Seek spiritual understanding above all else

February 21, 2020 | 38 comments

“…in all your getting, get understanding.”

Proverbs 4:7, NKJV

When you understand God, you can figure out anything, for understanding God is the solution to everything.

38 thoughts on “Seek spiritual understanding above all else”

  1. been trying to figure out what to do with my life (human career or do a busniess) all my life. Never seem to get a clear answer or I get a multitude of answers or I get one strongly for a day or so then it fades…why can’t God just say to us plainly “do this John” and we go and do it. Not this “have to figure it out, jump through a bunch of spiritual hoops, and level up our understanding and then we would be rewarded with the “answer” (or in my case, a clear direction in what to do with my life). I know our main career is to be “A Christian Scientist”, but hey it would be nice to know what human career or business one should be focusing on now. You did have one article a long time ago where you quoted a famous baseball player about “doing what you love” as if you dont you will get old quick.So not sure what that is. At 56 still figuring it out. Evan doesnt seem to responde to comments anymore…probably avoiding endless arguements I guess…anywho…lost in space…John in Canada

    1. Maybe God is saying “do this John” but you are not listening. And since life is eternal, what you do today may not be what you need tomorrow. What do I need to do today Father? I have done lots of things but each time the event is more spiritual and helping others more. Just my little input.

    2. Dear John in Canada, I empathize with you. Just as you struggle to find your place, I sometimes struggle with having to struggle all the time. Why can’t things be harmonious? As soon as I get one challenge figured out, another is immediately knocking at my door, so to speak. It’s only when I look back that I can see the enormous growth that I experienced as a result of my circumstances. I have found that the continuous challenges are the proof of God’s ongoing care for me and He has never left me without supply, love, or meaningful work. It may have been that my work — my true purpose — was fulfilled in a way that I wasn’t expecting. I’ve learned that gratitude for every little thing really helps me handle the challenges in the moment and that proof makes it easier to keep going. MBE says that when faced with indecision or a sense of not knowing. She would stop and consider all that she does know and take one step that seems right and then wait for more information and guidance. (Of course that is my paraphrase) she was never afraid to reverse course. The message in today’s Spiritview supports / follows MBEs method. I always read God’s Law of Adjustment by Adam H.Dickey and am instantly comforted by that wisdom. All the best to you and all Spiritviewers today and always as we work to execute God’s job for us.

    3. Dear Sweet John,
      You are not alone! We have all been there. But it is the liar who is suggesting that you are a limited struggling mortal, separate from God, who is diligently trying to figure things out and not finding success or getting any direction.

      Don’t buy into that lie.
      Reject/reverse/replace every single aspect of it, as often and as many times as it takes. Choose to be actively awake to your own Christliness. You are the wonderful effect of a wonderful cause. And cause and effect are instantaneous. Take the spirit view, and keep at it. You CAN do this, and you can do it with joy. (Now I’ve gotta go do the same thing — walk my own talk.) I do love the challenge of embracing this statement from Eddy: “To live so as to hold human consciousness in constant relation with (not to) the divine, the spiritual, and the eternal is to individualize infinite power, and this is Christian Science.”

    4. John,
      I do not believe that it isn’t because God isn’t speaking to you but perhaps you are learning to listen. (At least that is how it has worked for me). As Evan stated in this Spiritview, “Seek spiritual understanding above all else,” he has actually already responded to your question. And, John Qualtrough mentions defining one’s values and witnessing Divine Love meeting needs – that is moving in a direction. In fact, how wonderful to see all the loving responses to your question from our Spiritview family! 🙂 🙂

      1. God constantly communicates to his idea man. But we have to be willing to listen and to seek God first. Employment is expressing your unique qualities which you reflect from God to bless others. Humbling asking God how you can best bless your community with the talents and skills you possess is a right prayer. The answer may not be what you expect or want to hear. But being willing to trust God will lead to your right place. It always does. And it will be a perfect fit for you. It has to come from a place of unselfish love. All true prayer does. I struggled with picking a career path in college and changed my major 5 times. My family always told me to be a teacher and I was rebelling from that. Finally I got quiet and asked God what path I should take. The next few days I kept getting Inspiring ideas for teaching . I realized that this was God communicating to me that I should be a teacher. It wasn’t what I wanted to hear. But it gave me a lot of inspiration and peace and joy. I knew I found my answer. I just retired after 30 years in the classroom and I can truly say that I found my nitche and loved my work.

