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September 30, 2013 | 27 comments

Hello readers! This is an exciting day as SpiritView takes on a new look and feel to make it easier to use and keep abreast of the times. There are a few issues yet to be worked out, and the staff is working on them. It has been a major undertaking to transfer nearly 2000 posts from the old format to the new, which is WordPress, and you may notice that the formatting is not quite right on many older posts. It will take some time to fix them all, so thank you for your patience. But the site is functional and ready to use. So enjoy!

I look forward to hearing back from you.

27 thoughts on “Update in process”

  1. I am thankful to get your messages in any format-cannot tell you how many times I have felt, as others have stated, that you wrote something just for my need and if not before I read it at some time later in the day !

  2. Thank You Evan for your daily thoughts. I start my day reading the Daily Lift and always
    catch your blog. Your thoughts have helped me very much and I really appreciate the
    time you take to put this all together. Congratulations on the new format and I look
    forward in following the progress.

  3. Thank you Evan for all the work you are going through to bring a BEAUTIFUL new design and all the wonderful messages you send each day. Terrific thoughts for us to dwell on each day. With much appreciation for your love, Priscilla

  4. Dear Evan,
    It looks great! Haven’t tried yet to access old blogs, but will.
    Many thanks for your quick response to my puzzlement.
    And a great big cheer for all the inspiration you so generously share.
    We should all be healing, healing, healing!

  5. Evan dear:

    What a beautiful upgrade for your Blog. This is exquisite, thank you for making the investment in time, thought, and energy. We will continue to cherish your practice and light.

    God Bless……..


  6. Congratulations Evan and to your Team!
    What a wonderful job you are doing and thanks for the support of your team is just happens!

    Your new look site is beautiful. Just like the comments of the people above., I am so grateful for the inspiring and very encouraging messages that you send out to us. I can’t tell you enough how these messages come at the right times – and I keep those messages that
    I find so valuable to me.
    Looking forward to your next message.
    God bless.


  7. Yeah I have to agree, It does not matter what the website looks like as the message is so amazing! It is such a beautiful insight to the truth of our daily lives and I enjoy it so much. I like though that it’s easier to use, I hope more people can hear the message you deliver.

  8. Evan,
    This website is beautiful! You have filled it with so much information that I am enjoying finding all of the gems you have given us. Your blog is my daily inspiration, and your past posts are where I turn when I have a question or need your clear understanding. You can see that you have poured so much love into this site, it will truly reach out and inspire many. Thank you for all of your hard work and progressive thinking!

  9. Dear Evan – thank you so much for your inspired posts. So often they have “hit the mark” and taken my thought upward. I am sooooo grateful.

  10. Dear Evan: I was concerned for a time. In the last couple of days there was no SPIRIT VIEW and I was going to write a letter to you asking “WHAT HAPPENED?” But now I don’t have to ask that, for this morning all my concerns were answered. You see, I bookmark all your SPIRIT VIEWS for my own to study, and I thought all was lost. I love what you blog, they are too good not to keep. Now the old is new again as the song says. It’s a challenge to get used to the new format.

  11. You are so welcome! I’m glad to hear the blogs are helpful, and that the new site design meets your approval. There are a number of folks at Watchfire New Media that are pulling this together for me, and I am grateful for their expertise to make it happen!

  12. Dear Evan,

    fun to see the new format take form, though I liked the old, as well. One suggestion, on the home page, could the changing photos and statements change more slowly?? I don’t always finish reading and appreciating one view/statement before it dissolved into the next.

    I do love your messages and find them often so very helpful.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Yes, it does seem a bit fast, but if you let it repeat another time, you’ll catch the full phrase. I’ll check into the speed part…


  13. What an updated good image. I really like it and it presents an easy response.
    Wonderful things are happening!


  14. I’ve browsed the various tab headings and LOVE the new format!
    Having your blog come into my mailbox daily always reminds me about living with the constant expectancy of good –thanks, because your messages bring good into my every “Good morning. “

  15. Your new website is awesome – I love it. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this blog – your messages are always inspiring.

  16. Hi Evan,

    Yes, I must add my kudos to the others! You are so kind and wonderful to give the world these uplifting and inspiring blogs, and to make them all instantly available in the easy to access archive. God bless you for your love that continues to bless seekers for the truth, and as a result to bless the world! I have enjoyed being able to share many with friends. What a wonderful resource to support our spiritual growing! Thank you so much!

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