Where to find health?

January 31, 2007 | No comments yet

I was speaking to a group of youngsters all under five years old. We were talking about where health comes from.

I asked them, “Where does milk come from?”

Tiny Susie piped up, “The refrigerator!”

Aaron, who was a bit older, corrected her with, “No it doesn’t. My mom gets milk from the grocery store.”

Older Tommy had to straighten everyone out with, “Uh-uh. Milk comes from cows!”

How many of us make the same mistake concerning the origin of health that Susie made with her belief about the source of milk?

Medical theory teaches us to look for health in the body.

  • Check your pulse
  • What’s your red cell count?
  • Your cholesterol level?
  • How much do you weigh?
  • …and on and on.

These material checks are supposed to tell us how much health we possess. But they don’t. They are effect of belief only, not cause.

If we don’t find any milk in the refrigerator, we don’t panic. We go to get more (right to the cow if we live on a dairy farm).

Same rule applies to health. If we look into the body and find little health, from a spiritual point of view, we don’t panic. We go to the source and find more. God is the source of health!

God gives us health like God gives us honesty, integrity, and love. Health is a spiritual gift and freely imparted through us.

Health is very similar to love. You may express love in the form of a smile, a hug or good deed, but the love you express is not in the muscle that expresses it. It is in the thought that inspires the affectionate action.

Health, too, is not in the body that expresses it. Health is in the thought that produces the fit effect.

So, if looking for more health, go to the source. Go to God, and there you’ll find it.


“Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind; nor can the material senses bear reliable testimony on the subject of health.”

~ Mary Baker Eddy


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