Thinking about women series

January 30, 2008 | 2 comments

A new podcast I participated in has been posted.

“Thinking about women,” part of a series on

We ask the question, “Are sexual cravings really spiritual cravings?”

Listen in and see what you think.

2 thoughts on “Thinking about women series”

  1. Evan, Great podcast! I got the impression that this was just the tip of the iceberg as far as a discussion, and hopefully you will discuss it again. I have suffered from an addiction to pornography for years and had not much success in kicking it. The comment that men think about sex all the time is quite true and stems from the material need to propagate the race. What blew me away was your openness to state that sexual cravings are really spiritual cravings! I believe it was a real breakthrough for me as I now know that we can replace these material cravings with spiritual thoughts and not seem less a “man” in the process. (As a former advertiser I have had my share of discussions on “sex sells”!!) This addiction is more difficult because it has to do more with thought. Images come into your mind or you have to visually watch something. With alcohol or drugs there is a sharp rememberance of the hangover etc. As I have worked more with what spiritual completeness means and continued to sense my reflection or expression of God, the moral chemicalization has become more apparent. This is good. It means that we are on the right track. Gradually the cravings lessen and indeed a calmness does enter our consciousness. Your statement that sexual cravings are really spiritual cravings is a bold and brave statement on the surface however as one follows your blogs and the writings of Mrs. Eddy it fits right in with the fact that in Christian Science the biggest wrong is but a false opposite of the highest right. Cravings of any kind are tough for the human consciousness to deal with and an open and honest dicussion like your podcast is essential in the treatment for what appears to be a massive issue for mankind. Thanks.

  2. You have a keen intuition! Yes, there are more podcasts to come. Actually a very long recording was made, and then broken into 6 parts I believe. So, stay posted for more episodes!

    Thanks for sharing your observations and lessons learned. It was a huge revelation to me when I first glimpsed sexual cravings are really a reaching out for something spiritual, although most don’t think of them that way. Experience proves that indulgence of the sexual cravings never brings permanent satisfaction. There is typically always a hunger for more. So, what gives? Is life meant to be a perpetual experience of craving? No. The life God has given us to live includes genuine satisfaction, contentment and long term peace that is not marked by inordinate craving that leaves one feeling like they lack. Life is complete, whole, and this feeling of wholeness is a gift to all of us.

    So, the logical conclusion for me, after glimpsing sexual cravings are really spiritual cravings, was that genuine long term contentment for a man or woman is never going to be found in sexual activity. In as much as sex maybe temporarily enjoyable, it does not leave one permanently satisifed. Something more is needed. Something spiritual! It’s spiritual understanding that brings genuine joy and permanent peace of mind.

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