The right kind of light

August 28, 2007 | 4 comments

Light is light, right?


There are different kinds of light, I’ve learned from my family’s recent visit to the Lewis and Clark caverns in Montana. And depending upon the light you’re relying upon to see, you take in different sights. It’s quite an amazing concept to consider from a metaphysical point of view.

The Lewis and Clark caverns are a series of caves, tunnels, and caverns that weave deep into the mountainside of southern Montana. The cathedral rooms and openings along the way are filled with geological wonders and marvels.

When we began the tour, rock formations were all different shades of brown, from pure luminescent light shades to deep dark chocolate. But near the end of the trek, the guide suddenly announced how thrilled she was to show us the next cathedral room because it had the latest in lighting technology installed. The light most nearly approximated sunlight of any artificial light they could put in, she explained.

As we entered the room, we all oohed and awed because hues of red that we had never seen before were dripping from the walls. No more dull brown! The room was radiant with color. They were the same type of rocks but different light, and an incredibly different view. She pointed out that incandescent light, which was used in all the previous rooms, does not allow one to see all the colors there are to see in those dark settings. Use the right kind of light, and you get the right kind of view, we learned.

I pondered the lesson for everyday life.

I wondered, “How often do we walk through life in boredom and dullness of thought because we’re looking at the scene about us through a lacking light?” By lacking light, I mean a light that does not reveal the full picture.

For example, Christian Science teaches that we are living in the Kingdom of heaven now. Most people don’t believe this because they look at life from a material point of view. They believe that matter is real and defines their existence, and this false belief would be a “lacking light” that paints a picture of dullness and depravity to their sense of things, realized. It’s not the truth, but nonetheless, to the one who believes the illusion, to the one who walks in the lacking light, that’s what he sees. And the Kingdom is not apparent to their view.

Another person could walk through the same environment they did, but experience great joy and health because they look at the environment with a more inspired light.

We need to be mentally walking in the right light, the Light of Truth, to see the Kingdom all about, I decided.

Material light, artificial light, even sunlight, is not adequate to reveal the Kingdom. The Kingdom is Spirit, found in Mind, and the light of Christian Science reveals the eternal Life we possess from living in this Kingdom as children of God. I filled with gratitude to have this light of Christian Science to walk in.

As Jesus preached, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand.”

How close is your hand?

Very very close.

And that’s how close the Kingdom is.

So, I decided to pay more attention to what light I mentally walked in. No more lacking light for me! I protested. I could choose to walk in the light of Spirit.

So, I’d recommend to anyone, “Walk in the divine light today, the light of Truth, and you’ll see a spectacular array of spiritual wealth, substance, and joy-producing phenomena all around. This infinite good was there all along, but it takes the light of Christian Science to see it. And you have that light. It’s readily available in Science and Health.

Enjoy the view!

4 thoughts on “The right kind of light”

  1. Very insightful and a really a good way of putting this in perspective. I have found that getting away from the daily grind, a vacation, playing a sport, enjoying a hobby or just plain praying helps us to let the light in more. Mrs. Eddy speaks throughout her book Science and Health the need to see this light through a different mindset and I like your very thoughtful, right on narratives that really nail what this great discovery is all about. Thanks.

  2. To anon above,

    I agree, that a change in venue spurs new insight. Whenever I take a trip with my family, we grow closer and I learn new truths that otherwise seemed elusive. There’s no dullness in Science! Only fresh, vigorous, creative forward movement.

  3. Amazing idea. And I had no concept that there could be such diversity in the physical realm of lighting. And your article got me to the spirituality of this idea very quickly. Great concept to work with and thanks. I’ll be using this daily!
    Susan in Utah

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