Thanksgiving Day

November 24, 2016 | 50 comments

It is Thanksgiving Day in the USA, a time when individuals, families, and friends take time out from their busy schedules to acknowledge their blessings and express gratitude for freedoms and gifts that are often taken for granted.

On my long list of blessings to be grateful for is you! Thank you for your readership of this blog. I know you have a multitude of options on the web to read, watch and muse over, so when you stop by this blog and spend a minute or two perusing, I consider that a significant honor.

Thank you for support and prayers.

May your day be blessed wherever you are, and every day thereafter.

“I will praise the name of God with a song, And will magnify Him with thanksgiving.”

~ Psalm 69:30, NKJV

50 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Day”

  1. I am so grateful for you, Evan, and all the folks who post on this blog. There is much to be grateful for today. I love that we live in a country that allows us to worship God how we see fit. Also, this country was the perfect environment for Mrs. Eddy to bring forth Christian Science, the final and complete revelation of God to man. We can rest assured that our government as well as the government of the universe is in God’s great, majestic, powerful hands. Enjoy your day today. See Him in all that goes on.

    1. Thank you very much Bud, for your so good comment! I agree fully with it and it
      is very helpful specially after this election. Yes, we must hold fast to the Truth that we a l l can rest assured that your government as well as the government of the universe is in God`s great, majestic, powerful and loving hands.
      – a very happy Thanksgivingday for you –

    2. Bud… Thank you as I had never thought of MBE this way..
      “To bring forth the final and complete revelation of God to man”
      Have a day filled with beauty and love..

  2. Thank you Evan, for this blog you give us day by day; and I am keen to read and comment your blog as well as to read the Daily Lift from The Motherchurch. Both are so inspiring and give food for the day!
    I know that Thanksgivingday in your large America is nearly as important, if not more, as Christmas. I got a very lovely card with happy thanksgivingwishes from a dear friend, who lives since decades in Azusa. My Second Church in Hamburg celebrates the Thanksgivingservice this evening, and after the service we talk a little and have a few little snack besides. – I wish you all a very very happy Thanksgivingday today –

  3. Thank you Evan for this blog. I am grateful for all the wonderful ideas that are shared by all. May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Thank you Evan, for your daily inspiration on your blog, helping me so many times to dig deeper, to find an idea, or simply to feel comforted.
    Be blessed by your generosity !
    Today, First Church Geneva, Switzerland, holds its Thanksgiving service in English. I am so grateful to be able to attend and give thanks for all the blessings received.
    Monique, France.

  5. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Evan. What a joy to receive your Spiritview inspiration and encouragement in my “Spiritual inbox” in the morning.
    Lauren J.

  6. Dear Evan: thank you for the daily blessings you send the world. Truly a wonderful way to begin our God filled day. Blessings also to your dear family.

  7. Dear Evan, you are a shining example of the Bible precept “Freely ye have received, freely give.” (Matt, 10:8).
    Thank you for sharing with us, the readers of Spirit View, your understanding of Christian Science, your experiences, insights and inspiration on a daily basis. May your giving be multiplied; and as you have been blessed, so also may you continue to be a blessing to many! Wishing you, your family and ALL the Spirit View-ers, a blessed Thanksgiving!

  8. Dear Evan, As you said above, there are a multitude of options about what to read, think, and to how to spend our time. You chose to commit your life to being a full-time Christian Science healer. That takes great courage. In the story in the Bible about Mary and Martha (Luke 10: 41), when Martha was complaining that there was so much to do, Jesus said to her, “one thing is needful : and Mary has chosen that good part.” Thank you for making that good choice with your life. It is the greatest expression of love to mankind, to comfort, help and heal. When we have been concerned many “things”, you have helped turn us to that “good part”; led us to sit at the feet of Jesus and learn of the spirirtual reality and our true identity as the loved and cared for children of God. I know It was a commitment for your family as well, to support you in your choice, but I know they have been blessed too! I thank you and I thank them. I am filled with gratitude~~Wendy

    1. Wendy.. Thank you for the very apropos scriptural reference…
      Ah yes …Christ Jesus….Our beloved Master and Teacher…whose promise to us all is being fulfilled ….

