Understanding that God is good

January 13, 2021 | 26 comments

We live out our understanding of God, so to live a good life it’s important to understand that God is good and sends only good our way!

If you’ve ever been taught differently, I explain in this video why it’s important to drop false notions about God being less than good, and stay clear that “God is good!”

I filmed this video while visiting the Deadhorse Ranch State Park in Cottonwood, Arizona, in October of 2020.

26 thoughts on “Understanding that God is good”

  1. Thank you for the reminder Evan! I love how you produced all these beautiful little videos during your travels!

  2. Only God Only Goodness .
    Reminds me of hymn ..” only God can bring us gladness , only God can bring us peace “
    Thanks Evan ! X

  3. Thank you for the daily inspiration, Evan and for the community that gathers here. I look forward to reading it daily.

    There was once a children’s sentinel article posted sharing this poem:
    God is good, God is great, God is what we demonstrate. It is a powerful, simple and healing message. I love it and have varied it a bit in order to be able to teach it to my students at school in my wellness program. We used this idea: kind is good-kind is great- kind is what we demonstrate. It’s a wonderful message. I will have to find the original article and post it here.

    And one of my first affirmations I learned when learning about CS: -if it isn’t good, it isn’t from God-if it isn’t from God it isn’t real.

      1. I have sent this poem to my grand daughter, one who is so very dear and right now troubled. I asked her to memorize it. She replied that she will. With hearts! So will I! Thank you. She really needs a wellness class. I’m trying to support this but a fifteen year old? HELP!

        1. How wonderful, David that you are supporting your very dear granddaughter. I know she and all can only be blessed by your prayers/thoughts. While I am not able to share the word “God” at school- I am working to see my students as God sees them- and the true idea of wellness-heaven on earth-is spiritual-Truth-God’s Soul is harmonious- Principle-God’s law provides us with dominion and rights-and the angel messages from God- the comfort of the Christ/Truth that imparts healing and true idea of health.

          Even though my 16 yr old might say-I don’t believe what you believe mom- I am learning to practice and demonstrate better each day- how God sees him- and KNOWS-and that is what matters and is reality. I know the right ideas will come for you in those important moments for your granddaughter and to help share thoughts that will open the door to the true idea of wellness/healing ideas.

        2. I’m sure you’re helping your granddaughter. You shared some thoughts the other day. I felt you we’re giving a treatment.

        3. David, I sent this to my granddaughter too. She is 14 and lives with my husband and myself. Wouldn’t it be lovely for them to share their thoughts about God?

    1. This is great Christi, thank you for sharing your adaptation too!

      Evan, thank you so much for today’s SV. Find myself struggling a wee bit and your direciton is so clear, makes absolute sense.


  4. Dear Evan, thank you very much for your Vlog today. Though we learned that God is only good, is what you say here today very very comforting for me! Because you said it so convincingly and loving which is so helpful! ♡
    Am so grateful for your healing SpiritView!

    Thank you SV friends for your comments which are helpful, as well.

  5. Never having had a human father, I identify most with God as Good! My favorite statement in all of Science and Health is on page 325 “…he who perceives the true idea of Life loses his belief in death. He who has the true idea of good loses all sense of evil,,,” I look in every lesson for the True Idea of God/Good (the Christ). It’s stated or restated in many ways. It’s so powerful and a wonderful antidote to the claims of evil! What needs to be lost is all sense of evil! I once lost my wallet (and passport tucked inside) in France. I managed to call a practitioner. All she had time to tell me was “Good is the only reality!” I clung to that the rest of my trip. A week after I got back to the U.S. I received a call from the embassy in France saying my wallet and passport had been found and turned in and they were mailing it back. I was is awe and so grateful for this proof that Good is the only reality, Thank you Evan for today’s uplifting message.

    1. Thank you, we are so very dependent on little things. God knows where all ideas are. Nothing is ever lost. It’s always someplace. Now if I could only remember those pass codes!
      Have found many things seemingly lost. Can’t imagine a passport issue away from home. Great testimony.

    2. Sharon I have found comfort in the passage: “ God is our Father and our Mother, our Minister and the great Physician; He is man’s only real relative on earth and in heaven.” Mis.151:13-15.
      I grew up with an emotional absent father which caused me to grow even closer to my Heavenly Father who never let me down and is the ever present Good in my life.

      1. Thanks for your kindness John! What I seemingly lacked in father-love I more then made up for in mother-love! I experienced so many wonderful mom’s who lovingly mothered me. How wonderful you KNOW God as an ever-present Good in your life! That’s inspiring.

  6. Thank you Evan for tbe simplicity of sharing God and what God is.I like this little statement: There is no spot where God is not, Being good and always near is so comforting.

  7. Thank you all for such nurturing and helpful comments today. I so love this fellowship! A big group hug to everyone!

  8. So refreshing and helpful! Thank you for simplifying and clearing out old, erroneous concepts. It makes me look forward to the day with renewed vigor!

  9. Yes God is good, and is consistent and unwavering in His care for us. Praying to see that everyone can know this. Trying to let my prayers go wider than just me and my small circle and embrace all; even those who seem to believe that there is evil and that it has power. But I have to make sure I don’t fall into the trap of believing anyone is even capable of seeing evil as real. That is a material belief. God never made such a one. He makes us only able to see Good. Thank you for the reminder.

  10. That is absolutely true. There cannot be two powers to life, one good the other bad. That is a misconception that will only deliver thought into the greatest of uncertainty. Why is this so. if there are 2 supreme powers then were could that take place and what would allow both to exist in opposition to each other? And what is that that allow for this situation to exist? Would that not be a power greater the each opposing force?

    There can not be two powers because one would eventually over power the other and thus destroy the existence of the other and in doing so destroy its only purpose to exist thus the whole would be destroyed and nothing would exist. What’s the point of that?

    Therefore there can be only one power which lacks for nothing, conceived in good and only good and purposed for expression in a freedom of growth and understanding. We catch glimpse of this growth in our spiritual understanding of life as spirit, true to itself and it multiplicity of identities of expressions which are you and me. Trust in God and lean not on the material understanding.

  11. This was great help today, along with comments from
    Others. Loved the poem too . A niece having a serious
    Unexpected operation phoned for prayers. Just this minute
    Received news she was up walking around. So grateful!
    Spiritview is so helpful.

  12. I have come late today to this vlog. So simple and so perfect Evan…thank you. It’s wonderful to read everyone’s comments…just underlines how precious the knowledge that ‘God is Good ‘ is as we all apply this to our diverse human need.
    ‘All that God imparts moves in accord with him; reflecting goodness and power’ S&H pg 515 ;22
    Blessings to all.❣️

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