Words of wisdom

June 21, 2012 | 8 comments

The words of the tongue should have three gatekeepers:
Is it true?
Is it kind?
Is it necessary?
~ Arabian proverb
There are no strangers,
just friends we haven’t

met yet.


~ Unknown


8 thoughts on “Words of wisdom”

  1. How do you pray for someone you love who doesn’t appear to know anything about spiritual sense and doesn’t want to and is suffering?

  2. You unlock prison doors by seeing them as God’s perfect man, the Christ MAN. Then you aren’t in prison (false belief) and neither are they.

  3. That’s in line with something Mary Baker Eddy is reported to have said, “… when we looked out and saw man as sinning , sick, and dying, that was hate; but when we saw man in God’s image and likeness, that was love and that healed.” (12 Yrs with MBE, pg106)

  4. I read the 3rd comment & that really stood out to me & gave me much thought that When you see a man as sinful, sick &
    dying, that’s hate, & when you see a man in God’s image &
    likeness, that’s love. That is really seeing correctly.

  5. Jesus’ great commandments to us: that we love God with all our heart and that we love our fellow man — our friend, family member, neighbor — as we love ourselves, assures that all words that proceed out of our mouths are true, kind and necessary. How can we say something unkind if we love our neighbor?

    If we love God with all our heart, we can have no error of thought, because God is all good. Then we no longer see a suffering individual, but the perfect manifestation of God, since we are all made in the image of God as the first chapter of Genesis tells us.

  6. Evan, I have to see this post as a sign of progress, leavening of the atmosphere. I used to have that quote at the end of my email messages, citing the author’s real name (not a Christian I surmise). When I contacted a C.S. practitioner for help, seeing that reference, she declined to work with me, since obviously I was not restricting my reading and study to what was appropriate in Science.

    So, from my standpoint, am delighted with this post, and a number of other light-filled postings you’ve made. Doesn’t Mrs. Eddy write that God is everywhere? Matter’s not what form it takes, as long as it’s love. For me that’s learning to keep loving all my sisters and brothers, in spite of ourselves!


  7. I had seen this as a young teen, but the way it was present to me was:
    Before you speak THINK. Ask your self “is it

    T (true)
    H (honest)
    I (important)
    N (necessary)
    K (kind)

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