The best place to be

January 24, 2017 | 23 comments


Did you realize that you are in the very best possible place you could ever be right now?

Daniel, when thrown into the lion’s den, could have been tempted to think that he was in a very bad place. But he didn’t. He knew better. He knew that God’s presence was the only place he ever occupied. And he knew he was 100% safe in God’s presence. And he was. There was no safer place to be than where he already was—consciously in God’s presence.

Jesus could have been tempted to believe he was in a very bad place when nailed to the cross. But he didn’t. His sense of place was not physical, but spiritual. He knew he was living in God, and all was well in God. And it was. He was soon brought down off that cross, laid in a place of peace and quiet, and soon risen to show the world that his trust in God was the wisest position he could have ever taken. He came out of that trial triumphant, proving there was no better place for him to be than where he already was—consciously with God.

You too, are in the best possible place you could ever be right now—with God, in Mind, where there are no obstacles to progress, no lack to fear, and no unsolved problem.

You have everything you need this moment, from Mind, to know what to do next, what step to take that is progressive, what thought to think that heals, what blessing of Love to embrace to be fearless and move on unimpeded. You are fully provided for, fully loved, fully cared for, watched over and sustained. You do not lack. You have everything that is of substance and value, and all because you live in the presence of God and reflect God’s fullness this moment and every moment.

You don’t have to be in a different place than where you are to listen for God’s direction, to know what is true, to let go of what is false, and to progress without bounds.

Let go of any temptation to believe that if only you were in a better material place, things would be better. This is a drag on your progress. The primary need is not physical, but metaphysical. Go spiritual! Think and live in Spirit where there are no bounds on the place you occupy.

The best place to be is always with God, and that’s a place that is always yours to enjoy every moment, every day, every time.

Stay in the right place spiritually, and the right place humanly will work out.

“I can never escape from your Spirit! I can never get away from your presence! If I go up to heaven, you are there; if I go down to the grave, you are there. If I ride the wings of the morning, if I dwell by the farthest oceans, even there your hand will guide me, and your strength will support me”
Psalm 139:7-10, NLT.

23 thoughts on “The best place to be”

  1. Thank you so much Evan for these inspiring Truths which are so helpful. Its funny and I am very grateful for it, that its again exactly what I do need! 😉

  2. Oh Evan, how I needed those strong reassuring words this morning! Shedding tears of gratitude for this lovely angel message about my real identity and my closeness to God!

  3. got my head on straight. the sense of lack and incompleteness is false. everything has always been all right. Leap in love. thank you.

  4. Gee, Evan what a well placed perfectly timed subject. I have not been wrestling with the physical place that I am in but mental/emotional home. Yesterday, in my Prayer time, it occurred to me that we hardly ever feel totally completely safe from some threat or another. We are bombarded with threats from within and without. Weather, flu season, didn’t meet some perceived spiritual requirement, we seldom feel free to even just relax with others lest we offend them in some way, say or do the wrong thing, throw into the mix our political situation and we have fertile ground for fear to have a hay day. As I prayed yesterday ( not a particularly Scientific prayer) I ask, “Can we ever just relax and rest in the divine Mother’s Arms and be safe from threats of one kind or another?” One gets weary of it all. There must be a place of rest I thought, a place of safety, a shelter or haven where we can climb up in “Mothers” lap and rest awhile. And so there is!!! Thank you so much for your help. In fact there is a place where we always reside, a place of rest, safety, reassurance, and comfort. We live in Safety, it’s the threats that aren’t real, and this place is not a conditional place that you may enter if you do or if you don’t, we live there. What a relief that is.

  5. I love to get up early in the morning and spend all my time with God! He guides me, guards me, and governs me with all of His goodness. God is Good to all of us. My best Friend. Thank you, Evan, for such inspiring thoughts.

  6. Evan, how very comforting is your explanation of man’s place and placement! Thank you.

    Simarly and simply, as it is with placing a mathematical integer (defined as a complete entity; being undivided, whole) into equations, the governing principle is to seek and find balance with exactness. A true relationship! So it is an eternal relationship in divine Science, between God, Spirit, and man, His true idea, there is no contrariness, nor harm, untouched, forever the truth of being understood.

  7. Evan how beautifully brought out by you, that though the place in which one is put, may seem challenging, God always puts us in a place which is best for our progress. And thats because God puts us there and we are never outside of His presence, care and protection.
    Very often this has happened with me too…Many a times in office, I felt “OH how unfair, this is not the place for me” But God had put me there and His presence was with me. So I was always blessed and progressed in that place… One of my colleagues remarked “Nergish I always feel that your prayers surely bless you, cause you always progress in whichever assignment you are given. Its amazing.” Gods plans for us work for the best, though initially we never understand them, cause He alone can see our present, and our future interests too, which we can not see.
    We need to trust in His care. If we lean on Him wholeheartedly and confidently he never forsakes us. Daniel was unharmed in the den of Lions and proved Gods allness and His powerful care. The cross turned into a glorious crown for Christ Jesus, who yielded totally and confidently to God’s will.
    Thanks for the lovely inspiration Evan. Always so so good.

  8. Dear Evan, thank you so much. I will face today’s challenges knowing I am safe and loved in God’s care. Blessings on this day.

  9. How humbled and grateful, Evan, for all you share so generously, lovingly, clearly. Thank you for today’s posting, as well as for many prior postings, talks, articles, and ongoing prayer, watch, and work, blessing all.

  10. This is exactly what I need, but also I’ll take a copy of this with me to the nursing home to share with a dear lady who thinks she’s so miserable there. We’ve been working with ‘God is here, you are not alone’. This will be very helpful. Thanks, Evan, and thanks to all of you commenters too.

  11. I’m in the very best place possible because God put me here….. I’ll have to seriously think about this as at first glance it does not seem like a ‘Scientific ‘ statement … but I’ll think about it… so thanks for the puzzle Evan

  12. I, too, will share this with a dear lady in a nursing home who misses being in church. She loves being reminded that church is where she is, because it’s “the structure of Truth and Love,” and that’s an expression of God, and God is everywhere and All. So she is in her place in church, in Spirit.

  13. Thank you Evan for this helpful blog. This part was especially helpful: “You have everything you need this moment, from Mind, to know what to do next, what step to take that is progressive, what thought to think that heals…”

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