    5. When praying for direction in my life, I’m finding starting with just TODAY keeps things simple and clear. The definition of “Day” in S&H is very helpful, “The irradiance of Life, light, the spiritual idea of Truth and Love.”
      “And the evening and the morning were the first day,” (Gen.i.5.) The objects of time and sense disappear in the illumination of spiritual understanding, and Mind measures time according to the good that is unfolded. This unfolding is God’s day, and “there is no night there.” pg.584

    6. I once found myself in a job that was a big come down from previous jobs, & didn’t match my talents (I thought). I phoned a CS Practitioner in despair. She told me that my tomorrow was made out of today, and today was big with blessings. She suggested I acknowledge today’s blessings in order to build my tomorrow. She also suggested I list 5 things each day that I was grateful for in that job. For a few weeks I listed the same 5 things because I couldn’t think of any more. Gradually the list grew, my job expanded, I started to love it – and then I was head-hunted into the best job I ever had.

    7. Hi John,

      I’m here! I read all the comments, and respond on occasion. Mostly, I love to let readers respond though, out of their experiences. You hear plenty from me everyday through my posts!

      I’ve “been there and done that,” as you mention, in terms of wondering what career to take up. In my experience, looking back, when I thought I was in the wilderness, God was preparing me for my career. It took several years, but when the human path was clear, it was because I was spiritually ready to walk down that path. So, I would trust that God is shaping and molding you in all the right ways now for whatever work God has in Mind for you to do. In other words, you are in your right place now! Listen, follow, and act as inspiration comes. That is “your career,” and it will keep you in a good place.

      Love to you.

      1. I clearly remember the day when I was told by a good friend and long-time Christian Scientist, that my “employment” is glorifying God and holding to that will come inspiration from God providing fresh ideas and new vistas manifested n my experience. This has turned out to be true both during jobs I’ve held as well as in being led to changing careers,, and I am very grateful for these proofs of God’s love and care..
        And just a note: Evan, I wonder why I t see citations from the NLT (most of the time) and sometimes from the New Kings James Version of the Bible in your blog, , but no citations the original King James Version. Is there a particular reason for that?

        1. Hi Leah,

          I do quote the NLT frequently because I find it so easy to understand. There are a few translation issues in it that feel a bit off, but for the most part, it is a very inspiring translation to study. I quote the KJV on occasion. I use several different translations, actually.

          1. Thank you for your kind response, Evan. As we know, versions other than the KJV are also occasionally included in our CS weekly Bible lessons. I understand your point about why you prefer to quote the NLT most of the time.
            I grew up studying the KJV and would appreciate it if you might find cite some useful verses from it a bit more often than you have in the last few years I’ve been reading your blog…

    8. Couple of things:
      – Answers don’t “from” anywhere – they come from (through) understanding. As this post suggests. I would think God doesn’t “care” what you do, as long as what your doing you are expressing Life, Truth and Love and in the never-ending pursuit of growing your spiritual sense.

      – Study “God’s Law of Adjustment” – then apply it.

  2. Career is only part of the picture. For me the larger part is “life style”..
    How I choose to live my life: what friendships do I for, what values do I embrace and how do I experience Divine Love meeting my needs. As I feel full to the brim with God’s goodness then my cup can overflow to bless others.
    My career becomes that overflowing of God’s goodness.
    When I work out my relationship to God then my career ( my way of giving) becomes more clear..

  3. John in Canada. Legitimate question. But what about faith? Where would faith reside in that directness of communication. Or where would choice be? God in His infinite wisdom gave us the opportunity to express both faith and the freedom to express faith or not. Great question though John in Canada. I admire your courage to express it.

  4. Hi John. A recent Sentinel article “Finding purpose and vocation. “ 12/30/19 may be helpful. You might be led to take a class or workshop like she did, but the main thing is the willingness to follow Love’s leading even if it leads in an unexpected direction.

  5. Dear John,
    Maybe God just wants you to himself for now . Settle into the (humanly) unknown, allow,and see what happens. Divine Mind knows, divine Mind shows. I Love you.
    – Eternal Love Lullabying Everyone’s Real Yearning ❤

  6. John in Canada, today’s Daily Lift, “Happy for no reason”, is a beautiful answer, and I seek out this path with great results! Try it!
    Thanks, Evan, for today’s Proverb quote!

  7. My husband always tell me that for men meaningful work is most important. I think living with meaning is something we are want to demonstrate. I also read often God’s Law of Adjustment by Adam H. Dickey. Like so many inspiring works, it always seems you missed something in the last reading but I think , perhaps, it is your understanding that is deepening. I love this proverb; on my refrigerator for a long time.

