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  1. This calls for us it to be honest and truthful, so that what we know really is grounded in the Truth. What we say must be an honest reflection of our honest heart. There have been (more than) several times in my life where I spoke in haste, and consequently, lived with regret after having made an incorrect, wrong, misguided, or emotion-impelled decision.
    In this weeks Lesson, these verses leads in the responsive reading: “only let your conversation be, as it becometh the gospel of Christ:…That ye stand fast in one spirit, with one mind striving together for the faith of the gospel…. fulfill ye my joy, that ye be like minded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind.”
    Thank you, Evan, for declaring in no uncertain terms, that we are to live and speak and be in the kingdom of God, knowing that God is in control, affirming, and speaking the Truth, healing our own thought first, while knowing that, as God’s child, we know God’s wisdom.
    My credited to you is overflowing!

  2. So important in so many ways! However, I have found that sometimes when I do say what I mean, the other person hears something different. The same thing applies to writing, as in exchanging emails. This is especially true when talking to “the other sex.” It often seems that men and women speak different languages, and it is good, if possible, to have enough further conversation to make sure that what you said has been understood as you meant it. When spoken in Love, this can be very helpful to all parties and will not be viewed as a challenge. It is a learning process, and one which is helped by always keeping Spirit/Love first and foremost. (Just a few words from my personal experience over the decades.)

  3. Thank you, Evan and Annie and Granny for your simple but profound wisdom.
    Granny ~ you mean the Mars and Venus thing? : )
    My Mom used to preach to me as a child, “If you don’t have anything nice to say,
    don’t say anything at all”. I have found through life, that being totally honest, telling
    the truth is always the best way, because lies only promote more lies and when
    the truth eventually does come out, as it always does, wrong is right(ed) and
    everyone is better for it.
    I, too, have ~ I think we all have, in some way or another…have regretted a decision
    made, but through God’s Love and an ever-increasing willingness to see Truth/God
    expressed in our lives, we triumph over anything that may have seemingly not gone
    or the way we would have liked it to. (Maybe God’s plan/timing all along?)
    I randomly opened the hymnal this morning and Hymn 163 came up:
    “”So from our hearts must ever flow, A love that will all wrong outweigh:
    Our lips must only blessings know and wrath and sin shall die away”
    and another randomly opened which is also pertinent…
    “Our God is Love, unchanging Love And can we ask for more?
    … O loving Father, well we know that words alone are vain…
    That those who see Thy will to do, the true communion gain.
    Then may our deeds our pure desire For growth in grace express…
    That we may know how Love Divine Forever waits too bless…
    GOD’s promises are kept”
    I love how One Mind came up with these to share.

  4. Thank you Evan. Thank you all. It is good to be sure of what you want to say before you say it or better still, keep quite. It is better to be quiet than to regret, for saying what you could not do .

  5. I have found this paragraph I saved from an article a long time ago, to be most helpful on this subject. “If we think our words could be misinterpreted, we can think of God as the great interpreter, communicating only what is good and true to His children. Subordinating the human sense of things to the divine, we willingly relinquish our personal views and yield to His glorious, correct interpretation. This is being receptive to the activity of the Christ in consciousness.”

    1. Desert Girl I really like that quote. To know that when we turn to God regarding our communication, He will guide what we say, how the other person receives it and what they say in return. So the right and divine messages are communicated.

      Evan says that it’s better to say nothing than to make promises we can’t keep. At times I seem to overtalk and it’s just a lot of filler, too many words. Sometimes silence, or just being fully present with another person is best. It is said that because we have 2 ears and 1 mouth we should listen twice as much as we speak. Remember God speaks to us in the silence with His still small voice.

      1. I love the things you say (write) here, Rose. Your thoughts are always so inspiring,
        so please don’t think you “overtalk” here. You share so many lovely and loving
        thoughts and I’m sure many of us have gained a lot from your spiritual perspective.

