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April 12, 2021 | 38 comments


To heal spiritually, is critical to see beyond the mess of mortal mind that may look very real to the material sense of things, but is not real in the divine Mind.

The “mess” of mortal mind may show up in the form of a diseased body, a family in disarray, a financial calamity, a gross misunderstanding at work, or any other type of material situation of chaos and discord. But no matter how bad a situation looks to mortal mind, there is a solution in divine Mind that resolves it and restores order.

Spiritual sense sees beyond the mess to the solution.

Like walking into a messy room of your house, the physical appearance of the room may be in huge disarray, but you can see in your mind what that room should look like when restored. To improve the situation, you can’t just stand in the middle of the mess and get lost in complaint and despair. You jump in and start cleaning up the room until the mess is gone and order is restored.

The same rule works to cleaning up the human consciousness of mortal mind messes. We must not get “lost in the mess,” but see beyond the false beliefs of mortal mind to the spiritual reality of God.

God is reality. God is order, peace, health, Love, and Life. God’s creation is perfect. God’s universe is perfect. You are living in God’s perfect universe now, and it’s not a mess! Spiritual sense reveals it so.

The mortal mind view of God’s universe is any perceived mess. It appears real to material sense, but disappears in spiritual sense.

For progress, see beyond any mortal mind mess to spiritual reality. What you see in God will bring order to what appears to be true in matter. The mess will disappear, and order will be restored.

“God holds the high center, he sees and sets the world’s mess right” (Ps. 9:7, The Message).

38 thoughts on “See beyond the mess”

  1. PERFECT EVAN!!! A friend who is an appallingly messy person has just called at the last minute to ask me to help him clean up his place and pack all his stuff by 12 midday tomorrow when the removalists arrive!!! I was sitting here with my head in my hands doing just what you described above…feeling lost in the mess that is his chaotic life and apartment. The thoughts above immediately pulled me out of that self pity and feeling of frustration. Thank you

    Now I am determined to see him as the manifestation of the divine order and look beyond the material mess with spiritual perception!

    1. Thank you very much Diane. When you called your friend an appallingly messy person, it suddenly struck me that I give myself a similar label and have for a long time. I’ve wrestled with a seemingly unchangeable state of clutter in my home that has caused distress and discouragement, and have prayed about it from several perspectives. But what you said turned on a light that I need to stop trying to “handle” the clutter in a material way, or even turn the clutter over to God to sort out — that still assumes there is a “material problem” that needs fixing, rather than seeing myself and my atmosphere as naturally reflecting God and His perfection. God never made a hopeless clutterer or a hopelessly cluttered atmosphere. Just perfect order that is unchanging. Thanks!

    1. Thanks, Angie, for this very helpful article. Everything I read this morning
      is filled with so much inspiration, including this article. I always look for
      to reading the articles you share. Many thanks!

  2. Although I appreciate the thoughts expressed here, I find it really difficult to put into practice when faced with an aggressive physical difficulty with symptoms obvious to material sense. MBE said, “Jesus beheld in Science the perfect man, who appeared to him where sinning mortal man appears to mortals. In this perfect man the savior saw God’s own likeness, and this correct view of man healed the sick,” But how, exactly, did he NOT see the physical difficulty? When confronted with lepers, how did he not, for a moment, say to himself, “Yuck!”? We are dealing with a physical challenge that presents frightening, disturbing, OBVIOUS symptoms. When apart from this dear family member, I totally know his spiritual perfection. But in his presence, I am so distracted by the material picture that I am unsuccessful in seeing “beyond the false beliefs of mortal mind to the spiritual reality of God,” as Evan said.

    1. Thanks for asking -key is to follow Christ Jesus’ commands to Love God, good, with all our heart & Love our neighbor as ourself -& we can only Love by not bowing to suggestions that God is somehow not all-present, all-poweful, all-true consciousness.
      “Yeah though I walk THROUGH the valley of the SHADOW of death [false belief Life not God’s/Our only Really], I will fear NO evil, for God [Love] is [ALL that’s ever really] with me.”
      -So as we realize the Mental nature of mesmeric aggressive mental suggestion, we’re then attracted through metaphysical prayer to “begin rightly” from our innate spiritual consciousness, where we started, as God’s pure, receptive Child -always adoring God.

      1. What a Perfect explanation. It is really tough sometimes to “NOT see” a physical image.
        Thank you
        Thank you Evan for starting this healing conversation

    2. Something Mrs Eddy said has helped me greatly. Similar to what Evan wrote, she said to “look away from the body to truth and love…” I’ve looked up at the stars to get my attention off of the awful situation, (a horse in agony) a massive struggle it seemed, Then put your mind on everything you know about God, until you just get lost in it. When that becomes more real to you than the problem , you have succeeded .Lots of Love.-p

    3. & isn’t it helpful prior to being with this person, to “be firm in your understanding that the divine Mind governs, & that in Science, man reflects God’s government.” [SH393:16]
      So we have a choice to either be tricked into accepting a lie & bear false witness against God’s man, or:
      Love this person as God loves this person, tenderly cherishing every single goodness expressed by this person, so filled with deep gratitude God loves and sees this person completely and wholly governed by God.

    4. Dear AM. Often when Jesus was faced with numerous self evident material symptoms , we are told that he was ‘moved with compassion ‘ before seeing Gods perfect expression before him. So, maybe a change from fearing what you see , to knowing what God sees is the true picture ,will put God “s idea uppermost in your thought and experience. Much love to you.

    5. AM,
      Let’s keep this simple. The material senses are mortal mind’s ticket to ride. Believing what we see with material sense is his boarding pass on whatever vessel is available. Our job is to not punch his ticket. As porter we toss him out of our vessel. Our vessel has no state room for a stowaway. The imposter who takes on the disguise of sickness, sin and death, is an imposter. We are not going to have this imposter aboard for even one second. There is no space for him as our state rooms are filled with lovely, perfect passengers. All births are therefore filled with true beings.