  8. John, just put God first. Simple. Study your lesson. Turn your thoughts to and listen for inspiration.
    Keep it simple.
    Many make a list of all things fir which you are grateful.
    “All perfect gifts are from above and all our blessing show the amplitude of God’s dear Love, which every heart may know.” Hymn 342. Written by Laura Lee Randall, a Christian Scientist.
    Your employment is a perfect gift from God and you always reflect Him and so are always employed. Doing His will without doubt or wondering or lack of direction.
    Put God first and He directs our paths.
    Be at peace. Jesus overcame the world and so will we….
    “Beloved, now we are the sons of God.” 1st John 3: 1- 3 Daily “John” daily….Pray…..

  9. No one is separated from Love’s Care and helping
    presence now or ever. Mortal belief is only a suggestion
    And cannot destroy Our awareness of God’s constant care.
    On pg 299 Science and Health ,this sentence really woke me
    Up “Truth does not destroy its idea” .The continuing paragraph
    Is also very helpful and assuring. This weeks lesson pg 275
    “”Divine metaphysics …….shows clearly that all is Mind “ so clearly you are being directed as we each are.

  10. Don’t look for a job, John, just be grateful for every day and express God’s qualities with family, friends and others you come into contact with. Set aside quiet time each day to just close your eyes and listen for God to be able to talk to you. You’ll be amazed at the results!

  11. John in Canada:

    I second the motion that you read God’s Law of Adjustment. Especially for what it says about changing direction. This is not something negative. Paul Stark Seeley wrote an article about taking the first step. Doesn’t matter what it is. If you are moving, like an ocean liner, a child can turn the wheel and change the direction. If the boat is docked, it takes a lot of engine and tug boats to get out on the open sea. So just move, take a step, and God will refine the direction.

  12. Loved everyone’s loving comments and seeking to help John. I know he will be blessed by this outpouring of love. Thank you Evan for getting the conversation going. (=

  13. Wonderful blog and comments, as usual. Thank you all. Evan I thoroughly enjoy all the beautiful pictures that go with your blogs (although I do wish they were smaller, like they used to be).

  14. John my fellow Canafuan I worked freelance in TO for many years and every single assignment was His doing! It perfectly met my wee family needs and the client’s.. as God knows how to communicate with us on a personal level. If we don’t listen He will use megaphone in our ear! You have been guided here ..He is not dropping you. Think of today not the future.. He has it all handled. We are free to express Him in our daily walk.

  15. Thoughts for John in Canada –These 2 verses from Christian Science hymnal 253 were so helpful to me when looking for employment one summer:
    “From tired joy and grief afar, / And nearer Thee,— / Father, where Thine own children are, / I love to be. /

    My prayer, some daily good to do / To Thine, for Thee; / An offering pure of Love, whereto / God leadeth me.”
    (Hymn. 253:6, 7)
    As I prayed with these ideas of doing good, being where other children of God were, humbling thought with ” an offering pure of Love whereto God leadeth me” opened my heart and thought to where and what I should do. Trust, pray and open your thought to your Father Mother God to be lead where you are blessed in serving and blessing others in your activity what ever it may be, Peace and joy to you!

  16. What an outpouring g of love, by everyone.
    It is such a blessing to share with Evan & fellow bloggers. Much gratitude!!!

  17. John look what you’ve done, so much Love and Blessings for you and everyone!
    Evan, you can see how grateful we are for your blog…

  18. Am grateful for Spirit/Viel. It cleares sometimes thoughts and understandings aright. Thank you very much Evan!
    I noticed that some commentators mentioned that they asked themselves what to do with “their lives.”
    This toppic up here is that we find best solutions if we understand God. I understand God better when I admit that GOD is my life, and that there isn’t a small material life I owe. The fact that God is the Life of all mankind connects us more with our Father -Mother God. That is such a comforting divine Truth! For me that means also, so I can understand God much better. In any case it needs praying and listening to God to understand Him better, and that is worth doing so! Am grateful to learn so much from Evan and from you commentators here!
    Have a wonderful weekend – with Love to all ! 🙂

  19. Thank you Evan for this very special blog yesterday and to all who have sent comments of Love.
    I came back tonight to read it again because I just love our beautiful lesson this week on MIND, the giver of understanding, knowledge and wisdom, just for sincere asking. What a GIFT! AS I read all the comments, I realized that GOD had answered my prayer. As a woman of age, I felt I wasn’t doing His work for others like I used to and had prayed about this. In reading comments tonight, God filled me with things I have been doing and helping others with prayers, and that with my study and seeking, I am more able to share with words and comfort to mankind. I do still have a purpose, I walk with God each day and share His Love. Love to you all!

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