The thread of Christ throughout the Bible

October 25, 2011 | 6 comments

So, how well do you know the continuity of Christ throughout the Bible?
Here’s a short video of a youngster with a well-rehearsed, yet powerful, narrative to share.



6 thoughts on “The thread of Christ throughout the Bible”

  1. Good job, young man. Makes me want to research each book to find those themes.

    Here are the five books whose descriptions I caught only snippets of, if someone could please fill in the blanks for me:


    If I wrote down my guesses on those five, you’d laugh. So I’ll leave them blank, and hope other listeners heard better than I did!

  2. Oral Roberts had a wonderful sermon entitled “The Third Man” where he showed Christ in every book of the Bible. It was one of his most popular.

  3. This is a fabulous reminder of the saving mission of Christ. For anonymous:
    Ruth Kinsman Redeemer
    Amos Burden-Bearer
    Micah Messenger of Beautiful Feet
    Nahum Avenger of God’s Elect
    Habakkuk God’s Evanelist
    These can all be found at
    based on Oral Roberts serman “The Fourth Man” (after the fiery furnace) Thanks for this post

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