3 thoughts on “Some benefits from church work”

  1. Hi Evan,
    The link to this article about the benefits of church work did not work because the Church Alive section is now not accessible. Is there another way to access the article?

  2. Published in September Christian Science Journal
    You can find it online at JSH online or in a Christian Science Reading room

  3. Thanks to Joan, on Dec. 7th I reviewed the announcement of Evan’s article, published in September’s CS Journal. Thank you Joan, for asking, and spurring me on to see the answer to why a “link” in Spirit View didn’t automatically open. Good thing I have my September 2017 CS Journal, here by my side, so I too, can read Evan’s published article. God is good.

    Special thanks to you Evan for writing a new piece for publication. You do super things.

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