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Evan to you and your family!!
    I am also grateful for your unselfish gift to all of us.
    Your articles are the first thing that I read every
    morning which help to propel my day forward!

  10. Thank you, Evan for selflessly and generously giving of your relationship with God for all to share. Many are the mornings when I have wrapped myself in your words as a shelter and shield and been embued with spiritual insight and strength enriching the day, allowing material sight to give way to spiritual vision.
    May you and all those you cherish be richly blessed on this day of giving thanks!

  11. Thank YOU, Evan, for making each week day a little brighter with your healing inspiration! God bless you and yours.

  12. My wife and I are thankful for you taking the time each day to send out such inspiring messages. Happy Thankgiving to you and your family.

  13. Loving Thanks-giving Day Greetings, dear SpiritViewFans around the world, with Special grateful Hugs to you, Evan.

    I am praying today to acknowledge the One Father, the One and Only Mind,
    gathering His beloved ideas to His Bountiful Feast of spiritual ideas. No conflicts
    here, no arguments, no opinions, or doubting, at God’s Table. Just ininite goodness and peace, perfect trust and JOY!


  14. Thank you Evan for the blog, and every respondent for your wonderful and thought-provoking comments! Also those who choose not to post for sharing with us nonetheless.

    There is so much to be grateful for! At the top of my list is Christian Science, for giving me the tools to hold fast to my understanding of God’s dominion and control, no matter how circumstances may seem. When I was away from it, I knew God was with me, but found it difficult to hear what S/He was trying to tell me. CS helps me quiet the earthly noise, and even if it takes a while, persist to hear God’s comfort and guidance.

  15. Dearest Evan,

    Thank you for taking the time to share your love, understanding of Truth, inspiration, blessing and healing ideas with all of us. I have often found that the subject you’ve chosen for the day is exactly what I need……God using His children to bless one another. I know you and your family will enjoy a blessed and happy Thanksgiving. So grateful for you!

  16. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family, Evan, and a hearty thank you for all the inspiration you share. Also, thank you Spiritview readers for the ideas you share in reference to Evan’s blog. Happy day to all.

  17. Thank you from me, too, Evan. I echo what everyone else has said. When I think of the adjective, “joy,” I often think about how you spread joy over and throughout the world with your messages which have been divinely inspired from Mind.

  18. Happy thanksgiving Evan and everyone on this site! I too am profoundly grateful for the inspiration and spiritual direction and ideas given here every day. What a feast !

  19. I wish to chime in with my deepest gratitude to you, dear Evan and to all of you SpiritView sharers of comfort and Truth, today and every day of thanks giving. I feel like I am part of this wonderful family …God’s Universal family, and this venue is so perfect to bring such cherished thoughts together. Blessings to you all

  20. Thank you Evan. Your blog is a blessing. I am grateful to you and all of those who share in it. I am grateful to God and for Christian Science. Wishing you a wonderful day of thanks.

  21. thank you dear Evan………what blessings YOU bring to so many all year long! Wishing your family a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  22. Many thanks to Evan, and to the regular contributors, as well. What a blessing to connect with spiritual seekers around the globe, reinforcing the wonderful truths shared each day. Happy Thanksgiving to every one!

  23. Thank you, Evan, for all the inspiring messages. I never finish reading one without feeling an uplift and a clearer thought. Lots of love to you and all who read and share their understanding.

  24. Thank you everyone for your kind and generous comments! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving day. May every day be filled with gratitude and joy for all the blessings God sends our way.

  25. Roses are red
    violets are blue
    My dear Evan
    Thank you for all you do…

    Peace Profound and Blessings to all of you beautiful expressions of Soul….

