What about getting a physical diagnosis?

October 22, 2019 | 43 comments

Sometimes people praying for spiritual healing are tempted to believe that they need a physical diagnosis to determine “What their problem is.” While it is helpful to understand what suffering stems from, either fear, ignorance or sin, experience proves that it is not necessary to have a medical name or diagnosis to eliminate the suffering.

We can learn from Jesus Christ.

Jesus never sent his patients to a doctor first for a physical examination before he healed them. His interest was not to study disease, but to cure it with Truth.

Mary Baker Eddy explained the Christ approach when she wrote, “A physical diagnosis of disease — since mortal mind must be the cause of disease — tends to induce disease” (Science and Health, p. 370). To be healed spiritually, the images of disease must be eliminated from thought, not built up and reinforced. Thus, the need to focus on spiritual reality rather than on physical conditions.

If you need to have a name for your disease, then label it “Error!” Call it “Error!” As Eddy wrote, “Sin, sickness, and death are to be classified as effects of error” (Science and Health, p. 473). Error is the proper name for all types of suffering.

We can find great strength and freedom in our prayers when we follow Jesus’ admonition to “Know the truth, and the truth shall make you free,” (John 8:32). He didn’t teach, “Diagnose the error and the error will set you free.”

So, for the best results in prayer, focus on spiritual reality. Strive to see the situation from God’s point of view where disease vanishes, and health appears. Diagnose your case from Truth’s vantage point. See what Truth sees and watch the error dissolve and go away.

When the question arises, “Do I need a diagnosis?” You can answer with confidence, “Yes, I need a diagnosis of Truth! That’s what will heal me.”

43 thoughts on “What about getting a physical diagnosis?”

  1. In striving to resist the hypnotic pull of material sense to get a diagnoses and turning to spiritual sense for the facts, I have found this analogy from an article on JSH helpful. It is called;
    Putting on the undivided garment by Robert W. Jeffery from the January 1996 issue of The Christian Science Journal

    “We might liken spiritual sense to the radar that is so essential to the safe navigation of airplanes. Radar has become an invaluable tool in air travel, especially in landing planes in fog. The reason radar is so useful is precisely that it doesn’t see the problem—namely, the fog. If radar were a device that measured the size and density of the fog, indicated where it came from, and displayed computer screens full of data for the pilot to look at, it would be a useless tool. And the pilot doesn’t ask all the passengers to stare out their windows at the fog and give their opinions about it. None of their reports would be helpful. The pilot doesn’t want to know about the fog; he wants to know about the airport!”
    Here is the link to the whole article if anyone would like to read it.

  2. Thanks Evan – a very clear explanation with an informative conversation ensuing. Fix on the Truth that God needs you well to fulfil his purpose.

    1. That, too, is a beautifully concise thought, Richard! God sees us healthy,, as His witnesses, to fulfill His purpose for us!
      This article is so helpful as we work in opposition to the prevalent concept of a “flu season.” God never ordained such an absurd thing!
      Many thanks to Evan for your insightful messages which lead us readers to lively conversations. Christian Science is invaluable to me as a pilot, and I appreciate Karen’s reference to radar – it is an infallible guide. God as Truth is infallible.

      1. Thank you Annie – like your comments re “flu season” – a creation of the pharmaceutical industry

  3. About 10 years ago I was struggling with what seemed to be a serious health issue and I contacted a Christian Science practitioner, One of the first things she did was have me read this article(https://journal.christianscience.com/issues/1995/6/113-6/can-a-diagnosis-reveal-your-true-identity) It sums up everything perfectly, . Within 2 to 3 days I was completely healed and never needed a medical diagnosis . I saved the article and refer to it every now and then, to remember to see things as they really are

    1. Hi. I wd like to read this but don’t subscribe to JSL. Can anyone provide a different link to it? Wd be grateful.

          1. Thank you very much indeed Beatrice and Fred for the link to that wonderful and so helpful article about not diagnosing an error because error is not from God and therefore not real.

            This article is very very worth reading. The truth is so very good and clear explained!!!

  4. What if we consider a physical diagnosis to be the out-picturing of a mental error – a false perception? A “warning light” so to speak of a need to wake up and see that we have perhaps unconsciously ‘separated” or pinched ourselves off from Life and simply need to re-focus on accepting and allowing the fountain of Life’s free-flowing presence. To throw out all medicine, and dedicated doctors and nurses, would suggest missing the mark. Jesus never did nor did he suggest we should either. No one claims they heal – but they help relieve suffering to give us the opportunity to allow Life to resume flowing as us in full strength. Jesus very often referred to faith – our perceiving power -the only perceiving power there is and therefore that we have – our ability to see with our inner eye the idea of perfect, constant wholeness. Perceiving that idea as the basis or back of healing is what we want to manifest. A diagnosis may just help us “turn here”!

  5. As Mrs. Eddy says, “Spiritual teaching must always be by symbols….”

    I love analogies, illustrations, etc! Robert Jeffries article refers to Radar not seeing or analyzing fog, so is able to see “through” it to give essential data to pilots.
    How great is this one! We need to see through the smoke-screen (fog) of material reasoning that would hang us up on the dream of life in matter, to the FACTS of our being: spiritual, perfect, ideas!

    Love this Blog! Thanks, Evan, (Karen for the link), and All!

  6. For healing we have to get at the Deep level that we are a spiritual being at one with God. It is obvious that checking matter for a diagnosis is denying one’s spirituality thus works against healing.

  7. I love the thought that we already have our diagnosis in Gen 1..”… And God saw everything he had made, and it was very good!”

  8. These comments all so helpful and very timely.
    Thanks all for references which I shall use.
    Evan, you have such helpful present blogs.
    Am sure you are listening to the right Source.

  9. Thanks so much Karen and Fred for the links to two very inspiring and helpful articles. I have often prayed with the thought that I am not subject to material laws, worldly opinions nor diagnoses and they can have no effect whatsoever of me. I am subject only and entirely on God’s laws. God is supreme. God is absolutely ALL!

  10. Thank you so very much, Evan for today’s healing and comforting Christ messege!
    It is so needed to know that we can trust our great spiritual Physician giving us a diagnosis of Truth which heals us.
    And it is just what I need today, so so comforting. Thank you a thousand times, dear Evan for teaching and lovingly caring for your flock of interested SpiritView friends!
    Thank you deeply for all your gorgeous comments today!

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