11 thoughts on “Trust God and prosper”

  1. Evan, I don’t usually leave a comment but I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for your sharing on this blog, These reminders are key to me and keep me grounded.

  2. I second what Jackie so adequately expressed. Sometimes being open to God’s guidance get so easily lost in the need to respond that I forget to be guided towards the action covered with grace and love.

  3. That was the perfect message for me this morning. I need to listen more closely to what God wants me to do. I need to trust God is governing and controlling all the events in my life. I can relax in His loving care. Thank you!

  4. I feel as Jackie does–as one who infrequently comments but so appreciates your blog. Praise and gratitude be to you. (Just as today’s CS Lift spoke of ).

  5. Thank you Evan for your spot on reminders for me to TRUST IN THE LORD SITH ALL THINE HEART…” I m moving right now and everyone thought it was not possible, and GOD KNEW it was. Thank you for your constant wilingmness to help us all with your fresh, sweet , in depth , yet totally accessible messages so we can apply them. Love Merri

  6. So vital to lean on any message from God, then carry it out to your best understanding of it which always leads to success. Prosper will always be the outcome.

  7. Thanks, Evan, and all Commenters above! I have been working with my Financial Planner lately and have noticed how I think I have to get it all figured out just perfectly so everything works out for my financial well-being in the Future. Oy Vey! I’m learning that that is truly an impossible task! I love it how I am being led to let God work it all out, cuz ultimately I have no control over the Future. Of course we have to do some practical things, but then we need to just Let Go and Let God and trust that all things work together for Good!

  8. YES! Evan, thank you so much for all you share in your blog and on your website. I feel EXACTLY as the first Jackie expressed — . . . “from the bottom of my heart”!!!

  9. Thank you Evan! This was right on for correcting my thoughts today. Interesting that along with your message, I awoke with Hymn 134, “I look to thee in every need” running through my thought! Mortal mind doesn’t have a chance today.
    So looking forward to your lecture Sunday in Paradise, CA!

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