Run on full

February 21, 2018 | 19 comments

Some people view spiritual inspiration like they do gas in their car. They run on what they have until they run out, just as they would drive their car until it runs out of gas and needs to be refueled.

But there’s a better way!

Real inspiration comes from God and never runs out. You can’t use it up.

When you study sacred texts for inspiration, or spend time in prayer listening for heavenly insight, know that the ideas you’re receiving are coming from God, and will always be coming to you no matter what you’re doing with your hands and feet.

You can live inspired all the time.

Whether involved with a major project at work, shopping for groceries, cleaning the bathroom or paying bills, inspiration is constantly present in the Mind of God which you reflect as a child of God.

Inspired ideas coming from God are never used up. They keep coming and coming and coming without end.

As Christian Science explains, you are not a mortal using up inspired ideas that need to be replenished. You are an immortal reflecting divine insight and joy that is always present at full strength.

Divine Mind is your “gas tank,” and it’s always filled with inspiration.

Stick with divine Mind in everything you do and run on full all the time!

19 thoughts on “Run on full”

  1. That’s lovely Evan! Thanks.
    Yesterday I had a long flight and spent it rereading Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. What a joyous way to spend uninterrupted time – imbibing the Truth of being! I arrived at my destination completely refreshed without a hint of “jet lag”. What a blessing Christian Science is and how grateful I am for everything Mary Baker Eddy put in place for us all.

  2. The reflection relationship between God and His ideas (us) is the foundation of our harmony, health, joy, progress, bliss, etc. The reflection relationship keeps us safe and sound. I am daily grateful for that truth/rule of being that Mary Baker Eddy rediscovered for mankind. Jesus voiced it this way:”I and my Father are one”, and “Be ye perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”(The Holy Bible). Evan, I am also grateful for your fresh views each day. They are gems.

  3. “With the assurance of faith she prays, with the certainty of inspiration she works, and with the patience of genius she waits.”
    Pul. 83:10-12

  4. Just the thought I needed this morning: “Real inspiration comes from God and never runs out. You can’t use it up.” Sometimes I feel as though my study and prayer is overflowing my capacity for inspiration and my expectations for seeing results. I’m weary of efforts that seem fruitless. Possibly my tank isn’t as full as I thought!

  5. Inspiration is our birthright and we all get it freely from God. An empty tank sounds like a mortal mind suggestion and I am not going to believe it about one of my SV family members any more than I am going to fall for it myself. Hugs to you all! 🙂

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