The Israelis, the Palestinians, and land

July 27, 2006 | No comments yet

The Hizballahs attacked the Israelis with rockets over Israel’s northern border, and the Israelis are counter-attacking fiercely. There’s fear of a larger conflict erupting in an already red-hot Middle East.

Will the conflict between the Palestinians and Israelis ever cease?

Some say there is no common ground between the Israelis and Palestinians. They both want a plot of acreage the other claims as their own.

If this is true, there’s only one way the conflict will be resolved, and that’s when each party has higher desires than a parcel of land.

“Love one another,” is a dictum common to most religions. If more citizens of the world put this divine command into practice, we’d have less war and more peace.
What matters the most in the long run? I ask myself. A piece of land we call our own, or the spirituality and spiritual mindedness we express whether we own land or not?

Eventually, everyone leaves this earth, Palestinians and Israelis included. What matters then? Is it the ground left behind, or the spirituality taken with us? I think it’s the spirituality we take with us.

Let’s pray that the world values the things of Love above the things of the earth. The more we love, the less we fight.

Yes, there are times when military force appears to be the only option available to maintain order. But over the long run, love, love, love is the approach that is going to bring permanent peace to this troubled planet.

Love is more important than land.

And the neat part is, when love does dominate the opposing side’s thought, hatred will dissolve, and ways to share the land in peace will be discovered and mutually embraced.

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