  26. Dearest Evan and Spiritview commentators
    I feel guilty for sitting back, not making any of my own comments, and reaping all the benefits of this blog. You have all done so much for me in gaining a better understanding of Christian Science. I do read the weekly Bible lesson and our textbook S&H as all of you do. I have come to realize that I am not the only one that has questions and I am glad to see that some of you readers are asking questions and Evan is answering your questions and we are all gaining a better understanding of C.S. I have been hesitant to talk C.S. with my non Christian Scientist friends. I look forward to sharing Spiritview with these friends as these blogs can say it so much better. Evan, you may not realize how much we all benefit from Spiritview, but I am sure that we are all grateful for what you have done for God’s children. God is Love and you truly do express Him/Her. May you all receive God’s Blessing!

  27. TThank you, Evan, and all commenters for the blessings which come through this web site.
    Happy Thanks giving everyone.

  28. I feel quite filled up with THANKS for all the keen insight and GIVING you ALL have been sharing, to Evan who initiates our inspiration. I feel especially connected when our friends Uta and Monique, Germany & Switzerland, are included. Please mention if anyone else is from elsewhere in the world.
    And please do feel comfortable sharing CS ideas with others. I just did, and she was so pleased to have broken through some mystery and misconceptions of CS. Sending the HAPPIEST THANKSGIVING TO ALL, FOR THIS DAY AND THE REST OF THE YEAR.

  29. Thank you for this blog spot Evan sharing so many good ideas about God’s dear love and how to share it, use it, apply it, heal with it, grow with it. Your writing style is easy to follow and clear and concise to make the spiritual ideas full of light and meaning. I often share your blos with others often not CS but who love God and hearing and knowing Him/Her better lifts their thought. The daily way we grow in our understanding of being the child of God and how we have strength & power to use these ideas in daily life show its usefulness and full fills its purpose. Answering questions and sharing ideas with other responders can be encouraging to all to go forward. Then we see & understand we are all confronting challenges but making progress! It reminds me of the idea from Mrs. Eddy in Science & Health that gratitude is much more than a rehearsal of blessings or a verbal expression of thanks– but that action expresses more gratitude than speech. Let’s have a wonderful day of action everyday of the year! With gratitude for all! 🙂

  30. I am so grateful to you, Evan, for all you’re doing for the world. I am also grateful to be a part of this world-wide congregation of participants in your daily blogs. Have a blessed Thanksgiving everyone!

  31. Thank you Evan and all of you for your wonderful lessons, inspiration,and sharing. We have so much to be grateful for. It was so wonderful to be at my church this morning. I was the 1st to be seated. Our church was filled to the brim. The sharing was warm and loving.
    One testimony was so inspiring i was so moved. The more gratitude we express the more we are able to see it in our selves and others. Gratitude is riches poverty is complaint. I am so grateful to be grateful!

  32. Thoughts from November 24, 2016 Thanksgiving lesson.

    Thanksgiving brings:


    we give extra
    we receive extra

    feed the hungry heart with the Science of Christ, Truth and Love, which Jesus taught, healed and lived by–giving all thanks and glory to God.


    “Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God” ( II Corinthians 9:11).

    Are we not also farmers? Do we not endeavor to plant in the rich soil that God has placed before us, the good seed? Separated any tares from the good fruitage realized? Shepherded the willing sheep to pasture? Yes, perhaps, we, too, are farmers, mental farmers of those ideas or thoughts which are good and true.

    Thank you Evan, for unselfishly sharing with us more understanding of God’s great gift to all mankind. Unwrapping a bit more each day through Spirit View is a beautiful and bountiful blessing. Your sharing also allows us to confirm our growth heavenward. Blessings to you and yours.

  33. Thank you Evan and all you commenters for your wonderful thoughts and contributions
    So grateful to God for all of you
    So grateful for all your healing blogs, Evan. It is truly a blessed way to start each day and so uplifting
    I’m sure you and your dear family had a wonderful Thanksgiving day and everyday.

  34. Thanks, Evan, for your messages on SpiritView. Thanks, too, for all the wonderful comments from readers. They are all blessings for which I’m very grateful. MBE says in Mis 207, “…where heart meets heart reciprocally blest,”

  35. Thank you for your beautiful messages and expressed thoughts all year long! We take them with us each day as we go forward in our joy-filled lives.

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