Truth endures. Error gives up.

June 28, 2018 | 19 comments

“He conquers who endures.”

~ Persius

When you stick with Truth, victory is certain. Truth always wins, and error always loses.

Stick with Truth and endure.

19 thoughts on “Truth endures. Error gives up.”

  1. Thanks Evan. I find it helpful to remember that Truth endures because it is true and real. Error is untrue and unreal, it’s an illusion. The real, true idea cannot be kept hidden. It’s like the saying “The truth always comes out”. The false belief that the earth was flat could never prevent the truth that the earth is a sphere from being revealed to human consciousness. Similarly nothing can prevent spiritual truth from being reveled either. In a human sense it might appear that error “gives up” but in reality what is happening is Truth is being revealed more clearly to human consciousness allowing us to no longer be fooled into believing an illusion or lie is true. Error has no reality so it can not possess any “action”. Thank you for the reminder of this fact!

  2. Hi Evan et al! I had to go into yesterday’s Post to get this one. Today’s Post didn’t make it into my Inbox. Didn’t go into my Junk mail, either. Anyone else having this problem…..?? Thanks!

    1. Bevi, I did get today’s SV email reminder, but occasionally I do not get it. I consider this just a computer blip that occurs now and then. Not a big problem, as you can access SV just as you did through another day’s posting!

  3. Hi Evan and all who comment here. I’ve been enduring for about 10 years with error and still look forward to my healing, the revealing, of my perfect selfhood as Genesis 1 declares me/us to be. I’m looking for some article or healing about the stature and permancy of numbers that related to man’s unchangeable reflection or being. Anyone? Thank you so much for your daily helpers Evan, also those who comment with continuing truths.

  4. Reading your blog today, Evan, my thought was filled that “love is reflected in Love.” The love expressed by your readers assisting other readers of your blog is an example of God loving you- therefore you love others, then they pass their love on to others whom they likely don’t know! I think we are all a lot more at one with each other than mm would like!!
    Not to be redundant but —-

  5. Dear Karen, how sweet to receive your thoughtful sharing. That is a wonderful article and it helped me today. Thank you, thank you! F-I-N

  6. Dear Friend,
    The difference between a numeral and a number is very helpful. Many see a numeral and think it is the number, but numerals are only temporal symbols or human representation of numbers, which can be erased or destroyed and can appear to relate to each other in ways never possible for numbers. Corporeal people/personalities are like numerals and what appears to be going on with them is often TRULY not happening at all. For example 3 +2=6 is never true about the real three and two. A sick or sinful person is never true about the real man(ifestation) of God that we each ALWAYS are. It doesn’t matter how long someone has believed 3+2 is 6, or how long false sense has claimed something unlike God is actual regarding man. What does matter is understanding the difference between a mist taken view and the correct view, and that’s why we teach mathematics in schools and that’s why Christian Science is teaching us right here and now. And DEAR Friend, you DO HAVE the correct view right here and right now!!!

    1. Dear Soaring Dove, thank you for your answer to my prayer for help. I didn’t know the difference between the word numeral and number. Makes much sense I will re read the two loving answers to my cry for help over many times, and return a prayer of thanks and blessing for God’s unspeakable gift of love and compassion for a stranger. F-I-N

    2. Soaring Dove I love your “mist taken” word play and thank you for the whole numeral numbers differentiation. I recently had to have this same view corrected as I felt like the numeral, and I was trying to fix the numeral instead of concentrating on the perfection of the number. I still have to learn to consistently keep my thought on the True (the number) rather than looking for the numeral to be fixed. It seems to me it is much easier to understand the theory than to live the practice. These are encouraging and helpful blogs and comments thank you all.

  7. am grateful for your post of yesterday, Evan – love those Truth sentences!

    “Stick with Truth and endure” – so good!!

    And thanks commenters for your inspired thoughts to above toppic! 🙂

  8. Dear “Friend in Need”
    The article you might be looking for is

    From the June 1917 issue of The Christian Science Journal . There is also a CD of this article.
    It is a long time strong article that does discuss the endurance of numbers—- The principle that numbers and math endure and can never be compromised or changed, They illustrate Principle and Truth.
    Adam Dickey also wrote God’s Law of Adjustment which is also quite a helpful article in seeing how God’s law is always governing his beloved creation. Check with a reading room to obtain this or perhaps someone can make a link to this article on JSH.
    Truth is always true and this is the spiritual fact. God created man in His image and likeness is true and is always the spiritual fact!

  9. To: Friend in need: P.261:4 S & H Read what the only enduring really is!

    “Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts.” You have the power from God to hang onto only the good He gives you 24/7. Loved Evan’s “Truth always wins.” VERY reassuring! Simple yet so powerful.

    1. I’m overwhelmed with the loving answers from everyone. You have renewed my hope and perseverance for healing, or revealing of God’s abiding care. F-I-N

  10. Anyone can Google God’s Law of Adjustment for various forms of article, including audio version on JSH-Online, with or without a current subscription. Just sharing in hopes of helping. Enjoy this great article that recently contributed greatly to a relationship healing.

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