The long-term benefits of spiritual healing

March 26, 2021 | 20 comments

“Why not just take a pill?” many people wonder who don’t understand the benefits of healing through prayer.

There are many reasons a person turning to God for help may not run to the drugstore for a prescription when seeking physical relief.

One of the most imperative reasons is that real healing always happens in thought first. A medicine may alter a physical sensation or appearance, but if the underlying fear or false belief that caused that condition remains in thought, the ill will reappear, either in the same form, or a different form. A weed needs to be pulled out by the root, not just lopped off above ground, for permanent removal.

God’s child is not defined by a physical body. He is a spiritual being. It’s Spirit that gives us health, strength, consciousness, and life.

Illness is an opportunity to prove health is coming from Spirit freely and abundantly, without limit. That disease cannot take our health away or separate us from our divine source.

A pill turns thought to matter. It looks to something of the soil to bring a gift that truly comes from Spirit.

Plus, the benefits of being healed spiritually are immense and expansive. Not only does one find physical freedom, but he is also improved morally, mentally, and spiritually. He becomes a better person for the experience. And there are no negative side effects from being healed by Spirit.

So, in answer to the question, “Why not just take a pill?” one might say, “Because there’s a much better way that brings far more benefit.”

20 thoughts on “The long-term benefits of spiritual healing”

  1. So true Evan. Thank you for this.
    In the past I have taken medication but more recently have turned to prayer for many situations and healings.
    When I experienced an instantaneous healing last year ( with the help of my practitioner ) I cannot put into words the sheer joy, relief , wonder and feeling of complete Love encompassing me . There aren’t enough words to express spiritual reality taking control!
    I know which path to health I prefer.❣️

    1. Barbara, thank you for sharing with us your joy regarding your instantaneous healing. The experience clearly left an indelible mark on you, as on us in hearing about it.

      No pill’s effects can ever remotely compare to the joy, love and holiness that accompany true healing.

  2. I love the idea that a spiritual healing makes us more God-like rather than mortal-like..
    It brings a radiance of goodness and a joy unspeakable..
    This is GOOD NEWS. This is living New Testament Christianity. And it not only blesses us but strengthens the community. Our faith is made whole through our works.

  3. Thank you very much Evan, for this clear and healing message. It is so appropriate for these time’s situation! Indeed it is much more healthier to get away from any drugs and turn to our Father-Mother God, Spirit who supplies us abundantly with everything we need including health and happyness. The Bible tells us to turn to God solely and we will be helped. The today’s DailyLift from The Motherchurch matches well with Evan’s so helpful spiritual view up here!♡

  4. This is so helpful, Evan. Thank you very much for your thorough explanation of why we choose spiritual healing. I often struggle to explain it to people who are medically inclined and sometimes challenge explanations of spiritual healing. Your explanation lays out the truth of spiritual healing in a very organized fashion.

  5. Thanks Evan! Just perfect thoughts from God! I love the Weed analogy, get the erroneous thought out of your mind (remove the weed root from the ground) Have a Blessed Day, EVERYONE!!

    1. Thank you. How good to be able to click and read the article, Click and get back to SpiritView. Well done Evan and team

  6. I like the thought often expressed in CS that healing is revealing. It is the revelation of our spiritual
    identity, which can never be sick, not the healing of a material body which God
    never made. We experience a change of perspective from false material beliefs,
    to the spiritual reality of our being, in our Father’s loving care. What better method of
    healing could we possibly hope for.

  7. I was a Methodist reading Science and Health getting medical help for a chest problem while in college. When there was no improvement they threatened to send me home. I decided to see a practitioner in town and was instantaneously healed of what I found out later was tuberculosis when I
    needed a medical exam to get a job. Since that day, over 70 years ago, I have never needed or been to a doctor or taken a drop of medicine. My 3 children were born at home with a doctor who was willing to work with my practitioner and wait in the living room until he was called to tie and cut the cord. Boy, you can imagine how grateful I am to that friend who handed me Science and Health and said “I think you’d be interested in this.”

  8. Mary Baker Eddy tells us on page 261 of Science and Health how to alleviate pain. She admonishes us to “Look away from the body into Truth and Love, the Principle of all happiness, harmony, and immortality. Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.”

    Any instance of pain in the body is an opportunity to turn away from the mortal concept, and get glimpses of pure, divine reality. Then we rise higher in our understanding, and gain more of our natural sense of dominion over the claims of the material senses. Thank you Evan for encouraging us to do this.

  9. Wonderful comments! When one experiences spiritual healing he/she grows stronger in spiritual understanding and less impressed with matter and it’s beliefs. The result is more consistent health and happiness. I once experienced an instantaneous healing of a cold over 10 years ago, and have never experience a cold since! When a disease is destroyed mentally it never returns! We all need to put less and less faith in matter and more and more in Spirit to experience the most health!

  10. I have often questioned why anyone would take a pill that had worse side effects than the condition they were having. As an example, indigestion. Materially speaking, why not just avoid the food that was causing the problem? I am so grateful that Christian Science gives us the side effect of spiritual growth.

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