What does God need to know to heal you?

August 16, 2007 | 3 comments

I have a new blog posting on tmcyouth.com titled “Does God need to know about your problem?”

If you’ve ever wondered what God needs to know, and maybe doesn’t need to know in order to heal you, this blog may answer some of your questions!

3 thoughts on “What does God need to know to heal you?”

  1. Hi Evan, I appreciate your thoughts re “Does God need to know about your problem?” I liked your comparing the idea that God doesn’t need to know about our suffering in order to help us – with the reality that the sun doesn’t need to know about the darkness in order to void it. The sun voids darkness just by being there. So does Love, you say. I like this thought. It makes sense.

    I’ve sometimes thought in the past, “What’s the point in praying to God if God still doesn’t know what’s going on?” Or I might wonder, “How omniscient can God be if God doesn’t know about some of the things I know about?”

    While visiting the site I went on and read another of your articles titled “A better way than war” and the 11 comments. I was impressed by the understanding these young adults profess.

  2. In my experience, most people don’t want to be a bother to others and would prefer we state up front so they can have an opportunity to adjust their behaviour. So Evan, I am wondering what would have motivated you to not directly – not aggressively, but politely – ask the man in the first instance to turn down his music because it was bothering you? What could possibly be wrong with being honest about that?

  3. To anon immediately above,

    I certainly could have directly asked my neighbor to turn down his music. But it didn’t feel right to me at the time. Keep in mind, that his practice of playing music was years long, an ingrained expectation in the mall I moved into. It wasn’t just something he did one day, but a long long practice. So, a newcomer just popping in and asking the community to make a what could have appeared to be a major accomodation just for him, didn’t feel comfortable for me to assume. I had to let Christ figure this one out and not inadverently cause myself to become a lightening rod for community criticism. I wanted to be friends with all my neighbors.

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