Trust in God’s care

September 26, 2016 | 30 comments

I love the promise in this Bible verse.

“Relax, everything’s going to be all right; rest, everything’s coming together; open your hearts, love is on the way!”

~ Jude 1:2, The Message

It’s an instruction to shut the mortal ego down with all its baseless fears and worries, and let God do what God does.

God loves us. God is watching out for us. God has us covered in all ways to ensure the best outcomes.

When we let divine Mind lead, and not the human mind, blessings happen, answers appear, solutions are found.

God’s good is on its way to you today.

Relax, and enjoy.

30 thoughts on “Trust in God’s care”

  1. Its so comforting to know that we can trust in God’s care.
    Several years back I would be very deeply concerned and tensed about my family’s welfare, good health and well being, until a good friend remarked…”What’s wrong with you? You do your bit and allow God to take care, after all your family members are the children of God’s loving and powerful care, not your care. Why are you taking false responsibility. Surrender them to God’s care.” This came to me like a big shock.. It was as if someone was waking me up from my dream.. I realized my folly and corrected my thought. This was a big lesson for me. From that time onwards, I do my bit, but know for sure, that the care taking and protection of all my loved ones comes from God. The burden lifted and confidence in God’s love, care and protection grew day by day.
    Indeed a very uplifting inspiration Evan. Thanks so much.
    I am truly blessed when I allow Divine Mind to lead and take charge. After all everything is under His care, control and government.

    1. Thanks Nergish – this is something that I have come to realise of late also. Our family is all under the loving watchful care of God.

    2. And I also want to say a most heart-felt “Thank you” for all of your insignts…. I was most helpful to me.

  2. Surely we are covered by His feathers, under His wings…..every moment! It says so in the Bible and the Bible is HOly and Sacred and is God’s Word of Love and Assurance to All of Us! Let’s Thank God for this Truth every day!!

  3. The thought came to me that Love is not “on Its way ” but is ever present. We are always immersed in it. Oh, to learn this lesson well. A lesson that has been difficult for me. “Before you call I will answer.” Thanks for the comfort and reassurance . Charla

    1. Hi Charla,” Love is ever present”, Is so true, I recently came to the same realization of this important distinction and it has made a huge difference in my life…
      Thank you

  4. Thank you for such a great uplifting thought today, Evan. With the upcoming debate and election, it is indeed good to know that we can trust in God’s care.

  5. Is it synchronicity or serendipity ……I awoke early this morning from a disturbing dream
    to find this beautifully comforting message from Evan….. We are truly in Gods ever present Love…We are Living Love…
    With feelings of love for all….
    Thank you Evan and thank you Heavenly Father/Mother

  6. I heard this in a CS lecture in the 60’s: “Everything everywhere is already all right.” My wife and I say this often. Thanks Evan for the reminder.

      1. Thank you Brian for supplying a lecture from 1960. Your kindness met an immediate need, through the lecturer’s presentation on the subject of fear.
        Happy to see fear dissolved instantly.

  7. Thank you for this. My biggest worry is about my grandchildren, grown but not acting like it often. I have to remember that they are as much in God’s care as I am, I who do not worry for myself.

  8. “His arm encircles me, and mine, and all.” How can I possibly worry when knowing this to be true? It is my constant prayer throughout the day as I pray for myself, my family and friends, for our country, and for the whole world.

  9. I also had a disturbing dream and woke up with it this morning. The first thing I do in the morning I look at the emails – first the Daily Lift and second a little later Evans SpiritView. Thank you so much Evan for your today`s very comforting and uplifting SpiritView – it helped me to manage this day with Gods loving guidance, and He will do so further in the evening and during the coming night. Am very grateful for your loving blog, Evan!
    And thank you Nergish for your inspiring and helpful testemony! And thanks also to all other commenters!

  10. Thanks so much, Brian, for the link to the lecture by Richard L. Glendon. Even if it’s not the answer to Bob, I have listened to it and found it so inspiring that I have not only printed out copies for myself and a friend, but have forwarded this to a number of Christian Science friends.

    1. Thanks Lori…I think it is an EXCELLENT lecture too and it ties so nicely into Evan’s wonderful blog posting today. After posting the link to the text of the lecture I found an audio version of Mr. Glendon giving the lecture in NYC. It sounds like you found that too.

  11. all the comments are wonderful. Love is all there is. I was singing to my grandchild once, a familiar tune” Row Row Row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily, life is but a dream” It made me laugh. mortal life is but a dream thank God.

  12. Thanks, Evan. Very helpful. And thanks commenters. Had an angel message recently along this line, “God’s got this!” Yay!!!!

  13. Thank you Evan. Elaine I have same thoughts relative to grandchildren; so Nergish, the phrase “false responsibility” just made me have an AH HA moment…” as stated by Maximo. Thanks Brian for links you often give us – much appreciated. Always get something to think about from all comments.

  14. Brian could you please let me know how to get the AUDIO of Mr. Glendon’s lecture…”Everything Everywhere is Already Alright. ” I do not understand the step you suggest regarding:
    “After posting the link to the text of the lecture I found an audio version of Mr. Glendon giving the lecture in NYC. ” I hope you receive this comment… I’ve tried finding it on google?! Thank you.

  15. Bless you hearts one and all. So inspiring to read the comments and getting the sense of true brotherhood.
    Thank you for your loving work Evan.

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