What is a normal day?

March 8, 2006 | No comments yet

What kind of day do you expect to have each morning?

Do you expect 24 hours filled with joy, health, peace and progress? Or do you expect to find misery, suffering, pain, and reasons to despair?

It’s a good question to ask, because you are living out your expectations.

Some people go for months and years feeling depressed and tired. Without realizing it, they start to believe that a dark day is a normal day.

Other people go for years feeling good on a regular basis expecting to be happy and healthy, and they remain so.

What are your expectations for life? Are they good? Could they be improved?

God has given us a good life to live, and through committed prayer and obedience to God’s will, we can experience an enjoyable life.

God is our Life, and God is good.

Life is not meant to be downcast and drudgery. Pain and suffering should not be accepted as normal. Joy and inspiration should be the standard.

If needed, break out of the rut of low expectations and embrace your spiritual Life which is filled with love and peace.

Living in harmony with God, health and happiness are normal. Suffering is not.


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