The most important event of your day

February 22, 2019 | 22 comments

What is going to be the most important event of your day?

Is it going to be a conversation you have with your boss, a lunch you have with a friend, a decision you make to buy or sell a stock, a trip to the grocery store, or some other experience you engage with your feet, hands, mouth, eyes or ears?

There are always tasks and projects we need to complete to keep our life running smoothly, but to live an inspired life that doesn’t get burdened by the endless list of jobs often faced, it’s helpful to remember that the most important event of a day is whatever causes you to be more spiritually minded than ever before.

Spiritual mindedness gives joy and buoyancy to life. It’s what matters most in the long run.

Money is earned, then spent. Luncheons begin, then end. Errands are run, then more errands to run appear. Seeking fulfillment through human ways and means never happens. Trying to find a feeling of completeness and wholeness through following a worldly-minded agenda can leave one feeling empty-handed in the end.

Genuine happiness comes from God, and is found through spiritual sense.

The most important event of your day will be whatever you do that contributes to your spiritual mindedness.

When you grow in spiritual understanding, the improved view of spiritual reality you gain will stick with you and bless you forever. You will never lose it. Like making a good investment that increases in worth over time without abating, the spiritual growth you make compounds with increasing good effect on your experience day by day, month by month, year by year. And the even better part is, that all the spiritual gain you make over time, remains with you long after you leave a material sense of things behind.

Any gain from the world is left behind. But all your gain in Spirit is forever yours.

So, feel free to make wise choices today. Choose the activities that benefit you the most. Choose to grow spiritually, to know God better, and to use your time well.

The most important events of your day are the spiritual events.

22 thoughts on “The most important event of your day”

  1. As I was about to embark on today’s ‘to do’ list your wonderful reminder has me refiguring number one. Just one item and the rest will surely be taken care of. Thankyou!

  2. Evan! This is so beautiful, and such a powerful message! “Errands are run, then more errands to run appear.” Yes, sometimes I feel like I have reverse-magic that way. Like Alice in the land through the looking glass, I have to run as fast as I can to stand still. But progress is spiritual, and growth is spiritual. Seeking happiness through human activity is like trying to rearrange shadows without moving the objects that cast them. OK, gotta run!

  3. Your title alone is a great reminder, and if any decision or response leads away from spiritual mindedness, best I stop it at the door!
    Thank you!

  4. For me, the most important part of my day begins with my Bible-Lesson. I read it slowly, go back over it paragraph by paragraph and underline words or sentences that have a profound impression in my thought. These lessons are getting better and better or is it that my thought is getting more and more receptive to the wonderful treasure found in each sentence.
    Thank you, Evan, for the most wonderful inspirations you include in each day’s blog.
    Anne P.

    1. Hi Anne, I’m finding the same with reading the lesson and the thought that came to me is both the lessons are getting better and our thoughts/understanding regarding them are becoming more receptive. That’s the very nature of each one of us (those that put the lessons together and those who study it) as Mind’s expressions/ideas to progress and move forward. “Progress is the law of God!”

  5. Thank you so much Evan, for this inspiration! Recently I have wondered if possibly I spend too much time praying and soaking up the good that I’m finding here and
    on JSH Online. It is hard to walk away from the computer at times, when enjoying
    what JSH has to offer, and of course your morning posts as well. After reading this
    the thought comes to me: “seek ye first the kingdom of God” Matt. 6:33
    That doesn’t come with a time table stating how much time we should spend
    doing that does it. Thank you again for helping me see that this really is the
    first and foremost. most important event of the day.

  6. Thank you for posting this, this morning.
    I just finished listening to the Daily Lift, as well as reading the lesson.
    I love your line about, ” Spirit mindedness gives joy and buoyancy to life. ”
    This morning I read the Bible, Science and Health, and some of Prose works, and I was feeling buoyant and happy. And then I pulled up Spiritview – how wonderful how it all ties together!

  7. First time posting and a regular Spiritview reader. What an inspiration, Evan. Many thanks. Great start to my day. I am so grateful for Mary Baker Eddy and for Spiritview!

  8. As I awake each morning I declare that this is the day the Lord hath made I love how Hymn 500 puts it in the first verse:
    I awake each morn to a brand new day,
    Singing Hallelujah! as I go on my way,
    For my heart is fixed on the one guarantee:
    The Love that is All holds tenderly.

    Then as I settle in to start my praying and study the Bible lesson, I begin with this poem:

    Morning start-up
    by Kardyne Flad Steacy
    (Sentinel, December 8, 1997)

    Praying to God each morning
    And listening for His plan
    We’ll hear His angel messages
    Before we talk with man.

    Acknowledging His power
    And ever-present Love
    We’ll feel His care surrounding us
    “Beneath, around, above.”*

    Trusting God to guide us
    In everything we do
    With joy we’ll start each morning
    By knowing what is true.
    *Hymn 53
    Then I declare, Genesis 1 not 2.

    I’m retired and live alone so am able to spend time uninterrupted with my very best Friend, GOD.

  9. Putting our day on a spiritual foundation makes everything harmonious and joyful. Thanks for the sweet poem, Lori! I feel so grateful for God’s love expressed through family (including pets), friends, and “strangers” we meet along the way and for the beauty around us. God is good!

  10. Thank you Evan for today’s SpiritView.
    It is so comforting and uplifting, oh yes and it is demanding to let everything go and let God first fill our consciousness with divine truth and love. Usually it is done through study of the weekly lesson sermon of Christian Science and daily prayer.But if you are not watchful enough and not doing this preparation work for God’s day thoroughly enought, it can cause that situation I experienced today. In the underground garage of a supermarket where I wanted to park my car, I was not aware that I was too narrow at the wall, and I scratch with the side of my car along the wall. It was not an accidents, but I was a bit sad about the scratch on my nice white Ford-car.
    From this incident I only can learn to prepare myself more deeply with praying to express God more fully.
    You are right Daphne,most important is to put our day on a spiritual foundation. Thank you very much for your comment – I feel likewise.

    Thank Evan specially for the last two paragraphs where you encourage us to feel free to make wise choices today , and to choose to grow spiritually, to know God better. And indeed the most important events of my day are the spiritual events !
    Am so very grateful and happy for your SpiritView, dear Evan!

  11. What a wonderful reminder to keep high on our daily “to do” lists and to keep focused on this most important event of our day (throughout our entire day). Let’s choose to know God better and take action now to promote our spiritual growth! We no longer will find ourselves ever saying well, didn’t accomplish much today! Grateful for all the sharing of spiritual ideas on this blog! Love to all.

  12. How true this is. The emptiness of the human business and the buoyancy of gaining our divine footing. Thank you for the reminder!

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