Stand guard with Truth

December 20, 2020 | 28 comments


If you want to stay healthy, stand mental guard with Truth and fend off any attempts of fear to influence your thought away from health.

In the same way that you guard the front door of your house from outside intrusion, you can guard the door of your thought from disease intrusion.

How do you guard the front door of your house?

One way is to lock the door.

It’s not necessary to stand at the door every minute of the day and watch for whoever might come to your door. The lock keeps anyone coming up the walkway from entering. They must knock first, and then you decide if you’re going to let them in or not.

We can do the same against fears and false beliefs that would act as thieves to our peace and health if allowed entry. We can lock the door of our thinking ahead of time to them by knowing God’s omnipotence and omnipresence.

In God’s omnipresence, there is no room, space, or place, for disease to exist. All is safe and good in God’s realm, and to mentally dwell there is to neutralize suggestions to the contrary.

When we dwell in a consciousness of Truth and Love, if disease comes knocking on our mental door, we know it’s not worthy of entry, and we keep it out. We aren’t even tempted to consider allowing it entry.

So, stand guard. Not watching for disease but watching and seeing Truth at work throughout your entire life and experience.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “To be delivered from believing in what is unreal, from fearing it, following it, or loving it, one must watch and pray that he enter not into temptation — even as one guards his door against the approach of thieves” (Message of 1901, p. 14).

When standing guard with Truth, disease is not a temptation. Stand guard and stay well!

28 thoughts on “Stand guard with Truth”

  1. I just can’t add to this Evan. Clear, complete, true guidance for us all which you lovingly share. Reminds me of a practitioners advice to shut the door on mortal error and walk away to enjoy my Spirit being. Will be referring back to this blog many times. Thank you. It is always the ‘season’ to share, receive and live the Christ.❣️

  2. Thank you Evan. As Barbara says: “I just can’t add to this …” I always remember my Mum’s advice. “Remember to put the full stop on your treatment! This is the Truth, and there is no reverse to Truth; this is the fact governing all from the beginning – and it is so.”

  3. When a daughter was very new and deemed to
    have something needing healing, a practitioner
    said, “When there is a storm you don’t open your
    windows and then wonder why there is a mess
    to clean up. So don’t open thought to seeing
    error.” That removed fear and brought healing.
    I have thought about that in different situations
    and have shared it.

    Spiritview is a lovely thought cleanser.
    Thanks, Evan
    Is this an extra SpiritView? Very nice and warming
    any time, but especially during the holiday season.

  4. Thank you Evan, what a beautiful affirmation of the Truth which is ours to dwell in eternally.

    Thank you also to Barbara, Fay and M. I particularly love the ludicrous idea, of opening the window to a storm!

    Today is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year, you have all lit your own candle in my thought. Thank you

    We can all coorie in with Truth and Love warming and illuminating ourselves and in turn our families, friends and all those whom we meet along life’s path.

    The sun is shining, I’m off for a walk.


  5. It should have said, seeming error, not seeing
    error. Sorry..Although sometimes both seem to
    come to come into play.
    Then we use our divine eraser.

  6. Words can’t express my gratitude today for this perfect instruction to a rising problem. Now it’s handled & im putting a full stop to it, and won’t invite that storm to come back in trough an unguarded door or open window! Each of the previous Beloved SpiritViewers added vivid images which enhanced Evan’s writing… as happens daily. And thank you, Shelagh, my dear (as yet unmet) friend from Scotland for your Blessing. I add mine to you all.

  7. What an unexpected treat to find this gem of wisdom in my inbox this morning. I had to check that today was Sunday.
    : ) It reminds me of the expression of closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. We must be vigilant at all times and under all circumstances to guard our door (our thought) for any suggestions that would try to harm our thinking.
    Happy Sunday Everyone!

  8. Yes, thank you Evan and all! This also reminds me to pay close attention to Mrs. Eddy’s “Ways that are vain” and “What Our Leader Says” in Miscellany.

  9. I just want to thank you, Evan, for you consistent, thoughtful, strong yet loving messages throughout the year. You must know that these ideas of God you share with us so lovingly have blessed so many,
    including myself.

    I give you a heartfelt thank you and wish you and your family a blessed Christmas.

    Thank you again for your constant care for mankind and your help in letting us see and understand God’s love, care and instruction for each of us.

  10. Dear Evan,
    Receiving your beautiful message on an unexpected day is like openning the perfect gift you had no idea was coming!

