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September 6, 2018 | 27 comments

One of the cool benefits of practicing Christian Science is, that you can stop illness in its early stages and wipe it out before it grows into something larger.

A while back, I became aware that I was manifesting some bodily symptoms that ordinarily would be associated with impending illness. I had ignored them because I felt 100% fine. However, as I went about my daily business, an unasked-for voice in the background of my thought started arguing that I should feel sick. “After all,” the voice argued,” Anyone who shows these kinds of symptoms is going to get sick, probably become nauseous, and suffer horribly for several days, at least.”

I was busy doing other things at the time and found it easy to keep doing what I was doing without stopping to address this suggestion of impending disease. But this nuisance voice kept playing along in the background of my thought, like a radio station playing in the background while you work on a project. It wasn’t a primary attention getter, but it wasn’t absent either.

It wasn’t long before I started to feel sick.

When my stomach started turning inside out, I realized that I needed to stop everything I was doing and specifically treat this voice in my thought that kept arguing, I should feel sick. By “treat,” I mean employing what is called Christian Science treatment, as taught in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy. Eddy explains how to give metaphysical treatment for the healing of disease, beginning on page 410 of her book.

I addressed the evil voice arguing for sickness head on with spiritual truth and mentally argued spiritual truth against it. I remembered that evil had no power over me, that mortal mind could not make me sick, that God’s voice was the only voice to hear and listen to, that God was telling me how safe I was in Spirit, that I was spiritual, that my health was spiritual, that my health could never be taken from me, that I was not capable of getting sick as a spiritual being, that matter could not make me sick for matter does not govern Spirit, and that I could only be well and feel well for God was in 100% control of how I felt, what I manifested and what conditions I lived out.

As I found my peace with spiritual truth, the voice arguing for sickness vanished. The bodily symptoms vanished. The feeling of illness vanished. The change from feeling ill to feeling 100% well happened within a few minutes. The cure was permanent, and I felt better than ever. A triumph for truth had been won.

We are never helpless in the face of disease. Suggestions of disease can be addressed metaphysically, silenced with spiritual truth and vanquished.

Take control of your health and agree with health, never with disease. It’s the wiser and happier way to live!

“Instead of blind and calm submission to the incipient or advanced stages of disease, rise in rebellion against them. Banish the belief that you can possibly entertain a single intruding pain which cannot be ruled out by the might of Mind, and in this way you can prevent the development of pain in the body” Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 391.


27 thoughts on “Take control of your health”

  1. Thank you so much for this Evan. I am a few days into a long-distance trip and had old memories surfacing and causing unwanted disturbances and feelings of unwellness. Dealing with the illusory mortal mentality in this way is so helpful. Bless you.

  2. .This is an excellent and helpful message, Evan Thank you very much.
    .I took special note of the facts you’ve written in the sixth paragraph.
    You’ll have us all a healthy band of happy, contented people in following these simple directions.

  3. Dear Evan – this message could not have been more timely for me. I just came in from doing some grocery shopping feeling unwell. I turned on the lap top (intending to bring up JSH), but a message came on showing SpritView, so I turned to that, and there was your lovely healing message. Thank you so much, and I thank divine Mind for leading me into doing that instead of just going for a lie-down!

  4. Just one more word, Evan. I noticed that I had missed a letter out of SpiritView. Does the text we type have to be so small? I find it quite hard to see what I’m typing sometimes.

    1. Control of the print size on your screen may be temporarily changed – or * +. Hope this helps, when you use your control key at the same time as the + or – key, to enlarge or reduce the type size, and it will not be permanent, but will allow you to discern the type font easier, as you need it.

  5. Thank you Evan….another keeper! This treatment can be applied to any issue i may be dealing with by simply replacing key words. Such clarity! God is the only voice to listen to.