        1. Thanks very much Carol for your kind words. I appreciate your sensitivity. The overtalking I mentioned was more about when I talk to people in person, in writing I am ok, it’s a different dynamic. In writing there is time to be thoughtful and consider and calmly choose words. In person sometimes things go quickly back and forth and that is where I would like to recognize more of my inner Stillness and calmness so I don’t say things just for the sake of filling space. All the best to you.

          1. Oh, I Understand Completely, Rose! Writing is my
            preferential way of communicating as well… It gives
            one the opportunity to not be responsive in the split-second,
            but does let one reflect more on words to share and choose
            words that are more thought derived.
            All the best to you as well. : )

  6. “Where does integrity come from?” by Barbara Vining:

    I thought of this yesterday as I was reading some posts on a social networking site designed specifically for the business community. It appears that some recruiters are making promises to prospective employees, but then ghosting them. There may be various reasons this is going on, but the end result is that it is creating a lot of anxiety, depression, and desperation for people needing jobs. My heart goes out to them. Thank you Evan. An angel message that I really need to pray about this. 🙂

  7. Through experiencing many of the expressed situations & more I have come to the realization that if I keep judgement out of what I want to say most often there is: much less I do say; better understanding of what I was trying to say and more love seemingly felt in what I have said.

  8. Thank you very much, Evan for this short but profound verse from Ecclesiastice!♡
    I was taught in CS that it’s most helpful if we first listen to God, to let him give us the loving and blessing idea what to say or to answer. That would be most healing and harmonious. For me it’s the best advice in communicating lovingly. However I have to work and pray for it, to do that a lot better!

    Thanks for the hymn 163, Carol.♡
    And thanks “J” for the wonderful article!♡

  9. Aww, Thank you, Uta. God picked the hymn. I just shared it. <3
    In pondering Evan's verse above, more throughout the day, the thought came that
    what may have seemed or was right, say, 22 years prior and what has transpired
    22 years after that, now may be quite different. Humanly and none of us have
    transcended yet (that I am aware of, except for One, Jesus), … situations change,
    people change…our understanding grows and although we and everyone, always
    have been, are now, and always will be, perrfect in God's Being, we should not be
    hard on ourselves, imho, for perhaps becoming with more understanding and more
    spiritually mature, as we progress in thought. Things we may have said and
    thought true at the time, for various reasons, may have changed.
    Even Mrs. Eddy, as spiritually minded as she was/Is, still had challenging experiences
    in her life, revised her writings, etc., ~ all in the spiritual growth that she perfected and
    so kindly shared with us.

  10. Thank you for all your insightful comments. I was reminded of a comment in SpiritView left by Anna on March 28, 2022. At the end Mrs. Eddy gives a prayer which fits the topic today. I am including just that part.
    This is one of my favorite go-to postings I have kept and use regularly. The link to the SpiritView is below.


    “From the Christian Science Journal of 1883” by Mary Baker Eddy:

    “Beloved Father-Mother God, give me wisdom to meet the problems that come to be met today, give me the understanding to deny error. Give me the grace to remain silent when not necessary to speak.”

    1. Immensely grateful to you, Par W, for your post. The sincerity of your dedication to Mrs. Eddy’s teachings shines through! Thank you, Evan, for SpiritView and its beautiful blessings.

    2. Pat W, would you happen to know the precise Journal this article by Mary Baker Eddy can be found? I searched the 1883 Journals, there are only a few of them, and could not find it. Now I am wondering if it is indeed something Mrs. Eddy has actually written. I realize the original post was from “Anna” in a 2022 SpiritView, but it isn’t possible to reply to her from so long ago. I will write to the MBE Library to ask “Did Mrs. Eddy really say this?”

      1. Dear Cheryl, that is really interesting to know whether it is truely by MBE.
        I know this part of an article, as well, in German. I prayed with it often already decades ago.

        1. Thank you, Uta. Because you have known about it for decades, it is probably an article written by MBE, and I will let you know what I find out from the MBE Library.

      2. I am sorry Cheryl. I only know it as it was posted by Anna. I would be interested in knowing which it came from as well.

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