What limb are you on?

December 27, 2006 | No comments yet

When relying upon God for healing, many people fear failure. Like climbing out on the limb of a tree and wondering whether the wood can support one’s weight, many sufferers turn to the divine in prayer yet wonder whether their prayer is up to the demand of carrying the weight of the problem they face.

“What limb are you on?” I replied to one person fearing for her future while praying for recovery of health. The question aided me more than the one I asked, I figured after asking, for it reminded me of where our faith should be placed when praying for spiritual relief.

We doubt the efficacy of our prayers when our hopes are based on less than pure spiritual power. The human mind, brain-will, time, chance, and blind reasoning are weak limbs to perch one’s full weight on. They may or may not withstand the downward pull of earthly fear. The further we go out on these limbs, the shakier we feel, and rightfully so. They are not steady platforms to stand on.

But when we perch our faith on absolute Truth—the unwavering prop of God—we plant our faith on a limb that will not budge, a branch that won’t bend to fear, worry, anxiety or disease.

So, if you have any doubt about the outcome of your prayers, eliminate those worries by planting yourself on the branch that will not bend or break,–the presence and actuality of Truth.

It’s a safe place to pray from.

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