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  1. How wonderful to read this after I was awakened very very early this morning with the message: Get up and get started ( reading Science and Health (by Mary Baker Eddy). It made me smile as I read your blog to realize that the consciousness of Truth would rest me more than a few more hours of sleeping! Thanks, Evan, blessings all!

  2. Appreciated Evan and group. What profound reflection Evan has left us today to work. I think that “consciousness in the Truth” is the cornerstone of all Good, because the results are only blessings: love, peace, joy, health, peace, purity … a glass full of consciousness in God, does not allow anything negative, there is no place for error. Blessings to all.

  3. Thanks, Evan. This reminder from Mrs Eddy is such a reassurance about “needing ” a certain amount of sleep each night We are always given whatever we need Not too much or too little. Whatever is just right!

  4. Happiness and
    are the children of
    Peace Profound…

    This profound peace
    enters our life as we
    realize more and more
    the Truth of who and
    what we really are….

    A confidence builds,
    as this Will expressing
    is recognized as
    originating from
    the Most High….

    Credit for
    self accomplishment
    self aggrandizement
    appear now as
    children’s toys

    The heart,
    now tempered,
    opens to a private
    Sacred place
    where the urgings
    of Divine Will
    are easily discerned
    and followed

    Harmony in all things
    Love for All Reigns


    I find your comments very much in line and are vary helpful. It is always a pleasure to read your answers. This seems to always provide well informed information. You appear to be highly intelligent of which I am thankful.

  6. That was so beautiful Maximo. Thank you for sharing your wonderful poetry with us and would like to experiance hearing your music too. I too love writing, and reading poetry and music and painting …all the time
    knowing that all creativity and activity comes from the one Mind and is unlimited.
    Bravo to God and his/her spiritual Ideas

  7. It truly is effortless to reside in the consciousness of Truth. We are never weary, because “we” are only God’s very thoughts. I love this.

  8. Thanks, Evan and all. Yes, this is one of my favorite passages to ponder and use. Truth and Love give us the the answers to every obstacle in our lives.

  9. Evan
    thank you so much for this quote from MBE. I hsve been struggling with the belief that a person of my so called advanced age 🙂 needs a certain amount of sleep to get through the day to the point of feeling imposed upon if my cat wakes me too early.
    This is such a good subject. I need to get up and realize that “God rests in action” S&H pg 519:25.
    I love studying the lesson this week “Mortals and Immortals”. And try to start each day spiritually praying. Thank
    you for this blog and all the great input from everyone.

  10. Thank you Evan and all responders. A question for Maximo. Your poetry is so inspiring. Hope you are submitting to the periodicals for publishing as they would bless many. IF not, please consider.
    George B.

  11. Oh Evan thank you for this Truth sentence – I know that its true, and I love it!

    Thank you Maximo for your inspired poetry, and thank you all SpiritView-friends for your helpful comments 🙂

  12. It’s about 3 PM Pacific time in California. I just returned home from a wonderful camping trip with my daughter (we’re both retired widows living alone). I’m exhausted – haven’t unpacked or even finished unloading my car. I needed a rest so thought I’d catch on my emails. What a blessing this SpiritView is and so very timely! Thanks so much, Evan, and all who have contributed.

  13. Thank-you, Evan, for this liberating reminder.
    It fits with advice I received some years ago only to read the bible or S&H last thing before going to sleep for the night (instead of e.g. news or social media).
    It’d be great to know the page number of this quote to re-read it in context.

  14. Mary, a Concordance for the Bible or any of MBE’s works is so helpful. I always think about the researchers who made the Bible and Mrs. E’s works so right at hand for us as we look for a special sentence or a few words. The compiling of all this work in the Concordances represents hours of research by the early workers doing this “dictionary” work for us . Mary, your local RR will have copies available for you. I am so grateful when I finally find a special verse I need in my prayers and I think of the loyal students who gave us these wonderful tools for information that helps us over the boulders strewn in our path. Evan, this S&H (P. 218:7) sentence has helped me through many a restless night——–I am so grateful for your messages and the ability to research in the Concordances. I find that prayer often leads me in my search for that special thought that will bring healing and love into my daily experience. I am so grateful to you and all the loving Spiritviewers.

    1. Thanks Pat, much appreciated.
      Getting to a RR (generally open daytimes) when working full time and having various other commitments isn’t always practical. Even so, it’s great to be reminded of what’s available – physical books/magazines/manuals and real people around in person rather than just the seeming blank-walks of ‘subscribe (give us all your details) to login’ screens that can just feel like a discouraging message to ‘go away’, esp. to a relative newcomer. I share your appreciation for those who worked to compile the concordances and other works, and also have much gratitude for those who give their time to staff RRs. They provide such blessings, I suspect often without ever knowing the healing outcomes people experience following visits.

  15. I believe all the followers on this web site have a daily with you and each other. How wonderful it is to be connected and how much it keeps our purpose and thought well balanced.

    Thanks. Evan, and the daily contributors . It keeps our life and thoughts in a positive view.

    We indeed are a special group.


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