The inner voice

February 27, 2013 | 11 comments

One of the blessed wonders of Christian Science is its constant reminder that each of us is a precious beloved child of God.
The legions of the carnal mind would assault our spiritual innocence and worthiness by arguing to the contrary, and often in very subtle, yet fatal ways.
For instance, have you ever listened to an inner voice of harsh self-condemnation? Utterings like, “You idiot. You can’t get it right. You are doing it all wrong. You’re incompetent. You’re a mess-up. You’re doomed. You’re a failure…” and on and on. This is the carnal mind working overtime to separate you, in belief, from God’s love and care.
Don’t listen to it!
There is only one voice to give audience to, and it’s the voice of Truth.
Ask constructive questions like, “What is God telling me today? What does God know about me?”
Truth is God’s reminder that you are loved, worthy, competent, intelligent, able, and blessed with special gifts beyond human compare.
Listen to the voice of Truth, not to the voice of error. It’s a gift you owe yourself.
Mary Baker Eddy wrote,

“The effects of Christian Science are not so much seen as felt. It is the “still, small voice” of Truth uttering itself. We are either turning away from this utterance, or we are listening to it and going up higher.” Science and Health, p. 323


Don’t let mortal mind beat you up any longer. Shut it down, and go higher with Truth and Love. It’s more enjoyable up there.

11 thoughts on “The inner voice”

  1. i love your messages, Evan, and from past experience I know that this also applies to thoughts of lack, loss, job or relationship problems, and every other type of “down” thoughts we may have. It’s so wonderful to be reminded that we don’t have to accept what mortal life dishes out!

  2. Thanks Evan! What a great blog today! It’s so easy to let the downward thoughts get to us but so much more enjoyable when we stick with the upward ones!

  3. Love the photo of blah blah blah! It really defines the static of the carnal mind, doesn’t it? Lots of talk and nothing substantial! Quiet listening to God–well, that’s where the good stuff comes from! LOVE this, Evan, thanks so much!Now, I pray to take this message to heart today….

  4. This is the right message for me too today. thanks again Evan! Your examples of inner voice of harsh condemnation made me laugh. Your message answered my questions of yesterday. Yesterday I listened to a short lecture about rousing our inner rebel which is the same with your inner voice and early at dawn today I was led to read S&H p. 574-578. It’s about the lamb and the bride, the city four square and divine Love restoring my soul [spiritual sense or consciousness]. Oh today is God’s day-a moment with God that knows no bounds!

  5. Just waht i needed this morning. I wake up with an inner thought that life is meant to be lived . All the running around at a fast pace serves no one. Truth only comes from one source “God” not me running to orginize matter. Today I will LIVE life at it was meant to be. Thank You Evan

  6. Their is a joke that we children used to Blair out when ever any one tried to discredit us in any way. It goes like this: “You are a piece of mortal inconvenience. If you insinuate it, it would be perpendicular to my identity to provoricate it. In other words; YOU’RE A —–” the last word is too profane to repeat, but yet it had it’s meaning, that no matter what mortal mind thought, we were, in reality upright and pure in God’s image and likeness. Incidently this was said in the early 1940’s.

  7. A correction of my comment before. Please forgive me, it’s been years since we children made fun of it. This is the correction: “YOUR A SUPERCILIOUS PIECE OF MOTAL OF MOTAL INCONVENIENCE.” Then it continues as above.

  8. This was written for me!! Just wonderful, a home run. As long as we haven’t got this nailed down we can be scant help to others. Thank you so much for this and all your other posts I don’t always comment on, but I’m am faithful reader and find lots of inspiration and help reading you.

  9. Thanks so much for this one, Evan. I need to keep it always in mind!

    I am reminded of a favorite contemporary Christian song entitled “The Voice of Truth,” by Casting Crowns. The refrain states:

    But the Voice of Truth tells me a different story,
    the Voice of Truth says “Do not be afraid,”
    and the Voice of Truth says. “This is for my glory.”
    Out of all the voices calling out to me,
    I will choose to listen and believe
    the Voice of Truth.

    If anyone wants to listen to the song, here is the YouTube address for it (I’m not sure it will come through as a link here, but you can copy and paste it into the address bar.):

  10. There is a wonderful old cartoon that illustrated what dogs hear. The person is scolding Ginger, the dog. What does the dog hear? “blah blah blah Ginger. Blah blah blah Ginger.”

    It’s good to correct our mistakes, but condemnation is just more blah blah blah. Thanks evan!

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