  6. Thank you Evan. So helpful and a good reminder to be alert to what we’re allowing in to our thoughts. “The point for each one to decide is, whether it is mortal mind or immortal Mind that is causative.”
    SH 195:11-12

  7. Great post Evan! What stood out to me most was this sentence from the quote you shared from Science and Health:

    Banish the belief that you can possibly entertain a single intruding pain which cannot be ruled out by the might of Mind, and in this way you can prevent the development of pain in the body

    I heard a motivational speaker once talk about how you can’t accomplish something unless you know it’s possible. The speaker then related the history of breaking the 4 minute mile run. In 1945 someone ran the mile in 4 mins. and 1.4 seconds. Prior to that every few years someone would run the mile a few seconds faster than previously run. But because the prevalent belief was the human body was incapable of running a mile in less than 4 minutes, it took 9 years before someone was able to shave a second off that previous record and run the mile in under 4 minutes.

    More and more I’m realizing the importance of KNOWING Christian Science treatment IS effective. Recently I was praying about a problem my two cats were having. One cat kept attacking the other for no apparent reason. My prayers about this situation didn’t seem to be having any effect so I reached out to God and asked what I needed to know. I then opened Science and Health at random and the book fell open to pages 410 and 411. Reading those pages brought out the importance of handling fear in Christian Science treatment. Hmmm, I hadn’t thought fear was an issue with my cat situation. But then it occurred to me I was fearing that my prayers would not be effective because I had never prayed about something like this before so I feared I didn’t know how to pray about this situation. Therefore, I set at work to heal that fear and that resulted in my prayers being effective.

    Another statement I love from page 495 Science and Health that is helpful when conquering fears that your prayer won’t be effective or that Christian Science won’t work to resolve some problem is the following:

    Let neither fear nor doubt overshadow your clear sense and calm trust, that the recognition of life harmonious — as Life eternally is — can destroy any painful sense of, or belief in, that which Life is not.

    1. If you’re wondering how shaving a second from 4 min. 1.4 seconds gets you under 4 minutes, it’s because in my third paragraph I should have written “shave TWO seconds” instead of “shave a second”. lol

      Here are the two mile run times to which I was referring:

      – July 17, 1945 – Gunder Hägg ran the mile in 4:01.4
      – May 6, 1954 – Roger Bannister ran the mile in 3:59.4

  8. I have found that sometimes I have a thought I don’t have the time to focus on a physical quirk and I can handle the symptoms. But today I had something presenting itself and I went after it, resisting watching until it was ‘manageable’. I have something that has been a source of learning for over 5 years that I work on and that will never be ‘manageable’ and I thought what is the difference? A lie is a lie. I sat on my couch, closed my eyes, and began my work

  9. Thank you Evan, needed this reminder today. Have been studying S&H pgs 410….. The truths in those pages are like having Mary Poppins’ satchel, only giving forth an unending source of spiritual Truths and guidance for which I am so grateful.

    Evan, how do we print your message? Can it be printed w/o pics? In fact, can picture be smaller? Just wondering.

    1. Yes, you can print any blog post. Just click on the PRINTER icon at the bottom of the post. And that should do it for you.

    2. Thank you Evan and Mary Ann. Love the idea of Mary Poppins. BTW I agree that the top of the site would look better if Evan’s picture were slightly smaller to line up with the top of the central illustration. Also just wondering.

  10. Ha! The first practitioner I ever contacted at the beginning of my study of CS was firm. “That did not come from God!”, she replied to my recitation of severe symptoms. I thought, “I don’t care where the symptoms came from, I need it to stop!” Her clear understanding of all the implications of the statement, “That did not come from God!” resulted in a complete healing that had begun with the gift to me of our textbook.
    I thank all the dear practitioners, including Evan and this blog, who have helped me on my way., with their love and care.

  11. What a wonderful clear treat that was for you and is for us – thank you dear Evan for sharing this so lovingly with us! It is so needed! I love those expressions you mentioned: “…matter does not govern Spirit” and “…that God is in 100% control of how we feel”. And how comforting, that we also can be “totally safe in Spirit as we are spiritual”. Thank you so much for your so instructive, inspiring, healing and blessing SpiritView!

    Thank you Brian for your really inspired and inspiring comment!

  12. Excellent and very helpful as always – Evan’s input and other comments appreciated.
    Also the hiking blogs are great – especially the ladder one.

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