The best vacation

October 20, 2017 | 22 comments

What is the best vacation you could ever have? Is it to a remote island in the tropics where all is quiet and warm? Perhaps, a trip to a big city where there are endless activities and shows to indulge, or to an entertainment resort like Disneyland that keeps your senses engaged nonstop. Maybe a beach, a mountain to ski, or a cabin to occupy by a still lake. The list of places in the material world one could travel to and spend time are endless.

But there’s another option you may not have considered, but can bring far greater joy and happiness than any physical location you travel to. It’s a metaphysical location, and you can travel to it no matter where your feet are planted. It’s called the realm of spiritual sense.

Spiritual sense will bring you the ultimate freedom from any of the burdens, heaviness and drained-out-feeling that come from worldly work and living.

People have gone on long well planned out vacations, only to come home to the same grind they left behind. When one travels to spiritual sense for vacation, one learns spiritual lessons that make them a better person. They never come back the same. They always come back improved and ready for better experiences.

It’s certainly okay to hop on a plane and travel to a destination that gives you a break from the daily routine. But make the most of it by using the time to get your thought to a higher place. Seek new views of God and fresh views of your individuality made in the likeness of God. Pray for healing, and find it, of those troubles you were feeling back home. Become a spiritually better person for the experience.

When you take a vacation from material sense, and travel into the realm of spiritual sense, you’ll come back home a happier and healthier person and with increased spiritual understanding that improves your life-work experience.

It doesn’t take money, big budgets, or time at expensive get-a-ways to take this type of vacation. You can do it now. It’s free. And it offers the best vacation experience possible.

22 thoughts on “The best vacation”

  1. What a beautiful plan for holidays right at hand !
    Thank you for such a great insight on holding to the spiritual realm. The ticket to go there may be «  Be still, and know that I am God » !
    And I love the promise of « coming back home as a better person » .
    Bye … I am already boarding !
    Thanks for all your so inspiring ideas.

  2. Perfect, thank you Evan!

    Monik, I’m there with you, my “be still” ticket activated, boarding as I type ♡

    Kingdom of Heaven, peace, healing and wholeness, right where we all are.

  3. Christians rejoice in secret beauty and bounty, hidden from the world, but known to God.
    SH 15:25-26
    Our tour guides are the Bible and Mary Baker Eddy’s writings, lifting us to views higher than the Himalayas!

  4. I’ve heard of Staycations ( where you stay somewhere near where you live) but now I can go somewhere I truly can afford: a Pray-cation!

  5. Evan, thank you for another wonderful post.
    From one who never takes vacations, I now feel FREE to go, even FLY….and
    do not have to come back. A full-time vacation! Hurray!
    P.S. Love the new word, “Pray-cation”!
    P.P.S. Thanks to everyone for your helpful comments!

  6. This is EXACTLY what I needed as I’ve been dealing with a strong sense of “I want to unplug and run away from it all” for quite some weeks now. Thank you so much…and I love the new word “pray-cation”, it’s perfect!

  7. What wonderful comments – thanks to all. My best vacations are just being able to spend time with my daughter wherever we may go. But I especially like the idea of a Pray-cation, that I can do anytime.

  8. Thank you Evan and commenters! The best vacations I’ve ever taken are ones during which I learned something that made my life richer long after the vacation was over. Pray-cations definitely fall into that category. Pray-cations can be viewed as learning experiences through which we get a clearer understanding of God and His idea that we can then benefit from eternally.

  9. Thank you Evan, you sweetheart! Perfect timing as usual. I read this after coming back from a praycation walk, working with the idea of Be Still in the realm of Spiritual Sense… feeling so much better. Your ideas are the perfect affirmation that I was on the right track.,
    whew!!!!! xoxoxo

  10. Thank you, dear dear Evan for your so loving and healing ideas you give us all everytime!

    It lifts us out of material into inspired and spiritual thinking and experiencing.

    Hurray, I have joyful holiday everyday in Spirit and Love, cared and nurtured by our best friend, GOD!

    Thank you all so much for your lovely and also humorous comments ! 🙂

  11. How wonderful, Evan! it has been quite some time since I was able to take a “vacation” to some delightful spot on the planet–but I do feel refreshed and inspired on a daily basis, because Divine Love leads me each day in all the appropriate activities that are needed right now. As Uta said, we can have a “joyful holiday everyday in Spirit and Love, cared and nurtured by our best friend, GOD!” Thank you so much for your daily inspiration—we are all blessed by your inspiration.

  12. I’m such a home body that vacation time seldom appeals to me. Praycation
    does sound great! I think every day
    Is a praycation for me. I live on the water on an island and it’s hard for me to think about leaving what I already have. I feel very blessed. God’s grace is always with me. I love my life.

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