The most important accomplishment

February 23, 2018 | 20 comments

What is going to be your most important accomplishment today? Will it be the money you earn, the errands you run, the people you call, or the Facebook posts you read?

Money is necessary to pay the bills, but it comes and goes. The list of errands to run seems to never end. Conversing with others is pleasant and often fruitful, but will be wrapped up with a conclusion, and reading Facebook posts may please the emotions, but typically are of fleeting fancy.

The most important accomplishment of your day will be attaining what sticks with you forever—gaining a deeper understanding of God.

God is all reality. There isn’t anything outside of God worth seeking for long run benefit.

God is not here today, gone tomorrow. God is not a fleeting fancy. God is not a temporary experience. God is the Real Thing when it comes to seeking something which is worthwhile and truly beneficial to have and know.

Oftentimes, the human mind believes running its list of errands is more important than spending time quieting down, getting thought in-tune with reality and experiencing spiritual peace. When this happens, the human mind is wrong! Feeling the deep peace that comes from knowing God is much more important than running around madly trying to keep up with an endless mortal agenda of things to do, and never feeling like you’re quite done.

Get to know God above all else. The knowledge you gain will bring increased health and happiness your way, and it will stick. It will stay with you forever, far after this earthly experience is left behind.

“Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” Matthew 6:33, NLT.

20 thoughts on “The most important accomplishment”

  1. Thank you Evan, a very important reminder.

    All too often I feel I must do everything before allowing myself to sit down with God. . .

    I know, while I am “doing”, I am expressing God, yet to gain that peace you speak of, requires stopping.

    Be still and know that I am God.
    Be still and know.
    Be still.

  2. Well, one of the most important things I do in my daily routine is read your post. It has been most helpful in making my day more attentive to God’s opportunities and direction for me. Thank you Evan for all the good thoughts. I find them most helpful in understanding what is really important in this life is a higher spiritual understanding and reliance.

  3. Or as Mary Baker Eddy wrote back in the mid 1800’s:
    Mis. 230:12-13 Rushing around smartly is no proof of accomplishing much.

  4. Good day Evan and group. Your theme today reminds us that we must flood our consciousness with ideas of Truth. And also that this is our fundamental task. We take care to recognize the omnipresence of God, and … the rest will be given to you in addition. I remember that I loved a part of an article that a participant posted on this blog that said that several times people were asked at what time of the day they prayed, and a young domestic worker answered that she did it permanently, when she woke up, when she He dressed, when he washed the dishes, when he cooked, etc. This is also an excellent way to know God, a permanent interaction. Maybe in a job where we must be extremely concentrated, using our mind, perhaps this thing that made the girl more difficult, but not impossible. Well, we pray before work and after him. And never forget gratitude. Excelent day for everyone.

  5. From a healing in Miscellaneous Writings;

    “She overcame by the same unwavering trust in God, seeing Truth clearer than ever before. Her demonstrations come through no form of treatment, but by letting the Spirit bear witness, —  by the positive recognition and realization of no reality but ever-present good.
    The other night her husband was attacked with an old belief, similar to one that some time before had ended in a congestive chill which the doctor thought very serious, and from which he had been a long time in recovering. The wife simply recognized no reality in the belief, and, seeing only perfect being, felt no fear. She did nothing, — no “treating” in the usual sense. There is nothing to do but to understand that all is harmony, always. He felt the presence that destroys the sense of evil, and next morning — there was nothing left to recover from.”
    Mis. 420:3-19

    1. “There is nothing to do but to understand that all is harmony, always” is one of my favorite quotes! Mom and I used to share that frequently. So powerful!

  6. Thank you so much, Evan. How often we get wrapped up in every day to-do lists, and things
    that are really not that important, when we should really be getting to know God better and thus strengthening our thoughts for the day, and thus be ready, when the need comes, to get results such as Kirsten quoted from Miscellaneous Writings – thanks, Kirsten!

  7. What God is doing with Her Day:

    -Flooding infinity with ideas

    -Being everywhere at once, always

    -Loving His perfect creation of perfect ideas

    -Coordinating, organizing, supplying, keeping all
    clean and beautiful and…perfect!

    -Knowing All, Seeing All, Being All, Doing All

    -Being perfectly peaceful, unchallenged, wise,harmonious…All!

  8. Hi Evan,
    This is a nice fit in my prayerful preparation for our church’s April lecture, “the healing power of stillness” by Larissa Snorek-Yates. It is just wonderful how the simple truth of God’s perfection and allness can be expressed in infinitely fresh ways… every message in wonderful symphonic harmony.

    I rarely comment, but almost always visit your blog. Thank you for your individual, lovely way of nurturing the “SpiritView”.

  9. Although I have a number of things to do today, I cherish the time to start with quiet prayer, study of the Bible lesson, the Daily Thought, the Daily Lift, and your blog. The next on my to do list is to join other members of my church in a discussion of this weeks Bible lesson. I know that establishing the right priorities everything will be accomplished without stress of any nature. This is certainly “the day the Lord hath made” and I am rejoicing. May you all rejoice also!

  10. Thank you for the post today. Putting God first, and acknowledging His power and dominion, helps to order our day and bring peace, no matter how much we need to accomplish. It makes our “busyness” more effortless, and lets our light shine, bringing sunshine to others.

  11. Great reminder! A benefit of being retired is being able to be still and do my studying in the morning. All appointments, errands, household chores after 12 noon.

  12. Hi SpiritView friends – in principle I do it like Mary Ann – and I also do it like Lori: after getting up in the morning I go to my computer with a drink, look for mails, then I listen to the Daily Lift. And before I study the lesson sermon of the week I thoroughly study Evan`s uplifting SpiritView. But I never comment before I studied the lesson, also in order to be more inspired for a helpful good comment here.

    But today something interesting happed. Today in the evening I wanted to go to a lecture given by one of our Hamburg branch churches.

    Unexpectedly my nephew came by, quite late to fix my new smarphone and my computer. I said ok, but then I cannot go to the lecture. He fixed all within about one hour, and he said, so now you can go to your lecture, have fun.

    First I thought not to go to the lecture, rather to have a nice and cosy evening at home. But in the next moment the thought from God came and impelled me to go. I did – and now back from the lecture I know that God was guiding me to be obedient to the Matthew – sentence, Evan gave us for today; and it is relevant for every day. It was a good and lively lecture..

    Thank you Evan for all your very loving and healing and comforting SpiritViews – I am so grateful for it!!

    I thank you all, SpiritView family for your so lively and inspired comments!! 😉
    Today it does comfort me very much, and I needed it, specially after the lecture.

  13. Mrs Eddy says that “the time for thinkers has come”, so I think that I will “be still” and rejoice that God loves me and that I love all of you for your deeply inspiring and uplifting comments!

    1. From the CS Sentinel:
      Ask Me This

      Ask me not about time
      nor space nor age
      nor about my sons or daughters
      Talk to me
      not about the weather
      or the media
      nor ask my vocation or location
      nor query my involvement
      in politics or society
      no matter how kindly meant
      Instead you might inquire
      “Did you heal today?”

      Brian Kissock

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