[VIDEO] Rising above trouble

June 20, 2017 | 34 comments

Have you ever felt stuck in an unending series of trouble or constantly faced with obstacles that impede your progress?

Here’s a short vlog on how you can rise above those hindrances and get moving again.

34 thoughts on “Rising above trouble”

  1. What an uplifting vlog Evan! Thank you. I love the music and scenery and heavenly message and how you weaved it all together with your buoyant, inspiring basket of insight. I had a dear friend who always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon, who has recently passed on and never got to, but I think of her now, above all of the mortal ditches and valleys that we often, as mortals, have to rise above. What a perfect way to start the day. Thank you again for this beautiful message.

  2. Thanks, Evan! Love hot air balloons, but have flown in one only once, many years ago. I love your analogy here – just perfect!

  3. Simply beautiful, Evan, and so very healing! Thank you for the uplifting views of Spirit’s infinite blessings, which you share so generously in so many ways, blessing all!

  4. Most think the world is material….
    The world is mental….
    A world of thought…
    Thought has substance…
    Substance is Spirit….
    Spirit is God….
    The world is thought,
    God thought…..

    Not our thought
    Until we see
    Our thought is

  5. thank you Evan for the heavenly inspired thought you gave us this morning. How much better we see through things, which look, on the surface, so troubling to us, when we go higher in thought”. There, we find God’s wisdom, calm, peace, patience, and the Right idea to use to climb out of the problem….I call it “going up in my Spiritual helicopter” where I can truly see a pathway through the jungle I seem to be entangled in….LOVE YOUR NEW VLOG…..Thank you dear Evan!!! Caydee

  6. I just love your new “vlogs”. The visual, and your ever so gentle explanations, makes it easy to remember the ideas you presented. Thanks for sharing with the world!

  7. Having spent my working life as a pilot I can easily relate to the concept of soaring above the peaks and valleys of material thinking. We need to take off everyday on a spiritual flight that raises our thinking to spiritual consciousness, that puts us on the right path to true harmony with devin Mind.

    Thank you so much Evan.

  8. Thank you Evan, that you bring this spiritual view of the balloon flying in such a tender and joyful way to such a loving and healing spiritual uplifting with such ease, we all need, as Patty mentioned.

    Thank you again Maximo for your inspiring poem 🙂

  9. Beautiful video. It reminded me of my only hot air balloon flight many years with a dear friend who was emigrating to Israel. She had always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon so I treated her to one just before she left.

  10. Unrelated to your vlog, but I just found out this morning that the Christian Science church in Big Bear Lake, CA of which I was a member until recently was completely destroyed by fire last week. I’m sure they could use some metaphysical support.

    1. Hi Lori, I find helpful in this instance the definition of Church in S&H. That means church is not made of bricks and mortar but of all the synonyms of God, that means its a spiritual idea which never can be destroyed. Thats comforting.

      During the dictatorship of Hitler in Germany official churches where not allowed, and the churches which already existed in Eastern Germany were confiscated. And so the Christian Scientist met in private homes to worship God. To hold church services was their greatest desire. And I think that is also this longing of the members of those church members in Big Bear Lake, that lets them find an interim solution for their church services through the all encompassing Love of our all Father-Mother-God. We can depend on Him absolutely, and so can those members.

  11. Love your Vlogs. Especially like your sharing your own experiences and showing us how to look at that experience in a spiritual way. So enlightening. Always wanted to go up in a balloon. Not quite as old as President Bush so I still have hopes of doing it with a son and grandsons. Had just listened to today’s Daily Lift. Calm, comfort and love were certainly evident on your trip.

  12. I would also like to see
    a Christian Science Vlog
    done from an area in
    war torn Syria….
    To show the beauty
    and power of God’s demonstration
    anywhere, any time, irregardless
    of appearances

  13. Evan. Thank you. I have had a frustrating problem that came up today and I listened to your Vlog – and then calmed down a bit and thought about what you said and made a phone call and the problem has been resolved very harmoniously! I might even give a testimony about it! Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Liz, could you please make us the joy and give your testimony also to us?

      Would be great 🙂

  14. Uta thanks for your response to my comment. Thankfully the church has a solution – their reading room – which is in a cottage entirely separate from the church and had no damage whatsoever. They held their Sunday service there and it was attended by many guests. They will most like renovate the reading room to accommodate it as the church as well.

  15. I cannot stop thinking about this beautiful idea of soaring above mortal sense in a hot air balloon. God is lifting my thought, steadying me, carrying me. Thank you for this inspiring message. It is shaping my prayers in a time of great need.

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