Worth and value

April 18, 2008 | 5 comments


“The real measure of your wealth is how much you would be worth if you lost all your money.”

~ Anonymous

5 thoughts on “Worth and value”

  1. I find that running a quote through a search engine (such as Yahoo) often produces a result for sayings attributed to “anonymous.” Real people actually say these things on occasion. 😉

    The quote mentioned is most often attributed to J. H. Jowett (a christian writer of the early 1900’s) who once said, “The real measure of our wealth is how much we would be worth if we lost all our money.”


  2. OK, so here I am….seeming to have lost all of our money….in my thought I have great value in the fact that I take care of my disabled daughter, my elderly mom and her husband…that I am so careful to guide the Buyers and Sellers in my real estate career to make the “right choices”…placing them first ahead of my needs….try to emotionally support my husband..want to do what is best for everyone else….YET still do not see Spirits support in tangble ways of supply to meet our needs. What now? Am I praying in the wrong way?

  3. To above,

    Yes, you do have your hands full, I can see! You mention “I do not see Spirit’s suport in tangible ways…” This is where I’d encourage to revise your expectations. Spirit’s support is very very concrete and tangible, but it’s not material things that Spirit gives us. Spirit gives us wisdom, ideas, inspiration, new insight, that in turn, when obeyed, lead us to make choices that manifest themselves as supply in the human realm.

    If you’re experiencing lack, then it’s a “lacking view” that you’re suffering from. It’s time for a new view! God is revealing that view to you, but it’s up to you to accept it and run with it. It may be asking you to make some major revisions in the way you’re living that you haven’t been willing to accpet…I don’t know…but I’m certain that God is sending some type of mental direction to you, which when heard, will turn things around for you and your family.

    God’s angels (thoughts) deliver you from the depths!

  4. To Anon above:

    If it is any help to you at all…. I know Evan’s right in what he said because I too came from an experience that was not too dissimilar to the one you describe. It took me awhile to learn and accept something else he also said once that Divine Love does always meets the human need — but the human need is always spiritual not material. That was challenging for me to accept because it really looked like I needed money and human help. I had to take a radical mental stand to move my thinking away from evaluating my situation materially to accepting the spiritually complete view. It has been worth it to make the changes in thought. And yes, it has in turn manifested itself in a more and more reliable human supply also.

    You really can trust the spiritual solution….

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