Stay clear of dishonesty

September 16, 2021 | 16 comments


Dishonesty destroys one’s ability to heal mentally.

~ Mary Baker Eddy, No and Yes, p. 2

Honesty is living in alignment with truth. It’s about telling the truth, living the truth, and agreeing with truth.

God is the ultimate Truth.

To live in consonance with God, is to live an honest life. It prevents dishonesty, and brings healing power.

16 thoughts on “Stay clear of dishonesty”

    1. Thank you Evan,, and Martine for the article, very helpful.

      The affirmative Hymn 382 sprang to mind. The first asks us a question – and
      the second verse answers it:-



      The rest of the hymn is lovely too.

      1. I love that hymn it is so freeing and uplifting. Remembering that all of God’ s creation are born of an honest heart and tongue. thank you, Evan and Maggie for your posts.

  1. So helpful! Thank you!

    I love the idea of implementing the word LOVE into: “ye shall LOVE (know) the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

    1. Christi’s comment is so helpful. I’ve been pondering what it means to love God with all my heart and the idea of loving all the qualities of God opens new doors of thought..
      To love Truth is to be truthful in all our ways..not accepting a single element of error ( untruth)..

      1. John I appreciate your comment about loving God by loving and cherishing all of His qualities (which we also possess).

        The only dishonesty that exists (does not actually exist in reality, just in theory) is the story that mortal mind presents over and over, the fantasy that there is something apart from God, that we can be somehow separated from Him and unsafe. Grateful that Truth is always available to return to and makes us free.

        Love and gratitude to Evan and to all who share here, and to those who just come here to read and ponder and pray with us, all a community of Love.

  2. Thank you Evan for today’s awakening spiritual views. Very interesting that exactly what you say here is also said in the wonderful article “Honesty” for which Martine gives us the link. Thank a lot dear Martine!
    And how helpful and sweet is the hymn 382.. it is very inspiring, thank you very much dear Maggie!
    Before reading the lesson I read SpiritView and the article Honesty.That gave me a lot for the day. But of course it is very important to study the CS lesson sermon as well

    As I understand now, is Honesty to God and ourselves to affirm our perfect and therefore healthy spiritual individuality as the image and likeness of a perfect and all and only good Father-Mother God and disbelieve evil as it is not from God and therefore is nothing at all. Oh wonderful we have Christian Science which teaches us this absolute Truth!! Am grateful to God for this!!
    Thank you dear Evan helping us always to stay on thr right track !♡

      1. Hi Cat, looking forward to the article you gave us and starting to read I noticed that it doesn’t open fully.
        Can anyone help and send a link of this article which opens up fully, please?
        We will be most grateful for it! ♡

          1. Thank you Rose. It is 5 am on Friday already here. Thanks it is working well, am happy to be able to read the whole article now!♡

  3. Thank you Evan And thank you John Qualtrough. The thought “To love Truth (the qualities of God) is to be truthful in all our ways..not accepting a single element of error ( untruth)..” is so helpful to me in order to love God with all our heart and soul and mind.

  4. Inspiring comments, thank you all! I love the picture, and how it depicts that the Truth has been under the paper all along. As Evan stated, ” agreeing” with the Truth – and accepting it instead of the story that mortal mind presents over and over, as Rose mentioned.

  5. Some really helpful comments here . Our truthfulness and honesty are ultimately our sole responsibility. But we have so much help at hand. We have the knowledge thanks to Christian Science and MBE that we can and must stick to the truth of our being. .As Gods image and not a mortal dream…. We must resist evil , We must live Love ,live Truth , stand strong and realise our birthright. Thank you everyone.

  6. This may sound odd but when I hear people who claim to be Christians feeling it necessary to lie in order to do what they think serves God., I think Jesus never had to lie to do his father’s work.. I think of those bracelets WWJD. what would Jesus do? well he understood he never had to lie nor did his father/mother.

  7. This is a most thought provoking discussion – if we stand for Principle
    ( Truth) we cannot be deceived by mortal mind’s ( serpents’s) dishonest suggestions that there is any other power that we need
    to “ comply” with – we cannot be persuaded to follow material ways and means with their deceiving arguments that would try to separate us from our one and only source of good .

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