Take time for what’s important

June 19, 2018 | 17 comments

“Never be afraid to sit awhile and think.”

~ Lorraine Hansberry

Never be afraid to sit awhile and pray! It will bring the most good.

17 thoughts on “Take time for what’s important”

  1. Yes indeed! Conversing with our Father/Mother … what a precious moment by moment celebration of Love this is. We are so blessed.

  2. Agree….when I do this…converse with our Father-Mother, I feel His-Her presence with me right then and there.
    Thank you, Evan for this blog every morning! Always a support to my morning prayers!
    Thanks to all who leave comments. It’s like checking in with our friends each day. Love to everyone!

  3. And know.
    “Be still and know that I AM God.”
    “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
    There is praying that is asking to know, praying that is yearning to know and praying that is knowing — “Thy kingdom come,” the allness, omnipotence, omniscience, of ‘infinite Mind and its infinite manifestations — here and now. I just read these words of MBE’s on page 220 and 221 of First Church of Christ, Scientist and Miscellany:

    “Each day I pray for the pacification of all national difficulties, for the brotherhood of man, for the end of idolatry and infidelity, and for the growth and establishment of Christian religion — Christ’s Christianity. I also have faith that my prayer availeth, and that He who is overturning will overturn until He whose right it is shall reign. Each day I pray: “God bless my enemies; make them Thy friends; give them to know the joy and the peace of love.”

    What follows on page 221, line 24 is a doozie, describing what happens when we lack that faith.

  4. This is so important, Thank you Evan for bringing this thought to the fore. As a volunteer community mediator, Ive seen this work effectively for conflict resolution. Personally, stopping for a moment to allow that still small voice to speak is infinitely better than any self thought could ever provide.

  5. I remember one time sitting in my Readers room before going to the platform as First Reader and hearing the wonderful thought that came to me as a gentle command, “ It’s ok to be quiet.” To this day I think often about this message from Heaven and am so glad. I love quiet times and it’s so joyous to just listen to God’s brilliant messages and to sit quietly listening to nature. Thank you again Evan for listening to God today for another inspiring message/subject from God that you can share with all of us, we’re all so grateful to come to this daily banquet feast table!!

  6. Lovely, all. Very grateful.

    Just returned from a few days in the high sierra where there was no cell or internet
    reception. What an eye-opener/reminder that there is no divine demand to respond
    to all the information bombarding us each moment from the media, etc. In truth, as God’s ideas, we hear only what divine Mind is imparting.
    We are not being ostriches by tuning out mm and tuning into God! We are being WISE to listen to Truth, keeping the human chatter and clatter in proper place and perspective. This is our divine right.

    “Be still, and know.” Powerful.

    Besides, as it says on the very first page of Science and Health:

    “There is nothing good nor bad, but thinking makes it so.” ~Shakespeare

    What a Gift we have in this Science!

  7. Love This! Prayer and Meditation are soooooo important in keeping our constant contact with God! Also feel we should be careful to not instill “Guilt” in people by using Mrs. Eddy’s writings – re. Miscellany p. 221, l. 24 – as a threat to what happens when we “lack faith”!

  8. Amen!

    Just a moment of stillness is incredibly helpful.

    Listen, and hear/feel/touch/see/taste/KNOW God’s goodness.

    Then proceed.

  9. Thank you very much for reminding us what is really necessary!

    Thank you commenters for your so inspired contributions! 🙂

  10. I’ve noticed through the years when we lean more on the Truth and mortal mind is silenced there is always more time.

  11. Yes, always need to watch that Guilt doesn’t slip in and try and talk us out of our Prayer and Meditation Time with God……or out of Anything for that matter. Guilt can be a great tool for Shaming us for following our True Voice and Trusting Ourselves to do what is Right for Us, whether it agrees with a Religion, another Person, or our Best Friends!!

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