What it means to PUSH

April 26, 2007 | 3 comments

Have you ever heard this acronym?




Now wouldn’t the world be a much better place if any “pushy” thought we entertained was transformed into this type of PUSH? It encourages us to pray first, and keep praying until the right idea surfaces through spiritual might alone rather than resorting to human will which produces an artificial outcome anyway.

It’s okay if you PUSH today, as long as you do the right kind of pushing..which is the humble act of praying… You’ll accomplish more and have better long run results.


3 thoughts on “What it means to PUSH”

  1. I like this! The only thing is, I think I have to be careful not to push for a physical thing to happen, I.E., a healing. You push for the right idea, for that feeling of oneness with God. As opposed to a human result…

  2. I agree with anon. above. In the Student Reference Dictionary, Noah Webster defines GOD in part as …”I have found the name of the Supreme Being to be usually taken from his supremacy or power , and to be equivalent with lord or ruler, from some root signifiying TO PRESS OR EXERT FORCE.” As I pray to know my oneness with GOD and get human will out of the way, I feel GOD’s push or force pressing into my consciousness. To me This “push” is where I see (understand) that I reflect GOD and the healing occurs. If I continue to look for a result or outline my healing, I get into trouble. Evan, a very effective and simple way to cut through a lot of the misunderstanding about prayer, THANKS!!!

  3. You are welcome.

    Human will wants to push physically or humanly because it doubts the divine provision. The purpose of prayer is not to will a material outcome, but to accept the spiritual reality which is already in place. This requires yielding, accepting, faith, and trust, not stubborn blind human will determination.

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