Tornado aftermath

May 30, 2011 | 1 comment

Watching the video rolls of massive waste and destruction in the wake of 200 mph tornadoes that ripped through Joplin, Missouri, and other cities of the Mid-western United States over the last couple of weeks was sobering, to say the least.

Seeing whole houses and buildings reduced to timbers split and broken like toothpicks and piles of rubbish scattered helter-skelter sent reason into the ruins. How could such a thing happen? What to do next?

One ray of hope that leads the way forward comes from remembering that no matter how much material accumulation over the years is lost, what one has spiritually can never be taken away. Faith, hope, wisdom, perseverance, persistence and continual support and guidance coming from God are always present. No tornado can swirl them away. They meet human needs. They help people figure out what to do next. They replace loss with gain.

We all can contribute to the rebuilding of these communities. Our collective prayers reach over the miles, jump borders, span oceans, and land blessing smack into the middle of people’s lives they are intended to bless.

God’s sufficiency is present where they are for them to recover, rebuild and find restoration. It is enough to meet the need, and our efforts to know this along with them helps.

1 thought on “Tornado aftermath”

  1. Thanks again for your most helpful insights. The pictures of devastation, and in so many places, including the floods, could almost make us think that God isn’t in control. I am praying to know that Divine Love is in control and caring for each one, comforting, restoring, healing. We are assured in Science and Health that nothing real can be lost. The material picture certainly denies that truth. In my area, we had just minor flooding that was quickly resolved and yet while it was going on, it was quite difficult at times. Only God, Love, can bring comfort and healing to those so affected by these storms, and I’m grateful that Love is doing so right now.

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