Where are you headed?

May 9, 2022 | 21 comments


It’s important to know where you are headed in life so that you get there quicker, without unnecessary detours.

The human mind often sees destiny in material terms, as a career position occupied, a family goal reached, or a worldly ambition attained. But these are temporal accomplishments that are left behind as we continue living our eternal spiritual life.

What is worth striving for is that which lasts forever and is always with us.

Heaven is where you are headed.

Heaven isn’t found through death. It’s found through heavenly consciousness—through living God’s eternal spiritual truth here and now, which anyone can do.

Mary Baker Eddy wrote, “Heaven is not a locality, but a divine state of Mind in which all the manifestations of Mind are harmonious and immortal, because sin is not there and man is found having no righteousness of his own, but in possession of “the mind of the Lord,” as the Scripture says” (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 291).

When you understand that heaven is yours to claim, the trials and tribulations of the human experience have less impact. They faze you less because you know they are temporal, they will pass, and spiritual truth will prevail. Knowledge of heaven’s truths builds confidence that you will demonstrate them.

Through humility, prayer, and spiritual mindedness, the evils of the world are conquered, and the realities of heaven realized.

Heaven is a for sure thing for all of God’s children. It lies before you. It’s your home, your resting place with God, the one place that is eternally yours to be.

21 thoughts on “Where are you headed?”

    1. Martine,
      Thank you for sharing William’s article. I love his gentle caring for this Zookeeper – who he perceived must have been a gentle young man who loved animals. To hear a human opinion that animals were not a part of heaven upset him. But it was only human opinion, not Truth. This young man knew animals were God’s creation and he moved away from that human opinion because he perceived it was not true.
      It reminds me of another young man’s perception of Christian Science – that while interesting, it was not relevant to the world we are living in right now. But in fact, Truth and Love are so relevant to the quality of life we live – right now.

      1. I might further add that if we are taught to be “Christian” at church but do not expand that to – the world is our church, one might well think it is not relevant outside the church or know how to apply it in life. To understand the necessity of Christian Science in the world and it’s relevancy and to practice it is key. It determines our quality of life, harmony, heaven.

  1. Dear Evan, thank you so much for today’s very beautiful SpiritView. It was “heavenly.” ❤️

  2. Evan, thank you so much for today’s very beautiful SpiritView. It was “heavenly.” ❤️

    1. Apologies for the double post. However, it has given me an opportunity to recite Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s much-loved “Earth’s crammed with heaven and every common bush afire with God. But only he who sees takes off his shoes. The rest sit around and pluck blackberries.” Thank you again, Evan. I am very grateful for every one of your SpiritView posts. They inspire, uplift, and heal. ❤️

      1. Cheryl I love the quote you shared, thank you.

        The question posed today is Where are you headed? We are headed where we already are and can never attain and can never leave — resting in the arms of God, meeting in the Mind of God. Just as Evan said we are, “living God’s eternal spiritual truth here and now.”

  3. This is such an important question, one that gets to the heart of what we are doing in support of Ukraine in particular. Evan’s comment “Through humility, prayer, and spiritual mindedness, the evils of the world are conquered, and the realities of heaven realized.” shows the importance of individual prayer, for each one of us to feel the power of Love, reflected in everything we do and are.
    May I share my thoughts for this week’s lesson as posted on https://cedarscamps.org/inspiration/article/13500/ This includes the monologue “ANANIAS”. Both he and Saul had to check where they were headed, and when they re-focused and put God first their reflection of Love led to their brotherly companionship, a sea-change in direction, a changed world! God is calling each of us to fulfill His plan, that it may unfurl in His time. We do not need to wait for heaven, Our Father is already there, and we are there too.

    1. Ken, your account of Ananias is so inspirational and revealing. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    2. Yes, I really enjoyed your look into what happened in the background of that very familiar and wonderful story Ken, It brought the scenes to life. Thank you for your writing and your poetry. Thank you Evan for your clear view into this subject. Always something wonderful to ponder.

  4. I’m reading and re-reading this, stunned. Thank you, divine Love, for Your shepherding. Today my spouse and I are deciding if we are to put our house on the market and have a new adventure. This could not be more relevant in fueling our listening prayers! Thanks, Evan and all.

  5. This Spirit View is so awesome. I have sent the link to my cousin and my FB page. As “Grateful Friend” says, I too am reading and re-reading, thanking Evan and you all for your wonderful ideas.

  6. How freeing this message is. With Heavenly thinking and knowing as a way of life, obstacles are not a threat or unavoidable. Hymn 64 says – “From sense to Soul my pathway lies before me”. . . . . .
    Thank you.

  7. An inspiring quote/comment written by another: “Lord, thou has been our dwelling place in all generations” (Ps. 90). How wonderful to think that God’s presence has been everyone’s dwelling place now & forever. It draws us close together as a whole family of God. If “home & heaven are within thee” then we never need to find a home, or doubt where home is. We really include home as part of our very being. Home is really God with us, the kingdom of heaven, within and at hand. Home is recognition of our permanent unity with God.”

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