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  1. I agree 100% with Janet! Thanks so very much for sharing this incredible View, and for EVERY SpiritView! The healing inspiration they are providing stretch far over the horizon and way into the future of every earnest seeker of Truth! Love this!

  2. Wonderful in such beauty and thought! The view of Spirit is awesome.
    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Evan. A heavenly day to everyone.

  3. Thanks, Evan, for this beautiful and inspiring point of view – something we can take with us wherever we go! Yeah, God!

  4. Hello Evan, BRAVO … gorgeous lesson !! I will now take my spiritual point of view with me and I will delight in it … many many thanks for this helpful teaching :o)

  5. Thank you Evan for the beautiful message, delivered in such a wonderful way. Your placement against the awesome backdrop and the length of the vlog add to the the delivery of this message. One of your best vlogs to date! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  6. Your presentation as a view hands on is excellent. I would like you to continue your being present on the video as it means our seeing you and speaking in a comfortable setting adds so much value. It is if we are there. We can feel the message as if we were with you.

  7. This message will stay with me because the gorgeous view and the delivery will be very good reminders of the view you shared of Jesus’ seeing God’s kingdom everywhere and demonstrating that it’s always perfect. Thank you!

  8. Very good morning to Evan and all the followers of this wonderful space that I love. Today I ask you Evan or some partcipante if in two linease explain the video, that with my scant English I can not understand. Blessings of God for all.

  9. Thanks Evan – what a great way to demonstrate that “all that I see comes from within me” Matter is not an illusion for all is spirit or Mind, but the ideas I hold and which by law have all power to manifest can be those of God or error beliefs of the race consciousness. You prove that when two or more share the same source of thought, they see the same and share the same experience of God, just as when Jesus taught the power of thought and spoken word with the lesson of the fig tree.

    And just the “good news” I needed to be reminded of today!

  10. Gustavo,

    “Gracias, Evan, por este hermoso e inspirador punto de vista – ¡algo que podemos llevar con nosotros dondequiera que vayamos! ¡Sí, Dios!”

    Ahora tomaré mi punto de vista espiritual conmigo y me deleitaré en él

    Qué gran manera de demostrar que “todo lo que veo viene de dentro de mí

    Traducción de la cita en el vlog:

    “Espera cree firmemente que aguantar, lo bueno y lo verdadero y en su experiencia aportará proporcionalmente a la ocupación de sus pensamientos.” Ciencia y salud página 261

    Espero que estas ayudan a! (=

  11. Love these vblogs! Like being there with you looking at that beautiful view and listening to the inspiring message.

  12. Hi and thank you Evan for this wonderful Vlog. I do need it specially these days, because now I will see everybody, i.e. all big statesmen and every demontrators who seemingly want to demonstrate with violence here in Hamburg during the G20 agenda which starts today and goes until saturday. Most statesmen are already here. And also the demonstrations are ongoing seemingly also in the wrong direction. But a very lot of police is present to prevent rioting.
    And I pray with the passage from SH page 340:23.

    To see everything and everbody from a spiritual point of view, from the point of view Christ Jesus saw it everytime. That is our goal how we can heal seeming difficult situations.

    And thank you Evan, I too, like other dear commenters today, appreciate to see you speaking your own Vlog and in such gorgeous surrounding. Thanks to Kathy for her excellent work in order to produce such a good video :o) Love to all!

    1. Oh, I have to finish the second very long sentence.

      I wanted to say: I do need it specially these days, because now I will see everybody from a spiritual standpoint, i.e. … 🙂

  13. I can HEAR you Evan!!!
    ….. and thank you again for an Awesome vlog .. which included my favorite quote from S&H from Pg. 261 … Yes, HOLD THOUGHT ….

    Joy to all!
    NE Ohio

  14. Hi Evan
    What an inspiring picture – it makes for a sense of calm before we start on Spiritual views. I like the way in which you remind us what the true Spiritual view of life really is. I am going on holiday tomorrow and have a bug – which I am not accepting and therefore not taking with me.
    Holding onto what you have said makes for a calm approach to going away. Thank you.

  15. Thanks so much, Evan, for this very inspiring message and beautiful scenery as a back drop. Also, for the first time the volume was such that I could hear every word clearly. The comments showing great love and helpfulness to each other are such a blessing.

    1. Thanks Kathleen. Daily Lift is not doing videos like this anymore, at least for now. They are focused on the audio ones.

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