The better bailout

November 21, 2008 | 1 comment

The news is filled with corporations and businesses flooding Washington D.C. with requests for bailouts. The automakers’ plea for $25 billion has been tabled by Congress until December. Congress wants to know what the industrialists would do with the money before opening their wallet, if they ever do.

With the government borrowing gargantuan sums of money to fund these bailout plans, I ask, who is going to bail out the government? When does it all stop, and planners start thinking in terms of paying off debt instead of incurring more?

I love the Bible’s admonition, “Owe no man any thing, but to love one another.” I’ve used it many times in my adult life when tempted to go into debt for something I didn’t absolutely need. Obedience to its literal interpretation spares one from much worry about debt, it seems.

I’ve gone with less material things at times and made more modest purchases as a result of following this rule, but it’s a worthwhile trade-off. It’s much more enjoyable to live modestly and with contentment and genuine peace of mind, then to have things and torture over how to make the next payment.

The greater need in our economy is not for larger and bigger monetary bailouts, but for increased spiritual understanding of how to manage one’s economic affairs with wisdom, foresight, intelligence and wisdom. These qualities come from divine Mind and are freely available for anyone to utilize and express. Humility, receptivity to better ideas, and a willingness to listen avails the desiring mind of the knowledge needed to adjust, change course, and prosper.

This world is filled with talented business people and money managers who know how to run a business and keep it solvent.

We all express the one Mind, and as we humbly listen to each other, learn from one another, and pray to God for guidance and wisdom, divine Mind will bail us out of this crisis with spiritual resources that do no incur more monetary debt.

Divine Mind has the resources to do the job. These resources are not first more money, aka more debt, but wise ideas, inspired possibilities, improved ways of doing things, and more sound models to emulate.

Divine Mind’s pockets are infinitely deep, and loaded with the treasures of truth and love that meet economic needs.

Let’s dip into those pockets and find the spiritual insight we need to chart a healthier economic course for our country, our neighbors and the world at large.

1 thought on “The better bailout”

  1. You’re really ‘in tune’ on economic matters Evan. Really appreciate your blog of late. I try to be wise in using credit and admit to overusing it. My wife and I want to get a handle on it all.

    I laugh to think about how bad i used to be when in my early 20s, at one point I would borrow money from one credit card to pay the minimum payment on another. It’s a good lesson to learn, but a hard way to learn it.

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