You are a ray of light

July 28, 2008 | 4 comments

I like to think of myself as a ray of light. How about you?

“Let your light shine,” Jesus Christ urged.

As a ray of light shines out from the sun, each of us is a ray of light radiating out from the sun of Soul. As we let our light shine, our God-given goodness radiates and permeates the thought-atmospheres we work in. People around us feel that light and are benefited from it. We are benefited too, because we are living true to our spiritual identity as a reflection of divine Light, and it feels really good!

Oftentimes, people don’t live like they are a ray of light, though, but more like a sponge. Rather than being proactive with good thoughts, they soak in negative feelings from undesirable sources.

Rather than warding off depressing emotions, for instance, they get depressed too. Or rather than defending their loving disposition from anger, they become angry too. And so on down the list of negative emotions. Like a dry sponge soaking in any liquid nearby, they become a reservoir for negativity spewed around them.

But this need not be.

Spiritually considered, we are not sponges. We are whole and complete rays of spiritual goodness radiating the brilliance of the divine Light!

Sooooo, don’t be a sponge for error. Be a light for Truth! The experience is better, and the effect much healthier.

Shine away!

4 thoughts on “You are a ray of light”

  1. Hi Cameron,

    No, we won’t be attending the Labor day weekend event, because of another major trip we’re taking. But thanks for the reminder! I’m sure it will be great for those who make it.

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