    Thanks to you and the Spiritview commenters for sharing your wonderful and inspiring thoughts!

  11. Evan, what a wonderful and welcome surprise to wake up to your blessed guidance on a Sunday morning! And as is so often the case, this insightful message is exactly what I needed to prepare for a harmonious and purposeful day. The analogy of locking the door to your house (consciousness) is such a perfect take-away image to keep thought centered on God, and keep error from entering. And the replies from this Spiritview following are a light on my path! Thank you Evan, and all!

    “The transmission of disease or of certain idiosyncrasies of mortal mind would be impossible if this great fact of being were learned, — namely, that nothing inharmonious can enter being, for Life is God.” Science and Health pg. 228

  12. Thanks, Evan, for this beautiful surprise beginning to my Sunday. This is indeed the day the Lord hath made! And thanks and blessings to all of my SV family.

  13. Thank you Evan for this beautiful and powerful message. This is such lovely gift . I love all the comments also. My Spirit View family is so precious to me.

  14. Dear Evan, this came at just the right time for me…I’m taking on a huge role in our elections office and have been entertaining some fears about my being able to handle it. I prayed last night for our Father to help me see that He is truly in charge and that all the intelligence I need will come from Him, that what I need will come when the time is right…I was then able to fall asleep. It’s barring the door to fears about the future as well as fears about our health. Your message tells me that I must be firm in my understanding thus locking the door to anything unlike His kingdom. Thanks so much.

    A very Merry Christmas to Evan and all Spiritviewers.

  15. The sunlight of Truth is welcome anytime. No predictions of evil
    can be real or true now or ever
    A Blessed Christmas Season to you and family of Spiritview

  16. A special edition of Spirit View! Thank you Evan. Thank you, Father & Mother! Thank you citizens of SpiritView!
    The most profound door I ever opened was on a service call given from the local Chamber of Commerce.
    I rang the bell. The doop opened. Something out of this world answered. I saw a radient all encompassing light. Before anyone saying anything, I was compelled to state “How long have you been in Christian Science?” The lady who came to the door answered, “I am a Christian Science Practitioner”. I had found Christ there and so much Love, I cannot help but share it with you today as a Christmas gift for all to see with me.
    The Christ is here! Merry Christmas and thank all of you for sharing this wonderful sesssion.

  17. This is the second time this has happened when I try to post something. What I write goes away and just my name shows. Anyone know why?
    Anyway, I want to say Thank you to Evan and to everyone who comments and prays for the well-being of all of us.
    Merry Christmas!!!!

  18. Thank you dear Evan for this helpful and blessing present on a Sunday. In Germany we celebrate the 4th Advent Sunday. Advent means the “coming of the Christ”
    A wonderful SpiritView which meets my needs today, thanks so much indeed!♡
    Thanks a lot to all commenter friends!♡

  19. Thank you for this message! With our family spread out and traveling seemingly limited it is so reassuring to hear words of good going on, not stress or the like. Our church here in Texas had a warm and wonderful Christmas service this morning. Merry Christmas to you.

    1. Thank you Rhonda, my church in Hamburg, Northern Germany, as well. Am very grateful for it! What a wonderfully uplifting lesson sermon this is today! Merry Christmas! ♡

  20. Evan thank you for this “bonus” Sunday edition of Spiritview. Unexpected but so welcome. Today’s message made me think of the CS Sentinel and it’s mission statement, “….intended to hold guard over Truth, Life, and Love.” Lots of love to everyone!!

  21. After many years as a Scientist I start my day with studying the lessons sermon. Your remarks have me remembering how compelling the idea of the “lock” on our thoughts can last the entire day and be a bulwark against any threat. And so it was on the afternoon I was returning home from work in the heavy 5 o’clock traffic on a six-lane highway. . . in a heavy rain. I was in the left-hand, south-bound lane going well under the speed limit, when the steering wheel jerked violently out of my hands and my little truck journeyed in front of 2 more lanes of south-bound traffic, traveled backwards down a 15 foot embankment and was brought to a stop by a barbed wire fence. The motor was still running. The “lock” was in effect, as usual because all I had time to think was “God is driving and His laws govern our safety.. I was fine . . .and in minutes was on my way home with a kind driver getting me back up the hill and off the embankment. Once again, I know to be so grateful for Christian Science and having the benevolent laws of Mind- – – not matter – – – to study every day. How else could I account for this experience?

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