Watch where you go mentally

May 31, 2016 | 19 comments

This verse in the Bible made me realize how important it is to watch where we allow our thinking to travel.

“After these things Jesus walked in Galilee; for He did not want to walk in Judea, because the Jews sought to kill Him” John 7:1, NKJV.

Jesus was wise about where he traveled. He did not travel to where murderers sought to kill him, at least, not until he was ready to effectively deal with them and triumph over them as he did with the crucifixion and resurrection.

Even though he was the most spiritually powerful person on the earth, he did not act indiscriminately. He was aware of the states of thought around him, and he chose his time to be where he wanted to be and to avoid where he did not want to be.

Evidently, at the time of the above, Judea was a dark and dangerous place for Jesus to travel, for the Jews wanted to kill him. It wasn’t Jesus’ time yet to be crucified, so he avoided going there.

We too can be wise about where we travel. And I’m not thinking physically, so much as mentally.

Where is your thought traveling today? Is it staying in a safe zone where you are consciously aware of Love all around to protect, guide and guard? Or has it gone into a dark and dangerous place, such as jealousy, envy, greed, hate or resentment, all states of mortal mind that would kill morally and physically?

We can choose to keep our thinking out of dark and dangerous places. We can choose to love rather than hate, to be generous rather than jealous, and to rejoice rather than complain.

In the Mind of God, there are no dark and dangerous places. All is Love.

As Jesus “did not want to walk in Judea,” we too can choose to not mentally walk through states of mortal mind that are not in our best interest to mingle with.

Choose to love and to live. It’s the more enjoyable path.

19 thoughts on “Watch where you go mentally”

  1. Thank you Evan, for that wonderful and practical message. And it is really good, thats again exact what I need for today including the message of the Daily Lift from Boston “give us grace for today…”

  2. Thanks Evan. It reminds me of a magnet I have on my refrigerator that reads:
    Watch your thoughts; they become words.
    Watch your words; they become actions.
    Watch your actions; they become habits.
    Watch your habits; they become character.
    Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

  3. “Where is your thought traveling today? ”
    Not only a warning to watch that thought doesn’t travel in dark and dangerous places, but that it doesn’t travel to frivolous and idle “locations”. Excellent!

  4. I was thinking about it just yesterday !
    To be watchful with our thoughts and don’t let them wander around unaware of the temptations of mortal mind.
    In Brazil right now many people are feeling unmotivated and fearful because of the economical crisis, so the state of thought is not really the best.
    We should be vigilant not to fall into the temptation of accepting this scenario and start complaining, instead, we should acknowledge our God given dominion as a perfect reflection of Him and demonstrate right here and right now through a wise, positive and motivated attitude !
    That will make a difference and bring goodness to all.
    Thank you Evan !!

  5. Good Topic! And we can watch what we allow ourselves to pick up from mental contact with people around us and situations in which we find ourselves. We can tell ourselves to, “Don’t Go There!” and work mentally to bring the Truth forward in our thought to help us and those around us! I was on a Hike yesterday with people in their “Senior Years” and all of a sudden I found myself feeling “old”. I quickly turned that around by thinking scientific thoughts of Truth which helped me and I’m sure changed the atmosphere of the thought around me.

  6. Thank you Even for pointing out a passage in the Bible which, if taken at face value , could seem insignificant or irrelevant, but actually reveals a deep spiritual admonition. Just after I read this on Spiitview I read an article on JSH by Geoffrey Barratt called Defending Our Mental World which addresses this subject as well. It too was very enlightening. Keep up the good work!

  7. thank you. I woke up today talking out loud, like a mouthpiece for mortal mind. A little reading and acknowledgement and mortal mind became quiet. I was thinking about what you wrote once about praying all day. Ceaseless pray. This reminds me of it. I live and move and have my being in God, and God in me. I had to ask myself this morning, who was talking? If it is not of God, it’s mortal mind.

  8. Regarding our thoughts I recall Jesus said, “If you do not forgive others their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive you your trespasses.” So we could add to our love verses that it is not only good, but necessary, to watch our thoughts in the area of quickly forgiving those who trespass against us. As Christians this is what we are wanting to do anyway. Thanks Evan.

  9. Thanks for this message today!

    Also Jackie thanks for the magnet saying.

    I’ve been struggling with negative thoughts concerning those around me – buying into pictures of judgmentalism and deterioration. And it’s led to physical problems.

    Not keeping thought high leads downward pretty rapidly!

    I’m grateful to be able to spend time on CS study to lift my thoughts, and learn to keep from getting sucked into negativity and fear! Just as today’s message talks about!

  10. Yes! Traveling mind wandering where it shouldn’t go. Another moment to moment challenge. Thanks Evan.

  11. Thank you Evan. A great reminder. And commentors – thank you for your always helpful insight too.

  12. This just struck me. It also speaks to Jesus’ wisdom and love…..he had to be caught by tbe Romans not the Jews. If he had been murdered by Jews……what sort of retaliation would there have been down thru the centuries.

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