginning on page 268 of Science and Health. The reading of all of the underlined passages relieved the pain and I arose going to bed free. It was a Christian Science treatment for me and I am so deeply grateful.

    Thanks, Evan, for this timely and inspiring message and for all of the thoughtful comments from this world-wide family of seekers for Truth.

  5. Thank you Evan for this strong and loving admonition – so needed!

    Thank you Nergish for your firm and loving lesson – so helpful!

    Both are treating and healing like every SV

  6. Gratitude wells up in my thinking for Evan’s words and all the SV responders—each message
    has lifted me up–I see light at the end of a tunnel (of my own mortal mind thinking!) What a boost all the above comments have been for me this morning. Thank you all.

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