The position you take is important

November 29, 2011 | 2 comments

I viewed a most fascinating mural at the Jaggar Museum in Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.
Take a look.
Here’s the same mural from two different vantage points.
Notice anything different?
From the right side


From the left side
The canoe is headed in opposite directions depending upon which side of the mural you view the boat from.  Nothing changes in the mural.  The direction you see the boat head is all a matter of your standpoint.
The spiritual lesson is significant.
Have you ever believed a relationship was improving, only to discover the contrary?
Have you ever thought your financial position was strengthening, only to learn it was falling apart?
Have you ever thought your career was in a safe place, only to find danger of job loss looming in the shadows?
A lesson I learned from studying the mural is that when “our ship” appears to be heading in the wrong direction, for instance, into the fire, we need to change our point of view.  We need to “walk over to the other side of the mural,” so-to-speak.
When events are looking bad, the “other side of the mural,” is the spiritual point of view.  From God’s point of view, the picture never changes.  It’s always one of safety and security.  But if it doesn’t look that way from our point of view, we need to change where we mentally stand.  We’ll see our boat heading in the right direction once again.

2 thoughts on “The position you take is important”

  1. Dear Evan,
    Thank you for that very important lesson. Last night my “boat” was headed toward the fire, and a prayerful change of perspective certainly did correct my view.

    Remembering the “mural”, I will be sailing in the right direction today. Bless you for all you share each day with all of us! sas

  2. The encompassing of the spiritual thought to see beyond the material sense ensures us of the daily need for love we share in our daily prayers.

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