      Think carefully when this temptation presents its false images. Immediately, mentally see this patient’s his attributes. Replace the images of dis-ease with spiritual facts as taught in our studies in C. S. Mentally rehearse every spiritual virtue of the individual. Seeing only perfection.

      I had have a dear friend and while we were texting he was overcome and 911 was called by his wife.
      I talked to my dear practitioner. She said “How do you picture him? Fallen with sickness and are you in sympathy with matter? Or how would you rather see him?” I had to admit I was terribly overcome concerning this incident. But I got the point and began seeing him as I always had as strong and kind and full of good.
      He lay in the hospital. Days while tests were administered and no results were found. Finally with nothing else to blame they pinned in on the popular belief, but no factual material evidence was ever found, *because it never was there*. A power was there, that this (PERFECT) man, nor his family, nor the physicians knew about. God’s perfect creation and harmony.

      I gave a pass to ride on the vessel of my thought to the spiritual reality. I confined the imposter to his rightful prison, nothingness.

      You have done the right thing bringing this question to this forum. You have blessed us all today.

      1. Thanks David for your creative and wonderful metaphor of not allowing error a ticket to board our vessel (consciousness). So practical and absolute truth.

        Also to AM, I agree with David that you have blessed us all by bringing forth this question that is vital for us all. You have received amazing wisdom here today from the Spiritview family. We are with you and supporting you. God will do all that is needed in your consciousness to allow you to see through the lie about your loved one, you are moved by compassion (as Barbara wisely said). It’s clear how much you care for this dear one and cherish their wonderful qualities, there is power in that.

    6. In Unity of Good on page 7 starting on line 7 Mrs. Eddy states, “When I have most clearly seen and most sensibly felt that the infinite recognizes no disease, this has not separated me from God, but has bound me to Him as to enable me instantaneously to heal a cancer which had eaten its way to the jugular vein.” Turn away from whatever seems to be real to know that God is ALL. There’s nothing but God. When we understand this there isn’t anything that cannot be healed through Christian Science. Jesus embodied the Christ, that is why he could touch the leprous man. That is why Paul wasn’t phased by the venomous snake – he shook it off, it had no effect on his thought, even though the people on the shore were aghast that he was fine. Their fear had no effect on the situation.

  3. Wonderful as always, Evan. Thanks Angie for the article “overcoming Goliaths”. Very helpful with something I’m dealing with today.

    1. Yes! Those words immediately came to mind as I was reading the comments. That hymn is a favorite, #329, thank you for posting it.

  4. Evan thanks for addressing this important topic and especially for, “The mortal mind view of God’s universe is any perceived mess. It appears real to material sense, but disappears in spiritual sense.”

    Brings to mind Hymn 144

    In atmosphere of Love divine,
    We live, and move, and breathe;
    Though mortal eyes may see it not,
    ’Tis sense that would deceive.

    The mortal sense we must destroy,
    If we would bring to light
    The wonders of eternal Mind,
    Where sense is lost in sight.

    For God, immortal Principle,
    Is with us everywhere;
    He holds us perfect in His love,
    And we His image bear.

  5. This comment is for Friday’s SpiritView which was added late in the day and may have been missed. Josh Henn, one of the soloists for The Mother Church has an album “Open Mine Eyes” that is truly outstanding. I have the CD in my computer and listen to it during most of my meals, plus other times. And this is one of his solos. Thanks M for sharing the words.

  6. Kirsten thanks so much for the link to Daniel Jensen’s article. I’ve read it before, but greatly appreciate reading it again. It’s such a clear and vivid explanation of reality vs unreality.

  7. Thanks so much Kirsten for the link to Daniel Jensen’s article. I’ve read it before but greatly appreciate reading it again. It gives such a vivid and clear explanation of reality vs unreality.

  8. This blog and all the comments are so helpful today and just what I need. Especially grateful for AM’s question and all the answers. I especially like statements I got from the first to paragraphs of Evan’s blog starting with my understanding from the blog; A physical material body with a physical problem “is not real to the divine Mind.” and “…but no matter how bad a situation looks to mortal mind, there is a solution in divine Mind that resolves it and restores order.” And ” Spiritual sense see’s beyond the mess to the solution.”
    This is such a blessing as I deal with a problem that seems hard to ignore but I am trying to hold fast to the perfect man of God’s creating.
    I love the reminder of Jesus’ compassion as we are shown in many stories in the bible. Compassion is evidence of divine Love, caring, He had tears at Lazarus’ tomb before he raised him from the dead and he regarded compassionately the strange woman who washed his feet with tears and anointed them with precious oil.
    One problem that continually comes to my thought with all its negatives is age. One the ability to look past the mess I thought I didn’t have time to complete, etc. Then my daughter texts me yesterday that she is on her way over and I as the person rushing around frantically with strength I thought I didn’t have moments before, Straightening what I could in the hour it would take her to get here was like an eye opener after todays blog. Not just the fear of what she would think if everything wasn’t perfect but it turned out she came full of love that she expressed and caring and willingness to help with a project she saw that needed doing and even bought me lunch.
    This blog states solutions to all the problems we are facing. Thank you.
    Thanks Angie, David B. Paula, Rose, Carrie, for your wonderful comments and all of you that are part of this wonderful Spirit View family.

  9. Ansolute wonderful, dear Evan! Just what I needed and so healing. “Orderlyness” is a wonderful quality of God which I love. However working on it to demonstrate it much better. Thank you very very much for this SpiritView! ♡

  10. So very grateful for Evan’s Inspiring View and for each additional Wonderful Expression here today!!
    Thank you all!

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